elf bar 600 review

The Elf Bar 600 has swiftly become the most popular disposable vape option in the UK. Its immense flavor variety, smooth performance and compact design make it a hit. After extensive personal testing, here is an in-depth review examining what makes the Elf Bar 600 the reigning disposable vape champion.

Introduction to Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape

The Elf Bar 600 is an incredibly easy to use, draw-activated disposable vape pen. It offers approximately 600 satisfying puffs from its built-in 550mAh battery and 2ml reservoir of nicotine salt e-liquid. Its petite size and mouthpiece provide a cigarette-like experience in vape form. With over 30 flavors available, it appeals to diverse vaper preferences across the board.

Overall, the Elf Bar 600 provides tremendous convenience in a discreet and portable package. It’s ready to vape out of the box with no setup required. The draw activation means no fussing with buttons. When the battery or e-juice runs out, just replace it with a fresh one. This simplicity makes it ideal for new vapers transitioning from smoking. The huge flavor selection indulges your ability to switch between a wide variety anytime the mood strikes.

Standout Features

While simple by design, the Elf Bar 600 delivers an incredibly satisfying vaping experience. Here are some of its best attributes that set it apart in the disposable vape category:

Massive Selection of Delicious, Authentic Flavors

One of the Elf Bar 600’s biggest assets is the expansive flavor selection with over 30 mouthwatering varieties available. It really indulges your ability to switch between flavors anytime the mood strikes.

The options span desserts, fruits, menthols, sodas, tobaccos and more so there’s a flavor suited for every palate. Most impressively, the flavors taste remarkably natural and authentic compared to other disposables I’ve tried. For example, the Strawberry Banana and Pineapple Peach Mango options taste just like you’re biting into juicy chunks of the real fruits.

The incredible variety ensures you’ll never get bored or tire of the flavor options. It’s what makes the Elf Bar 600 so replayable and addictive.

Smooth, Cigarette-Like Draw for an Easy Transition

The tight draw of the Elf Bar 600 produces a very satisfying mouth-to-lung hit that accurately mimics the feel and sensation of smoking a cigarette. This makes the transition from smoking to vaping completely seamless and effortless.

The 20mg nicotine salt strength also provides an excellent throat hit that sufficiently satisfies cravings without any of the harshness or bitterness you get from freebase nicotine. The nicotine satisfaction lasts for hours between puffs.

Altogether, the extremely smooth draw combined with robust nicotine delivery makes the Elf Bar 600 the perfect disposable option for new vapers switching from traditional cigarettes. It replicates the smoker’s experience remarkably well.

Impressive Vapor Production from a Petite Device

While you won’t get massive billowing clouds from the slim Elf Bar 600, the vapor production still notably exceeds expectations for such a compact disposable device. The flavor comes through dense, full-bodied and saturated on the draw.

And impressively, the vapor output remains consistent puff after puff even as the battery life winds down. It continues delivering robustly satisfying hits with no drop off.

For a small disposable, the Elf Bar 600 outpaces competitors when it comes to vapor quantity while also delivering concentrated flavor with every puff.

Multi-Day Battery Life from a Disposable

The integrated 550mAh battery reliably provides well over a full day of use even with moderate to heavy vaping habits. For more casual occasional use, the Elf Bar 600 can easily provide several days of runtime before needing to be disposed of and replaced.

You don’t have to worry about the battery unexpectedly dying prematurely like some cheaper disposables on the market. The battery life exceeds what you’d expect from such a portable device.

Between the 2ml e-juice capacity and over 500mAh battery, the Elf Bar 600 lasts noticeably longer than most disposables in its class.

Additional Convenience Factors

Beyond its core performance attributes, the Elf Bar 600 offers additional convenience factors:

    • Draw activation makes it incredibly simple to use. No buttons to fiddle with.
    • Comfortable, lightweight mouthpiece that fits naturally between the lips
    • Vibrant colorways make each flavor easy to distinguish
    • Highly portable and discreet for hassle-free public vaping
    • Reasonably priced both online and in convenience stores
    • Packaging details all key product info including batch numbers

Potential Shortcomings

No vape product on the market is absolutely perfect. The only real negatives of the Elf Bar 600 are the lack of PG/VG ratio details on the packaging and the overall cost being higher than using a refillable pod system or vape mod. However, for many vapers, the extra convenience and variety the Elf Bar 600 offers makes it well worth the slightly higher cost.

