Zovoo Vape Products Review

ZOVOO falls under the expansive umbrella of vaping giant VOOPOO, strategically drawing its name from “zoo” to represent the diverse variety of products offered.

Staying true to its motto of “user focus,” ZOVOO adopts pioneering vape technologies across its product selection to serve every preference through an extensive catalog. The company holds significant interests across the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the UK vaping markets.

ZOVOO’s breakout DRAGBAR disposable vape line has already snagged 12 prestigious industry awards, establishing the series as a rising force. The B3500 hopes to continue building upon that recognition by bringing new innovations to the disposable format.

But can this flashy upstart earn critical acclaim in the face of stiff competition? Our in-depth testing will reveal if the products from Zovoo have the performance to back up the hype.
zovoo vape review

As a dedicated vaper always seeking the perfect combination of convenience, battery life and bold flavor, I was eager to get my hands on the new ZOVOO Dragbar B6500 disposable vape. With its ample 13mL juice reservoir, upgraded internals and huge flavor selection, this compact device seemed poised to deliver an exceptional vaping experience free of hassle. After several weeks of in-depth testing, I’m pleased to report the B6500 lives up to its potential admirably. Read on for my full review. Read more

The meteoric rise of disposable vaping placed brands like Zovoo Dragbar in the spotlight. Their focus on convenience, bold style, and diverse flavors earned a loyal following. But what sets Dragbars apart in a crowded market?

This in-depth overview explores the story behind the brand, their lineup’s key features, top-rated flavors, pricing, and overall performance. Read on to see if these fashionable disposables deserve a spot in your rotation. Read more

The disposable vape market caters mainly to mouth-to-lung (MTL) intake styles, leaving direct-lung (DTL) vapers underserved. With the Dragbar R6000, Zovoo set out to fill this gap by engineering a disposable tailored specifically for chasing clouds.

By optimizing airflow, power output, battery life, and flavor options, they created an impressive on-the-go DTL experience. Let’s examine how the R6000 stacks up for diehard cloud chasers in need of portability. Read more

Elf Bar and Dragbar have taken the vaping world by storm. Their convenience and flavor variety have made disposable vapes all the rage. But with so many similarities, should you choose Elf Bar or Dragbar?

This in-depth 1500 word guide compares every aspect of these brands. Read on to learn which disposable vape is your best match! Read more

With savvy engineering and allure, the ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 disposable vape enters a crowded market aiming to take down the top dogs. This in-depth hands-on ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 review breaks down if it has the power to back up the bark.

Packing a mammoth 13mL juice capacity and astounding estimated 5000 puff rating, this petite yet powerful disposable aims to deliver exceptional longevity and satisfaction. After extensive in-depth testing, here is my full verdict on how this pocket rocket stacks up. Read more

The vaping landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Disposable vapes in particular have seen huge growth and innovation to meet rising demand. With so many options flooding the market, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat. ZOVOO aims to do just that with their new DRAGBAR B3500 disposable vape system. It packs a robust feature set into a compact, user-friendly form factor designed for portability and ease of use.

After extensive in-depth testing of the B3500 across multiple areas, I’m ready to deliver my full review on ZOVOO’s Dragbar B3500. Does this mighty mini earn a podium finish among the crowded disposable vape field? Let’s dig in to find out! Read more

The competitive disposable vape market continues expanding rapidly, with new models frequently emerging. One recent release catching my attention is the ultra-compact Zovoo Dragbar BF600.

This diminutive disposable aims to pack robust flavor and performance into a stealthy yet aesthetically pleasing frame. In this comprehensive Dragbar BF600 review, I’ll break down the strengths and shortcomings of the BF600 based on extensive first-hand testing.

Does this mighty mini live up to the pedigree of its multiple award-winning Dragbar stablemates? Let’s kick the tires and light the fires on this pocket-sized powerhouse to see if it can strike disposable vaping gold. Read more