The UK government is considering implementing a new tax on vaping products as part of a broader push towards creating a “smoke-free generation” of young people in the country. The potential vape tax would be introduced alongside stricter regulations on both cigarettes and e-cigarettes aimed at deterring youth uptake. Read more

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) has published its new V.A.P.E. Directory, an official registry of approved vape and alternative nicotine products permitted for sale in the state. Popular disposable brands like Elf Bar are absent from the list, effectively banning their retail sale in Louisiana. Read more

Concerns Grow Over Teen Vaping Rates, But Approaches Vary Across Canada

Ontario recently announced plans to impose a new provincial tax on vaping products, joining a federal taxation scheme aimed at addressing rapidly rising rates of vaping among Canadian youth. While several provinces have already implemented taxes on vapes, approaches remain inconsistent nationwide. Experts call Ontario’s move an important first step, but say more comprehensive strategies are needed to tackle this pressing public health issue.

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The Irish government is poised to pass new legislation that will make it illegal to sell vaping products to anyone under 18 years old. The ban aims to protect children and curb rising youth vaping rates in the country.

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The UK government is considering implementing a new tax on vapes as part of its strategy to create a “smokefree generation” and reduce youth vaping rates. Recently published government documents indicate plans to explore a vape duty similar to those enacted in other countries. Read more

A newly passed law in Louisiana that was expected to implement a statewide ban on flavored vaping products this month has hit a roadblock. The legislation is now facing a legal challenge from a retailers’ association. Read more

Quitting smoking is extremely challenging. But research reveals certain vape flavors can make success more likely. A recent survey of 70,000 U.S. vapers identified the most popular flavors used to stop smoking. Read more

Marlboro cigarette maker Altria recently dropped a bombshell, suing nearly three dozen vape competitors. Why? Altria claims these brands brazenly ignore laws its products follow. An explosive move aiming to snuff out rule-breaking rivals. Read more

Tobacco industry titan R.J. Reynolds has opened a new front in its escalating battle against disposable vaping products. Reynolds filed a formal complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) seeking a ban on imports of leading disposable vape brands that have eaten into its market share.

This aggressive move represents the company’s latest and most severe effort yet to cripple the upstart disposable vape brands that threaten Reynolds’ bottom line. However, if successful, it could significantly restrict adult access to flavored nicotine vaping products that many have come to rely on. Read more

The FDA recently denied marketing for 6 popular Vuse Alto flavored e-cigarettes, citing risks to youth health. This landmark decision opens a new chapter in the agency’s efforts to regulate vaping with the public’s wellbeing in mind. Read more