Concerns Grow Over Teen Vaping Rates, But Approaches Vary Across Canada

Ontario recently announced plans to impose a new provincial tax on vaping products, joining a federal taxation scheme aimed at addressing rapidly rising rates of vaping among Canadian youth. While several provinces have already implemented taxes on vapes, approaches remain inconsistent nationwide. Experts call Ontario’s move an important first step, but say more comprehensive strategies are needed to tackle this pressing public health issue.

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The vaping landscape continues to shift, with disposable e-cigarettes claiming a growing share of the market according to recent industry analysis. These convenient, affordable devices now account for close to 40% of vape sales globally. This article will explore the disposable vaping boom, including key trends, product variations, and implications for the wider industry. Read more

At one point valued at an astonishing $38 billion, e-cigarette maker Juul seemed destined to transform the nicotine industry. But in one of the most stunning falls from grace in recent memory, the company now faces thousands of lawsuits and a decimated reputation.

Netflix’s new four-part documentary series Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul chronicles the company’s meteoric ascent, followed by an equally rapid demise. Through extensive research and insider accounts, it constructs a cautionary tale of innovation without foresight. Read more