air bar nex review

With its stylish aesthetics and array of internal upgrades, the Air Bar Nex represents an impressive evolution of the brand’s box-style disposable vapes. This sleek and pocket-friendly device provides approximately 6500 satisfying puffs along with leak-resistant design and optimized flavor delivery.

Sophisticated New Look

As the follow-up to the Air Bar 5000, the Nex features visual refinements both inside and out. Externally, it sports attractive chromatic colors and an anodized metallic finish. This style echoes other popular Air Bar models like the Mini and Lux. However, the Nex sets itself apart with a more compact and ergonomic shape compared to its predecessor.

The 5000 had a unique sci-fi inspired design that stood out. But the Nex opts for a shorter and stockier form factor that feels better balanced in-hand. The scaled-down proportions enhance portability and pocketability as well, making the Nex an ideal disposable vape for life on the go.

Gone is the techie aesthetic of the earlier 5000. Instead, the Nex closely resembles the latest premium disposables in 2023 with its streamlined silhouette wrapped in eye-catching anodized colors. For those seeking fashionable portability paired with robust performance, the Air Bar Nex delivers.

Optimized Vaping

While the Nex looks great on the outside, it’s the array of internal enhancements that truly make it stand out. An anti-leak mechanism helps maintain ideal airflow while preventing messy leaks and clogs. The 650mAh battery capacity outperforms most disposables, providing power for thousands of puffs on a single charge.

Additionally, the Nex utilizes advanced 1.2-ohm mesh coil technology for clean and efficient heating. This enables excellent flavor reproduction and vapor production. And protections like 10-second cutoff, short circuit prevention and low voltage shielding give peace of mind and consistent function.

Together these upgrades empower the Nex to deliver approximately 6500 puffs per device. This is a significant increase over the 5000 puff rating of the previous model. For lasting enjoyment without constant charging or replacement, the Nex hits the mark.


    • Size: 47.6 x 76.2 x 18.8mm (3 x 1.875 x 0.74in)
    • Weight: 54g (1.90oz)
    • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
    • Number of Puffs: ≈ 6500
    • Resistance Value: 1.2Ω
    • Nicotine Type: Nic Salt
    • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg/ml)
    • E-liquid Capacity: 15mL
    • PG/VG Ratio: 60/40


    • Leak Proof Design
    • A+ Grade Battery
    • 10s Cut-Off Protection
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Mesh Coil

Satisfying Vaping Experience

One major advantage of the Nex is its ability to deliver a smooth and consistent vaping experience. A single air intake hole means every puff feels even and measured. There’s no chance of accidentally taking too large or harsh of a hit.

This uniformity also makes the Nex an excellent option for beginner vapers. The draw is effortlessly metered, allowing new users to inhale comfortably without coughing fits or nicotine overdose concerns. Even with aggressive hitting, the Nex keeps puffs under control. For those seeking steady satisfaction, the Nex is hard to beat.

Refined Flavor Profiles

The Air Bar Nex provides access to the same wide selection of flavor varieties as previous Air Bar models. However, the array of internal component upgrades help elevate each e-liquid profile to new heights. Flavors emerge sweeter and cooler right from the first puff when vaped through the Nex.

For example, the Melon Kiwi blend better balances the two fruit essences in tandem. And the Cool Mint delivers a purer and smoother cooling sensation. Across the entire flavor lineup, accuracy and enjoyment see a boost thanks to the Nex’s dialed-in performance.

Flavors Worth Exploring

With so many options to choose from, these select flavors stand out when vaped through the advanced internals of the Air Bar Nex:

  • Blueberry Grape Mint – Hints of mint perfectly complement the blueberry and grape medley for added dimension.
  • Watermelon Ice – The icy minty notes seamlessly accentuate the lush watermelon without overpowering.
  • Pineapple Coconut – A heavenly tropical fusion with ideal sweetness and moderate cooling effect.
  • Grape Ice – Sweetened grapes avoid any unpleasant medicinal undertones, with a refreshing icy finish.
  • Miami Mint – Impressively captures a mojito’s essence, with sweet mint and subtle lime hints.

The lineup provides an amazing diversity to keep the vaping experience interesting. Vapers can explore new flavor combinations daily until they find just the right all-day vapes tailored to their taste preferences.

Air Bar Nex vs. Air Bar 5000

The Nex differs from its predecessor, the Air Bar 5000, in some notable ways that impact performance and experience. Despite having marginally more airflow, the Nex actually provides less vapor production on average puffs. This results from its 1.2-ohm coil resistance, which is higher than the 5000’s 1.0-ohm coil.

The higher resistance means the Nex meters and moderates puff intensity, even when inhaling firmly. In contrast, the 5000 with its lower resistance coil can hit harder and deliver intensely satisfying hits when you take a forceful pull. However, the 5000’s lack of puff modulation also means large accidental hits can make some users cough or get too much nicotine.

So while the 5000 offers more potential vapor flexibility, the Nex aims to deliver steady, measured satisfaction every time. For some vapers, the 5000’s capability to take fuller, more customizable hits is preferable. But many will appreciate the Nex’s more controlled experience that prevents unwanted harshness.

Portable Vaping On the Go

In summary, the Air Bar Nex succeeds in bringing refinements both visually and internally to enhance the experience. The stylish, compact exterior with beautiful anodized colors has broader aesthetic appeal than the 5000’s sci-fi shape. And upgrades to the battery life, coil, and airflow noticeably optimize flavor fidelity and longevity.

Performance-wise, the Nex focuses on delivering exceptionally consistent satisfaction puff after puff. This uniformity makes it a great choice for newer vapers still getting the hang of inhaling properly. The Nex automatically meters every hit for easy comfort. While the 5000 offers more vapor customization, the Nex’s steady output will suit most seeking a fuss-free disposable.

For those wanting a stylish, pocketable disposable option with hassle-free operation, the Air Bar Nex is a compelling choice. It eliminates the need to recharge or refill, providing thousands of optimized puffs on-the-go. If seeking the ultimate combination of convenience, consistency and refinement in a slim disposable form factor, the Nex warrants a look.

Matthew Ma