Air Bar Nex vs. Air Bar Mini

Disposable vape devices like the Air Bar series have absolutely exploded in popularity recently. Their convenience, variety of flavors, and consistent performance make them an appealing option for both new and experienced vapers.

Within the Air Bar lineup, two of the most sought-after models are the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini. But what exactly is the difference between the Nex and Mini? And how do you determine which one is better suited for your needs and preferences?

This comprehensive comparative review will analyze all of the key specs, features, pros and cons of the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini. By taking an in-depth look at everything from battery life to flavor options to vapor production and beyond, you’ll have all the info you need to decide whether the Nex or Mini is the right choice for you.

Quick Comparison Overview

To kick things off, let’s start with a high-level overview of the basic specs for each vape:

Feature Air Bar Nex Air Bar Mini
E-Juice Capacity 15mL 5mL
Nicotine Strength 5% salt nic 5% salt nic
Battery 650mAh (rechargeable) 600mAh (non-rechargeable)
Coil 1.2ohm mesh 1.6ohm mesh
Estimated Puff Count Up to 6500 Up to 2000
Flavor Options 14 flavors 13 flavors
Price Around $16.99 Around $9.99

As the table illustrates, while the Nex and Mini share some core features like 5% nicotine salt e-juice, there are also some clear differences that set them apart – most notably battery capacity and rechargeability.

Now that we’ve covered the basic specs, let’s do a deep dive into the most important features and details of each vape.

In-Depth Feature Analysis

Flavor Variety

One of the biggest selling points of the entire Air Bar lineup is the wide selection of flavors available. The Air Bar Nex gives you 14 different flavor options to choose from, with tantalizing flavors including Cool Mint, Grape Ice, Watermelon Ice, Pineapple Coconut, and Strawberry Mango among others.

The Air Bar Mini comes in 13 mouthwatering flavor varieties, ranging from Rainbow Blast to Miami Mint, Mixed Berries, Peach Blueberry Candy, and more.

So no matter which Air Bar model you opt for, you’ll have plenty of flavors to switch between whenever you want to change things up and keep the experience fresh.

Design and Build Quality

From a visual design perspective, the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini actually share quite a similar sleek, modern, metallic aesthetic. Both feature aluminum alloy construction and come in a spectrum of attractive color gradients to match their flavors.

However, there are some noticeable physical differences between the two models. The Air Bar Nex has a more boxy, rectangular shape with rounded edges, giving it a chunkier and more gripped profile.

Comparatively, the Air Bar Mini is approximately half the size and has a much slimmer, slender, and streamlined body that tapers near the edges. This makes the Mini model extremely compact and portable-friendly.

In terms of durability though, both the Nex and Mini deliver excellent build quality and ruggedness. Their aluminum casing gives them a premium feel while remaining lightweight, yet highly resilient to wear and tear. During our extensive testing period, neither model exhibited any signs of leaking, even after being left on the side overnight or tossed in a bag.

The Air Bar Nex does have slightly better ergonomics and gripability thanks to its thicker shape. But overall, both vapes are designed with quality materials to withstand regular use.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the most significant differences between the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini lies in their battery capacity and rechargeability.

The Nex is equipped with a 6500 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 6500 puffs before needing a recharge. It uses a Type-C USB charging port located conveniently on the bottom of the device. Recharging takes about 1.5 hours, and a fully charged Nex will typically last around 3 days for the average user before depleting.

By contrast, the Air Bar Mini has a 600 mAh battery that is not designed to be recharged. The purpose of the Mini is essentially to be used and disposed of once its non-rechargeable cell is depleted after vaping through its capacity of around 2000 puffs.

So while the Nex offers substantially better battery life and sustainability via its rechargeability, the Mini’s sole function is provide a simple vaping experience with the pre-filled e-juice and battery until it’s finished.

Performance and Vapor Production

When it comes to the most crucial metric – actual vaping performance and vapor quality – the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini are again quite evenly matched.

According to our testing, both models utilize mesh coil atomizers to deliver smooth, consistent, and flavorful hits each time you puff. Vapor volume and thickness is ample on both devices as well, which is impressive for the petite Mini. The Nex does produce slightly larger and denser vapor clouds, but not enormously so.

