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The Complex Dilemma of Regulating Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes like Elf Bar and Lost Mary have exploded in popularity, becoming a cultural phenomenon embraced by youth. But this trend alarms officials and poses complex questions around regulation. Walk the streets of any major city today and you’ll likely breathe clouds of sweet disposable vape aerosols instead of traffic exhaust. Flavors like Blue […]

IJoy Bar SD10000 Disposable Vape Review

In the rapidly evolving world of vaping, truly innovative products emerge only occasionally. The iJoy Bar SD10000 stands out as one of those rare game-changers, blending gorgeous aesthetics and customization with advanced functionality. After extensive testing, our team believes the SD10000 sets a new benchmark for the disposable vape category. Its ample e-liquid supply, battery […]

Horizontech Binaries SE6000 Disposable Vape Review

Horizontech builds a reputation for innovation in vaping with popular devices like the Falcon sub-ohm tank series. Now they bring that technical pedigree to the world of disposables with the unique Binaries SE6000. Note: The SE6000 doesn’t comply with TPD regulations so isn’t available in the UK/EU zone. This review focuses on vapers in other […]

HorizonTech Binaries SV15000 Disposable Vape Review

Binaries Vapor by HorizonTech stays ahead of the curve when it comes to disposable vape innovation. Their newest creation, the Binaries SV15000, lives up to that legacy by packing a groundbreaking 15,000 puff lifespan into a well-designed device. With 20ml of juice capacity, adjustable airflow, USB-C fast charging, battery/juice level indicators, and an alternating dual […]

Innokin INNOBAR 7000 Disposable Vape Review

Innokin needs no introduction in the vaping world. Vapers far and wide recognize their brand and quality devices like the ArcFire, Klypse, Sceptre 2, and excellent pod systems. Now Innokin brings that pedigree into the world of disposables with the impressive INNOBAR 7000. The INNOBAR 7000 packs 16ml of juice and an estimated 7000 puffs […]

Prime Bar 8000 Disposable Vape Review

The Prime Bar 8000 disposable vape checks all the boxes for what adult vapers look for. It has an ample 15ml e-liquid capacity, an impressive estimated 8000 puff count, a rechargeable battery, a tasteful appearance with LED screen, and quality DuraMesh coil technology. On paper, the Prime Bar 8000 seems ready to shine as an […]


Top 8 Gold Bar Disposable Vape Flavors You Have to Try in 2023

Gold Bar disposable vapes stand out with their unique gold ingot design and variety of flavors not found elsewhere. Available in 20mg nicotine strength, each 2ml device provides up to 600 satisfying puffs. We reviewed the entire Gold Bar range and selected the top 8 can’t-miss flavors based on taste, uniqueness and vaping experience. From […]

Fifty Bar Disposable Vape Review – American-Made Quality

Fifty Bar is a relatively new disposable vape brand that currently only offers one product – the Fifty Bar disposable device. Unlike most disposables produced overseas, Fifty Bar disposables are designed and assembled in the USA. They also contain e-liquid made by a leading American e-juice brand, Beard Vape Co. With quality construction, impressive performance, […]

Pyne Pod Boost 8500 Review – Innovative Disposable Vape With Adjustable Boost Mode

The Pyne Pod Boost 8500 disposable vape stands out from the crowded market with its adjustable Boost Mode and tantalizing flavor options. Our hands-on review covers the key features, performance, flavors and overall vaping experience. Disposable vapes continue surging in popularity for their convenience and variety. But many cookie-cutter devices flood today’s market, making true […]

Key Insights for Reaching Vape Customers in Convenience Stores

While the vape category continues evolving, it remains popular with legal-age adult users seeking an alternative to traditional tobacco. Understanding the vape consumer presents opportunities for convenience stores to drive sales through strategic cross-promotions. Vape products have faced increased FDA scrutiny in recent years regarding flavors and marketing practices. However, the category persists with loyal […]