SKE Crystal Super Max Review

The SKE Crystal Super Max 4500 disposable vape stands out in the crowded market for its tremendous 4500 puff rating and variety of mouthwatering flavors. Advanced technology squeezes maximum performance from this convenient device.

Massive 4500 Puff Capacity for All Day Vaping

The Super Max 4500 sets a new standard for disposable vape longevity. The generous e-liquid reservoir and 1500mAh battery enable up to 4500 satisfying puffs per device.

After a week of moderate use, I’ve only just hit the halfway point on my first Super Max. The longevity far surpasses other disposables topping out at 1000-2000 puffs. I can slip it in my pocket for a full day out without worrying about sudden shutoff.

The tremendous puff rating eliminates the constant need to recharge or replace during your day. The convenience is outstanding.

An Expansive Flavor Menu with Options Galore

The Super Max 4500 comes in over 25 mouthwatering flavors that run the gamut from fruity to icy to candy. It would take weeks to properly savor them all.

A few of my favorites so far:

  • Blueberry Raspberries – This flavor perfectly balances plump, sweet blueberries with tart and tangy raspberries. The first puff brings huge blueberry essence, before red raspberry acidity chases right behind to keep things interesting. This contrasting duet satisfies with both sweet and sour sensations. It became an instant favorite to start my day with a fruit flavor fix without overdoing the sweetness.
  • Cherry Ice – As soon as I tried this Cherry Ice flavor, I was transported back to childhood memories of enjoying a bowl of cherry vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. Sweet and tart cherry flavor at the forefront transitions into a gentle cooling menthol – like taking a lick of ice cream and feeling the chill. The icy undertones provide a pleasantly numbing sensation between puffs of rich cherry. This all-day vape evokes nostalgia while revitalizing the senses.
  • Gummy Bear – From the first puff I was amazed how spot-on the flavor replication is with this Gummy Bear option. It perfectly captures that distinctive chewy candy sweetness. I feel like a kid again inhaling huge gulps of candy-shop air. There’s no choking on artificial sugary dust here – just wave after wave of squishy gummy flavor with no calories or stickiness involved. A fun stroll down memory lane for the inner child in us all.
  • Strawberry Burst – As soon as I tried this Strawberry Burst e-liquid, I felt like I was biting into a perfectly ripe, juice-dripping strawberry, picked straight off the vine at the peak of summer. Sweet jammy flavor bursts onto your palate with an intense hit of fresh berry essence that lingers long after the puff. It’s the taste of strawberry bliss. The authentic flavor profile makes this an easy all-day vape to give me that fruit essence I crave.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – An amped up berry medley compared to the regular Blueberry Raspberries. The addition of sour raspberry cranks up the tanginess for an intense puckering flavor…
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry – A triple berry bonanza! Sweet blueberry and rich cherry combine beautifully with cranberry’s tart pop of flavor for a symphony of fruit essences…
  • Blue Razz Lemonade – Sweet and tart collide spectacularly in this blue raspberry lemonade concoction…
  • Blue Fusion – This intriguing flavor fuses mystery blue fruits into layers of flavor. Notes of blueberry, blackberry, and others reveal themselves with time like a flavor journey…
  • Cola Ice – Fizzy cola flavor chilled into frosty perfection with icy menthol. Just like sipping a chilled soda on a hot day. A classic flavor reinvented…
  • Fizzy Cherry – Sweet cherry effervescence tickles the tongue with each puff. A delightful carbonated twist on simple cherry flavor…
  • Fresh Menthol Mojito – Cool mint meets fresh lime for a satisfying spin on the classic mojito cocktail. Uplifting and mouthwatering…
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava – A vibrant mélange of sweet kiwi, tangy passionfruit and tropical guava flavors. A flavor rollercoaster ride…
  • Lemon & Lime – A bright, zesty citrus one-two punch. Refreshing anytime flavor…
  • My Blue – An intriguing mystery berry concoction. Sweet, slightly tart and entirely addicting. A new all-day mystery…
  • Pink Lemonade – Sweet pink lemonade with just the right amount of tartness. Crisp, lip-smacking flavor…
  • Rainbow – Tastes just like the flavor explosion of a pack of skittles! Fruity candy perfection…
  • Strawberry Burst – Sweet, jammy strawberry flavor bursting with ripe berry essence. An easy all-day favorite…
  • Watermelon Ice – Juicy watermelon chilled into refreshing icy perfection. A summer classic executed deliciously…

With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find multiple go-to flavors suiting your taste preferences. The variety alleviates any vaper’s tongue woes.

Advanced Performance from Disposable Tech

Despite the grab-and-go portability, advanced tech pumps up the Super Max 4500’s performance:

  • Draw-activation provides convenient automatic firing whenever you inhale
  • Dual 1.2 ohm mesh coils create outstanding vapor production and bold flavor
  • 20mg nicotine salts give a smooth yet satisfying throat hit
  • 1500mAh battery life lasts far longer than typical disposables

The impressive engineering extracts a premium vaping experience from a tiny disposable form. This pocketable pen can rival pod mods for satisfaction.

Competitively Priced given the Premium Experience

Given the generous 4500 puff rating and advanced features, I expected a steep price tag. But the Super Max 4500 retails from just £10.45 – £11.99.

For a high-end disposable delivering thousands of puffs and bold performance, this competitive pricing makes it a tremendous value. The sheer experience easily justifies the affordable cost.

What Reviewers are Saying About This Powerhouse Disposable

The Super Max 4500 earns rave reviews from satisfied vapers:

“This little disposable lasts forever! I’m still enjoying my first one after a week of heavy use.”

“The flavor variety is outstanding. I’ve tried four flavors already and they’re all spot-on.”

“Way better vapor production than other disposables I’ve tried. Big fan of the adjustable airflow too.”

“I don’t know how they packed so much battery life into a tiny vape pen, but it’s great not worrying about it dying.”

Clearly the remarkable longevity, flavors, and performance resonate with vapers.

Key Takeaways on This Impressive Disposable Vape

For anyone seeking a satisfying disposable vape, the SKE Crystal Super Max 4500 excels in every metric:

  • Tremendous 4500 puff capacity for carefree all-day use
  • Dual mesh coils create full-bodied vapor and flavor
  • A flavor menu with tantalizing options to suit every palate
  • 1500mAh battery life that outlasts nearly any disposable
  • Advanced power in a compact pen-style form factor
  • Competitively priced given the premium user experience

With outstanding longevity, performance and flavor variety, the Super Max 4500 makes disposable vaping more satisfying than ever. This little powerhouse earns top marks across the board.

Matthew Ma