The flavor intensity and consistency also remains beautifully rich and vibrant from the very first puff all the way to the last one – a common downside with cheaper disposables that experience waning flavor does not occur here.

Both the Nex and Mini offer a tight mouth-to-lung style draw that closely mimics the sensation of smoking a traditional combustible cigarette. This makes them an especially great option for newer vapers transitioning away from smoking.

Overall, both the Nex and Mini deliver strongly on vapor quality and flavor – an impressive feat considering their bargain prices.

Ease of Use

As with most disposable style vapes, the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini are designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use. Both are draw-activated, meaning there’s no power button to press – just remove the mouthpiece cover and start puffing to activate the battery and produce vapor on demand.

Neither the Nex or the Mini have adjustable power settings, airflow controls, or other advanced settings to tweak or manipulate. You simply vape them as needed with no customization needed.

The only difference from an ease of use standpoint is that the Nex requires periodic charging once depleted, while the Mini does not. But charging the Nex is still a breeze thanks to the convenient side Type-C port.

For vaping on the go with zero fuss or complex settings, both the Nex and Mini deliver exceptional simplicity and hassle-free operation. However, the Air Bar Mini inches ahead as the most straightforward and maintenance-free disposable between the two.

Cost and Value

When it comes to pricing and overall value, the Air Bar Nex retails online for approximately $16.99 in most cases, while the Air Bar Mini averages around $9.99 per unit.

Given its much larger e-juice capacity, rechargeable cell, and over three times as many puffs per vape, the Nex generally provides more bang for your buck. You get substantially more vaping usage before needing to purchase a replacement.

However, the appeal of the Air Bar Mini lies in its ultra-low $9.99 price point. This makes it very affordable to buy multiples of the Mini to switch between flavors throughout the day or week. It also creates less waste versus the Nex by allowing you to toss it when the 2000 puffs are finished instead of having a bunch of used rechargeable batteries accumulate.

So in summary, the Nex is the winner for longevity and value, while the Mini’s super cheap cost and simplicity also have their own advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pros and Cons of the Nex and Mini

To recap the key benefits and tradeoffs of each vape, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:

Air Bar Nex Air Bar Mini
Pros – Large e-juice capacity
– Rechargeable
– Excellent flavor and vapor
– Lots of flavors available
– Good battery life
– Ultra-affordable price
– Very easy to use
– Consistent performance
– Lots of flavors
– Ultra-portable
Cons – Slightly pricier – Non-rechargeable
– Smaller vapor clouds
– Fewer total puffs

Which Air Bar Model is Best for You?

So given their various similarities and differences, which Air Bar disposable vape is ultimately better suited for you personally? Here are some specific guidelines:

  • The Air Bar Nex is likely the best choice if you want maximum vape usage between charges along with slightly bigger vapor production. It’s an excellent option if the Nex will be your primary daily vaping device.
  • The Air Bar Mini is ideal for vapers who love flavor variety and want the flexibility to switch between different flavors multiple times per day without needing to recharge.
  • More casual or beginning vapers may prefer the extreme simplicity of the Mini for its low commitment cost and total hassle-free operation.
  • Experienced vapers who prioritize large vapor clouds and battery capacity will probably gravitate towards the Nex.

Either way, both the Nex and Mini deliver very solid performance, flavor, and user experience regardless of your vaping needs and preferences. Analyzing your personal habits and priorities can help determine if the rechargeable Nex or easy-breezy Mini is the better fit.

Concluding Verdict

In closing, the Air Bar Nex and Air Bar Mini each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages that make them suited for particular types of vapers and situations.

The Nex offers substantially longer battery life span between charges and churns out slightly bigger vapor clouds, making it ideal as an all-day vape. On the other hand, the Mini provides unmatched simplicity and flexibility thanks to its ultra-portable design and dirt cheap price point.

As long as you select the model that best aligns with your individual needs, budget, and vaping preferences, you’re sure to get excellent flavor quality and user experience from both the Nex and the Mini.

Overall, for an easy yet powerful disposable vaping solution in a compact device, the Air Bar series remains one of the top options on the market.

Matthew Ma