The Icewave B600 is a compact yet visually striking disposable vape that delivers satisfying flavor and an impressive 600 puffs from its petite frame.This Icewave disposable stands out with its faceted, gemstone-inspired design while also impressing with its bold fruit flavors and reliable performance.

For vapers seeking a portable yet eye-catching disposable, the B600 is a solid choice. Read on for our full review. Read more

The IceWave X8500 is a premium disposable vape that sets itself apart with icy cool mint and fruity flavors and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. With over 8500 puffs per device and a Smart LED display that monitors e-liquid levels and battery life, this sleek disposable aims to keep vapers refreshed with its frosty exhales and maximized convenience.

Manufactured by the well-known vape company Mi-Pod and bearing Zovoo’s branding, the Ice Wave X8500 is similar to Zovoo’s Dragbar B3500 but with icy-enhanced flavors and double the battery life and e-liquid capacity. The focus is on delivering bold, crystalline flavors in a smooth, satisfying vape experience. Read more

The Icewave T600 is a compact 2ml disposable vape pen offering icy flavors galore. With a huge 600 puff capacity and metallic, frosted exterior, it delivers an eye-catching and satisfying vape experience.

Our Icewave T600 review provides a complete analysis of this chilly disposable. We assess the exterior design, flavor offerings, vapor production, battery life, and overall performance to see if it’s a worthy icy companion. Read more