Lost Mary MO5000 Review

The rechargeable Lost Mary MO5000 combines satisfying flavor, generous e-liquid capacity and a pocket-friendly design. With its 13.5mL of juice and 500mAh battery providing 5000 puffs, this elegant disposable delivers marathon vaping anywhere. Our comprehensive review breaks down everything about the high-performing Lost Mary MO5000.


A quick look at the Lost Mary MO5000 reveals a meticulously constructed disposable built for longevity on the go. The ergonomic plastic chassis easily fits into pockets while packing a generous 13.5mL of e-liquid and 500mAh battery into its frame.

An integrated oval mouthpiece provides a comfortable MTL draw. Convenient USB-C fast charging lets you repower the battery after it drains following around 5000 puffs. This substantial juice capacity and battery life sets the MO5000 apart from typical short-lived disposables.


The Lost Mary MO5000 ships in simple yet attractive packaging displaying the flavor name, vital product stats, and batch info. Inside, the device itself sits sealed in protective plastic.

Removing the Lost Mary MO5000, its oval shape and soft matte finish immediately feel great in hand. The textured plastic provides a secure grip. Peel off the mouthpiece film and bottom cover to start vaping the pre-filled 50mg (5%) nic salt e-liquid.

Despite the bargain price, the MO5000’s polished construct and pack-ins like the USB cable exude quality unmatched by generic disposables.

Taking a Vape

Right away the Lost Mary MO5000 delivers bold, accurate flavor. The automatic draw provides a smooth, slightly loose MTL puff. Abundant vapor flows freely from the very first inhale.

The 50mg nicotine salts offer the perfect punchy throat hit to appeal to former smokers. And the optimized airflow coaxes maximum flavor intensity and ample vapor from each puff.

During testing, the 5000 puff battery life rating proved accurate. We averaged 1-2 days of steady moderate use before needing a recharge. And impressively, the flavor and vapor performance remains great until the last drop of e-juice.

For a compact disposable device, the Lost Mary MO5000 churns out performance rivaling many advanced setups. When combined with the expansive flavor selection, it takes disposable vaping to new heights.

Flavor Options

With over 20 options available, the Lost Mary MO5000 has a flavor to satisfy every palate. Our expert testing panel sampled the huge variety to assess each for accuracy:

  • Fruit flavors like Watermelon Ice delivered wonderfully crisp, authentic fruit essence.
  • Candies like Blue Trio avoided artificial “candy” taste in favor of layered sweetness.
  • Beverages like Ginger Beer wowed with unexpected sophistication.
  • Desserts like Grape Jelly underwhelmed on delivering rich sweet creaminess.

We also tested the following standout flavors:

Black Mint

Black Currant and Mint. The Black Mint MO5000 is a tart, spicy blackberry-flavored vape with abundant minty coolness on inhale and exhale. The black currant provides a unique tart-sweet profile reminiscent of blackberries, raspberries and passion fruit.

Blue Trio

Blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate. This tasted like sweet blue razz with light ice. While most blue razz flavors miss the mark, this wasn’t unpleasant. I liked the sweetness but wanted more icy kick. Still a nice option for those wanting sweet fruity vapes without mint.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

Sweet berries and lemon with medium ice – exactly what I’d hoped for from the Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate. The Blueberry Raspberry Lemon MO5000 provides layered sweet berry flavors complemented by lemon’s tart undertones and icy exhale. An easy all day vape.

Cherry Lemon

Initially tasted subpar when sipping. But robust puffs brought out sweet cherry with icy lemon. Taking big draws revealed accurate cherry flavor unlike any other vape I’ve tried. The lemon perfectly balances the cherry’s sweetness. Not quite a cherry lemonade, but an impressively authentic cherry vape.

Citrus Sunrise

Medium ice paired with orange flavor reminiscent of fresh orange juice – one of the most accurate orange vapes I’ve tried. If you enjoy orange juice, Citrus Sunrise is sure to satisfy.


Has that familiar energy drink flavor but with more nuance than most. I can pick out fruity sweet and tart notes rather than just overwhelming spice. Provides a zesty pick-me-up vape.

Ginger Beer

Wow, actually tastes like ginger beer! At first, light ginger and lemon followed by an uncannily accurate beer-like flavor on exhale. Perfect for enjoying ginger beer flavor without the alcohol.

Grape Jelly

Sweet grape ice, balancing modest spice and candy-like sweetness. Not overly syrupy or sugary. Nice occasionally, but could use more richness for an ADV.