Here’s more detail on the two minor drawbacks:

Lack of PG/VG Ratio Information – The Elf Bar 600 packaging does not include specifics on the PG/VG ratios used in the e-liquid. For vapers like myself with a PG sensitivity, I’d appreciate knowing the exact PG percentage used. However, this information isn’t an absolute deal breaker or hugely important detail for most vapers.

Cost Over Time Compared to Refillable Vapes – The disposable format means you pay more over an extended period of time versus using a refillable pod system or vape mod. But for many vapers, the convenience and wide flavor options make the slightly higher cost very worthwhile. For those who vape heavily all day long, a refillable pod system may save money in the longer run. But for most vapers, the Elf Bar 600 provides excellent value.

Review of the Best Elf Bar 600 Flavors

I’ve personally tried almost every Elf Bar 600 flavor released so far in order to provide the most accurate review possible. Here are my thoughts on some of my all-time favorite Elf Bar 600 flavors that I think every vaper should try:

Strawberry Ice Cream – Dessert Bliss

This flavor perfectly embodies the decadent dessert profile promised. You get waves of ultra-smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream on the inhale, followed by sweet ripe strawberry goodness on the exhale. Hints of cooling menthol provide contrasting relief without overwhelming the ice cream flavor. It’s an absolute ADV for me and one of my favorite dessert vapes ever.

Pineapple Peach Mango – A Lush Tropical Vacation

This tropical fusion delivers an explosion of sweet pineapple, juicy peach and vibrant ripe mango all in one incredibly lush and authentic flavor. It’s hands down the best of the Elf Bar fruit flavor lineup and flawlessly recreates the experience of a tropical fruit salad.

Strawberry Banana – An Organic Milkshake

Sweet fresh strawberries meet velvety banana in this mouthwatering fruit blend with icy menthol on the exhale. It’s a refreshing organic take on a classic milkshake flavor. The fruits taste perfectly ripe and natural.

Lychee Ice – Sweet Tropical Chill

Though I can’t directly compare it to real lychee since I’ve never tried it, this flavor wows me with incredibly sweet, floral tropical notes followed by a wave of icy coolness on the exhale. It’s perfectly refreshing and embodies a unique fruit flavor I can vape all day.

Pink Lemonade – Zesty Sour Then Sweet

This flavor cocktail combines lip-smacking tart lemonade with an array of juicy mixed red berries. It’s incredibly vibrant, first delivering sour citrus punch before shifting to sweet fruity exhale. The contrasting flavors make this profile incredibly addictive.

Elf Berg – Berry Menthol Bliss

Inspired by a famous e-liquid, this flavor perfectly blends mixed berries, brisk menthol and hints of aniseed into a complex medley. It goes down super smooth and provides an all-day-vape experience with nice lingering aftertaste. A new favorite fruit/menthol combo.

Final Verdict

The Pros:

  • Amazing variety with over 30 flavor options
  • Smooth and accurate cigarette-like draw
  • Impressive battery life for a petite disposable
  • Great vapor production and consistency
  • Simple intuitive draw activation
  • Ultra portable and discreet

The Cons:

  • Lacks specific PG/VG ratio information
  • Costs more over time than refillable vaping

The Bottom Line:

In summary, the Elf Bar 600 offers tremendous value and convenience for vapers seeking wide flavor variety and simple no fuss satisfaction. With its expansive flavor selection, smooth and cigarette-like performance, and impressive battery life from such a tiny device, the Elf Bar 600 earns its status as the UK’s top disposable vape.

It has become my personal go-to for getting a flavorful nicotine fix when I’m out and about. The convenience factor is unmatched. I highly recommend all vapers give the Elf Bar 600 lineup a shot for themselves to discover just how satisfying disposable vaping can be when done to perfection like the Elf Bar 600 has managed.

Matthew Ma