Elf Bar vs Lost Mary Disposable Vapes: Which One is Best for You?

elf bar vs lost mary

The disposable vape market has exploded with ultra-convenient pen-style devices that are ready to use right out of the box. Elf Bar and Lost Mary have emerged as two of the hottest brands.

With their focus on portability and ease of use, it’s no wonder these disposables have become so popular. But if you’re trying to choose between Elf Bar and Lost Mary, which one is right for you?

We’ll compare the key features and flavors of these two disposable vape titans to help you decide.

A Closer Look at Elf Bar and Lost Mary

Before we compare them head-to-head, let’s take a quick look at each device.

Elf Bar – Small but Mighty

The first thing you’ll notice about Elf Bar is its petite size. At just 105mm tall and 15mm wide, it easily fits into a pocket or small bag. The slim pen-style design is buttonless and screenless for sheer simplicity.

Despite its small size, the prefilled pod delivers up to 600 satisfying puffs from its 20mg nicotine salts. It’s ready to use directly out of the package – no charging or filling required.

With Elf Bar, the focus is clearly on convenience and portability. It’s the ultimate “grab-and-go” disposable vape.

Lost Mary – Style Meets Substance

While Lost Mary matches Elf Bar for convenience, it brings its own sense of style. The rounded rectangle shape stands out from the crowd. Its soft-touch finish and ergonomic curves feel fantastic in your hand.

Lost Mary BM600 provides a comparable 600 puff experience. The prefilled 13mL pod uses nicotine salts for smooth, flavorful vapor. Like Elf Bar, simply open the box and start vaping – no mess or fuss.

So in terms of core function, Lost Mary delivers a similar easy-use experience. But its unique styling helps it stand apart.

Now let’s see how they compare head-to-head.

Flavor Selection

One of the biggest deciding factors is the available flavors. Both offer a wide variety to suit any palate.

Elf Bar Flavors

With 40+ flavor options, Elf Bar has one of the largest disposable vape flavor selections. You’ll find everything from cool mint to creamy strawberry to nostalgic candy flavors.

Some of their most popular flavors include:

  • Watermelon Ice – Chilled juicy watermelon flavor, like a slushy
  • Blue Razz Ice – Sweet and tart blue raspberry with icy coolness
  • Strawberry Kiwi – A delicious mix of strawberry and kiwi
  • Mango Peach – Sweet mango and juicy peach together

Elf Bar has mastered fruit flavors but also has creamy dessert options like Strawberry Cream. The huge variety gives you plenty of choices.

Lost Mary Flavors

Lost Mary offers a smaller but well-curated selection of 13 flavors. Highlights include:

  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – An exotic blend of berries
  • Pineapple Ice – Icy pineapple freshness
  • Triple Mango – Intense ripe mango flavor
  • Grape – Sweet, juicy grape goodness

The flavors may be fewer but each one delivers an authentic fruit or dessert taste.

So in the battle of flavors, Elf Bar wins for sheer variety while Lost Mary focuses on quality over quantity.

Design & Appearance

Disposable vapes are all about convenience, but style plays a role too. Let’s compare the look and feel of these devices.

Elf Bar Design

The sleek and slim Elf Bar has a minimalist design focus. It’s meant to discretely fit in your pocket or bag. The smooth exterior has no unnecessary embellishments.

It comes in a range of matte color finishes like black, white, red, blue and more. The colored tip indicates the flavor inside.

Overall, the Elf Bar exudes subtlety and portability.

Lost Mary Design

Lost Mary brings a more stylish, artistic look. The rounded rectangle shape stands out from the crowd. The pliable, soft-touch finish has an almost velvety feel.

It comes in shimmery iridescent color patterns. This eye-catching exterior pairs beautifully with the ergonomic curves that fit your hand so well.

So when it comes to design, Elf Bar takes a simplified approach while Lost Mary embraces flair and comfort. Choose based on your personal style preferences.

Battery Life and Indicators

Disposable vapes contain an internal battery designed to last approximately as long as the e-liquid. But battery life can vary based on your usage habits.

Elf Bar and Lost Mary both provide around 600 puffs from a 650mAh battery. But Lost Mary gives you more insight into the remaining battery life.

Elf Bar Battery

The Elf Bar battery is built to last roughly the same 600 puff lifespan as the e-liquid. There is no external indicator of remaining battery level, but the vapor production will diminish when it’s time to replace it.

Lost Mary Battery

Lost Mary uses the same 650mAh built-in battery but has a 3-color LED indicator:

  • Green = Full battery
  • Blue = Medium battery
  • Red = Low battery

This gives you an estimation of how much battery life is left. Knowing when your battery will die avoids surprises.

If you want battery insight, Lost Mary has an edge. But both deliver ample battery life overall.

Size and Portability

These disposables are designed for portability and easy carry. But there are slight size differences.

Elf Bar Size

At 105mm tall and just 15mm diameter, the Elf Bar is tiny enough to fit in even a small pocket. The narrow cylinder shape adds to the portability.

Lost Mary Size

Lost Mary measures 110mm x 19mm x 12mm. The rounded rectangle exterior is optimized to fit comfortably in your hand.

So Elf Bar inches ahead when it comes to absolute compact size. But Lost Mary’s ergonomic shape makes it feel great in your hand.

Either way, both provide outstanding portability ideal for vaping on the go.

Ease of Use

Disposable vapes live and die by their convenience factor. Here’s how easy Elf Bar and Lost Mary are to use:

  • No charging needed before first use
  • No buttons or settings to deal with
  • Simply open the box and start vaping!
  • Light draw activation
  • Prefilled pod means no filling or leaks

Both are designed for true grab-and-go performance. As soon as you open the package, you can start enjoying tasty flavorful vapor. It doesn’t get much easier!

Price and Value

With such similar features, price can help make the decision between Elf Bar vs Lost Mary.

Elf Bar tends to retail between $9 – $12 per device. Lost Mary costs approximately $14 – $16.

Both provide 600+ puffs from a prefilled pod, so the per-puff cost is quite reasonable for a disposable. And there are always deals that can lower the price.

Ultimately, both deliver excellent value. But if price is your main concern, Elf Bar has a slight edge.

Which One is Best for You?

Now that we’ve compared the key features in detail, let’s summarize the main reasons to choose each disposable vape.

Choose Elf Bar if you:

    • Want the widest selection of flavors
    • Like a discreet, minimalist design
    • Want the smallest possible size for portability
    • Prefer maximum value and affordability

Choose Lost Mary if you:

    • Want a stylish, artistic design
    • Appreciate the battery level indicator
    • Love the soft-touch, ergonomic feel
    • Are satisfied with the smaller flavor selection

Both Elf Bar and Lost Mary make vaping deliciously easy. Focus on the features that matter most for your needs. With either of these exceptional disposables, you can simply relax and enjoy fantastic flavor anywhere your day takes you.

The Bottom Line

When you compare Elf Bar and Lost Mary, there is no universally “better” winner. Both have carved out a space at the peak of the disposable vape market. Their focus on convenience and flavor has made them favorites for good reason.

Hopefully this detailed comparison gives you a clear sense of their respective strengths and styles. The most important thing is choosing the one that aligns with your priorities. With that mindset, you can pick the perfect disposable vape to make your life a little more delicious.

Matthew Ma