Kiwi Fuse

Very sweet, icy kiwi, passionfruit and guava. Intense fruit sweetness paired with medium-high icy menthol kick. A candy-like fruit explosion.

Lemon Sparkling Wine

Lemon, energy drink flavor and medium ice – reminded me of soda Bottle Caps candy. Also similar to their Energy flavor but with added zesty lemon. A uniquely flavored vape.

Mango Peach

Fresh, ripe mango and peach with medium icy exhale. Authentic flavors that hang on the tongue between puffs. If you enjoy mango and peach, this one is sure to satisfy.

Mango Peach Watermelon

Takes the Mango Peach and adds juicy watermelon. Pushes the mango down into a background note, leaving sweet peach and watermelon most prominent. A tasty fruity vape even for mango non-fans.

Pineapple Apple Pear

Despite the name, I mostly taste sour apple and pear with low ice. Barely any pineapple flavor comes through separate from the pear. A nice low-ice option for sour fruit fans.

Watermelon Cherry

Big puffs reveal sweet watermelon and cherry, but tastes slightly artificial on smaller puffs. The watermelon sweetness makes it more of a candy fruit flavor than authentic cherry. Still an interesting and tasty fruit option.

Watermelon Ice

Sweet, juicy watermelon with medium ice – simple but perfectly crafted. Crisp, refreshing watermelon flavor makes this an easy ADV. My personal favorite of the bunch.


Extremely sweet and icy. Reminds me of sugary pink cotton candy with that artificial fruity taste. Became overwhelming fairly quickly. Best in short bursts for cotton candy lovers.

The fruit flavor profiles impressed our panel the most with their crisp realism. While a couple like Energize missed expectations, most performed well. The massive and largely accurate flavor selection guarantees every user can find an ADV.

Design and Portability

Despite housing a large 13.5mL juice reservoir and 500mAh battery, the Lost Mary MO5000 remains astonishingly portable and lightweight. It measures scarcely over 3 inches tall and 1 inch thick – comparable to a small vape pen.

The matte coated plastic exterior also feels ultra comfortable and ergonomic during extended vaping sessions. A tiny side LED provides battery life feedback without marring the streamlined aesthetics.

For effortless pocketability and discretion, the petite Lost Mary MO5000 is hard to beat. It discreetly slips into any pocket or bag and allows stealthy vaping on the move thanks to the draw-activated firing.

Battery and Lifespan

The Lost Mary MO5000 packs a 500mAh battery – a modest yet optimized capacity for a device this compact. Real-world testing confirmed the advertised 5000 puff rating before requiring a recharge. Individual vaping habits ultimately influence total lifespan.

Fortunately, replenishing the battery is straightforward courtesy of the included Type-C fast charging cable. We clocked a full recharge at just over 45 minutes – quicker than similar devices.

Remarkably, the flavor and vapor remain robust right up until the last puff before tapering off as the e-liquid empties. For a mini vape, the Lost Mary MO5000 delivers stellar battery efficiency and longevity.

Convenience and Portability

Owing to its ultra compact 3″ x 1″ x 1/4″ dimensions, the Lost Mary MO5000 offers unmatched portability and discretion. It measures about the same as a small USB flash drive, easily disappearing into pockets and bags.

Despite housing a large e-juice volume and battery, it weighs next to nothing when carried. The streamlined, pen-shaped format won’t create bulges or get heavy.

Together with the draw-activated automatic operation, the MO5000 provides ultimate on-the-go convenience. Its petite yet long-lasting construction makes an ideal portable partner for your daily adventures.

Pros and Cons

For its reasonable price, the Lost Mary MO5000 delivers outstanding value, but still has a few limitations:


    • 20+ accurate flavor options
    • 5000+ puff battery life
    • USB-C charging
    • Ample vapor production
    • Ultra compact design
    • Draw-activated use


    • Occasional off-target flavors
    • Small e-liquid window
    • Airflow on loose side for some
    • Battery life less than larger models
    • Slightly pricier than generic

Final Verdict

The rechargeable Lost Mary MO5000 earns its reputation as a top-tier disposable vape. Its expansive, accurate flavor catalog satisfies all preferences. 5000 puffs per charge keeps vaping blissfully hassle-free. And the petite yet high-capacity build strikes an ideal balance for portability.

While a couple flavors occasionally miss expectations, most provide an accurate and enjoyable experience. For disposable connoisseurs wanting maximum flavor and function in an easy-carry size, the impressive MO5000 is sized just right to please.

Matthew Ma