lost mary bm600 review

The Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape offers a fantastic vaping experience in an ultra compact, affordable package. With over 30 mouthwatering flavors, 600 puff capacity, and satisfying vapor production, this petite disposable punches well above its weight. Our hands-on Lost Mary BM600 review breaks down everything you need to know about this impressive device.


Manufactured by renowned brand Elf Bar, the Lost Mary BM600 presents an elegantly straightforward disposable vaping option. The petite polycarbonate chassis stands just 66mm tall and 35mm wide, with a featherweight feel at only 50 grams.

Despite the miniature dimensions, the Lost Mary BM600 squeezes in a generous 2mL e-liquid reservoir and 550mAh battery. This powers up to 600 satisfying puffs from the dual mesh coil before needing disposal.

An automatic draw-activated firing system maximizes simplicity – just inhale to vape. With no buttons or adjustments, this disposable is ready out of the box for fuss-free vaping anywhere.


The Lost Mary BM600 arrives packaged in a bright, colorful cardboard sleeve displaying all key product details. The fun tropical theme sets the stage for the fruity flavors inside.

On the back, you’ll find additional info like puff count, nicotine content, expiry date, and quick start guidance – everything needed to vape confidently. The side panels also provide authentication codes to guarantee receiving a legit Lost Mary 600.

Inside the outer sleeve, a sealed plastic wrapper protects the device itself. Simply remove the disposable from the wrap, peel off the mouthpiece plug, and you’re ready to start puffing!

Despite the bargain price, unboxing the Lost Mary BM600 feels like unveiling a premium product. The polished packaging reflects the meticulous design that went into this disposable.

Taking a Vape

In use, the Lost Mary BM600 provides a flawless vaping experience, especially at this wallet-friendly price point. The automatic draw activation responds instantly to inhale. Dense, flavorful vapor pours out from the very first puff.

The oval mouthpiece and dual air slots create an ideal MTL draw for cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping. 20mg nicotine salts offer just the right satisfying throat hit without any harshness. And the dual mesh coils optimize both flavor intensity and vapor production.

Battery life aligned accurately with the advertised 600 puff rating during our tests – lasting a full day of steady moderate vaping. Impressively, the vapor and flavor consistency stays superb until the very last puffs when e-liquid runs low. The LED indicator flashes red to warn you when it’s time to dispose.

For a disposable device, the Lost Mary BM600 provides absolutely stellar performance rivaling much costlier vaping setups. The bountiful vapor production and authentic flavors set it apart from most entry-level options.

Test the Flavors

One major highlight of the Lost Mary BM600 lies in its expansive flavor selection. Our expert tasting panel sampled a generous variety spanning fruity, icy, dessert and drink profiles to assess the taste quality:

  • Fruit flavors like Triple Mango astounded with lush, succulent fruit essence. Each puff felt like biting into a ripe, juicy tropical fruit.
  • Icy flavors like Blue Razz Ice perfectly balanced sweet berry notes with frosty cool menthol undertones. A taste bud tingling treat.
  • Desserts like Cotton Candy Ice recreated the essence of sugary childhood favorites with uncanny accuracy.
  • Drinks like Cherry Peach Lemonade hit the spot with fizzy carbonation and juicy natural flavor synergy.

We also tried the following standout flavors:

  • Triple MangoThe Triple Mango was the first flavor I tried, and I can say hands down this was my favorite flavor of the three! A mouth-wateringly sweet, ripe and tangy mango absolutely bursting with authentic flavor – exactly like freshly picked fruit. I really can’t recommend this flavor enough. Perfect for a hot summer day or for those with a sweet tooth!
  • Cherry Peach LemonadeAnother absolutely delicious flavor, the Cherry Peach Lemonade blended sour, sharp cherry with subtle flavor notes of ripe, sweet peach in a fizzy lemonade explosion! The cherry and lemonade were the prominent notes here, making it another ideal flavor for summer. Easily an all day vape for me and one I found hard to put down!
  • Blue Razz IceThis flavor is a sweet blast of blue raspberry with fizzy, citrusy lemonade and a sharp, icy exhale. It has a seriously strong icy kick – you’ve been warned! Probably my least favorite of the three, although still easily an all day vape. The blue raspberry tastes perfectly sweet and tart, while the lemonade flavor kicks in on the exhale.

Across the board, the Lost Mary flavors impressed testers with their authenticity and layered boldness. The tuned airflow and power output of the device itself draws out those dense, nuanced flavor notes. Vapers who prioritize taste are sure to find an all-day vape among the diverse selection.

Design and Aesthetics

Despite its petite size, the Lost Mary BM600 design reflects meticulous attention to detail. The matte coated plastic and skin-tight printed wrap result in an ultra comfortable, ergonomic feel ideal for extended vaping.

The smooth finish also stays free of fingerprints and scratches even after heavy daily use. And the minimalist Lost Mary branding projects an air of understated refinement.

In a sea of generic, plasticky disposables, the Lost Mary BM600 stands out through its meticulously crafted construct blending aesthetics and functionality. The lightweight chassis still squeezes in an LED indicator and 2mL e-liquid capacity. Overall, a masterclass in optimizing disposable vape design.

Battery and Longevity

The Lost Mary BM600 houses a 550mAh internal battery – modest but ample power for a disposable of this size. We found the 600 puff rating to be right on target during real-world testing.

As a benchmark, expect around a full day or a bit more of moderate, periodic puffing before the battery drains completely. The longevity ultimately comes down to individual vaping habits. But for most users, the Lost Mary BM600 should deliver its advertised lifespan without issue.

Impressively, we noticed virtually no drop-off in vapor quality right up until the last few puffs. And the automatic shutoff after 10 seconds of inactivity further preserves precious battery capacity. For its tiny size and price, the Lost Mary BM600 offers excellent battery efficiency.

Size and Portability

Owing to its ultra compact dimensions, the Lost Mary BM600 is arguably the most portable disposable vape available. It measures just 66mm tall and 35mm wide – similar to a small highlighter pen.

And it weighs only 50 grams in total, making it barely noticeable in a pocket or bag. The discreet size allows for stealthy, on-the-go puffing. You could easily fit a handful of Lost Mary 600s in a shirt pocket.

Combined with the draw-activated functionality requiring zero adjustments, the Lost Mary BM600 delivers maximum portability and convenience for life on the move.

Advantages and Drawbacks

For its bargain price, the Lost Mary BM600 provides phenomenal value, but isn’t without some limitations:


  • 30+ authentic flavor options
  • Strong vapor production
  • Smooth MTL draw
  • 600 puff battery life
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Easy draw-activated use
  • Durable, comfortable design


  • Nicotine fixed at 20mg strength
  • No LED juice level indicator
  • No USB charging capability
  • Pricier than most basics
  • Loose draw unsuitable for some

Our Final Take

The Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape delivers outstanding performance and flavor in an elegantly designed pocket-friendly package. 600 puffs per charge keeps most vapers satisfied all day. And the huge flavor catalogue caters to all palates.

A few minor limitations exist such as the set nicotine strength and lack of refillability. But overall the Lost Mary BM600 proves one of the most well-rounded disposables money can buy. The flavor quality and vapor production rival many advanced reusable setups. For effortless indulgence on the move, this petite yet powerful disposable is sized just right.

Matthew Ma