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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B3500 Review – Innovation Meets Portability

The vaping landscape continues to rapidly evolve. Disposable vapes in particular have seen huge growth and innovation to meet rising demand. With so many options flooding the market, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat. ZOVOO aims to do just that with their new DRAGBAR B3500 disposable vape system. It packs a robust […]

Zovoo Dragbar BF600 Review – Mighty Mini Disposable Vape

The competitive disposable vape market continues expanding rapidly, with new models frequently emerging. One recent release catching my attention is the ultra-compact Zovoo Dragbar BF600. This diminutive disposable aims to pack robust flavor and performance into a stealthy yet aesthetically pleasing frame. In this comprehensive Dragbar BF600 review, I’ll break down the strengths and shortcomings […]

Evolution of FDA Vaping Regulations: A Chronological Analysis

The Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory authority over vaping products originated with the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act in 2009. In the decade-plus since, FDA oversight of vaping devices and e-liquids has followed a winding, highly contentious path. This comprehensive article chronicles the major events, stakeholders, and forces shaping FDA vaping policies over […]


‘Big Vape’ on Netflix: Tells the Rise and Fall of Juul

At one point valued at an astonishing $38 billion, e-cigarette maker Juul seemed destined to transform the nicotine industry. But in one of the most stunning falls from grace in recent memory, the company now faces thousands of lawsuits and a decimated reputation. Netflix’s new four-part documentary series Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of […]