Wisconsin Vape Shops Now Require State Retail License

Wisconsin vape shops retail license law

A recent development in Wisconsin has seen the implementation of a new law, Wisconsin Act 73, which mandates that vape shops obtain retail licenses to operate. Prior to the passage of this law in December 2023, retailers selling only electronic vaping devices were not required to possess a license to sell vape products.

Reactions to the New Law

Emma Kane, Executive Director of Community Action for Healthy Living (CAHL), has expressed that while the new law is a positive step, more oversight is necessary, particularly to safeguard young people from nicotine addiction. Kane stated, “The new law is sparking new community conversations about vaping in Wisconsin and the importance of local voices on this issue.”

Challenges in Enforcement

Currently, Wisconsin does not have a state Tobacco 21 law, which means that local law enforcement is not authorized to enforce the federal law beyond the current age 18 State Law. This presents a challenge in ensuring that vape shops adhere to the federal Tobacco 21 law.

Updating Retail License Forms

In response to the new law, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue has issued an updated retail license form, Form CTV-100, which now includes all tobacco and vape products. This form is to be used by all villages, towns, and cities throughout Wisconsin.

Outreach and Education Efforts

CAHL is actively reaching out to municipal clerks in Northeast Wisconsin to enhance communication with vape retailers, emphasizing the importance of complying with the federal Tobacco 21 law. Additionally, CAHL operates the local Wisconsin Wins tobacco and vape retailer inspection, education, and outreach program, which offers free retailer training, store signage, and other resources to help prevent underage tobacco and vape sales.

Kane emphasized the significance of achieving a state Tobacco 21 law in Wisconsin, stating, “When we achieve a state Tobacco 21 law in Wisconsin, our local communities will reclaim our voice on this issue. The new vape shop licensing bill strengthens our connection with retailers, and that’s a good thing.”

Resources for Quitting Tobacco and Vaping

Wisconsinites seeking to quit tobacco or vaping can access the free Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line by texting READY to 34191. Residents aged 13 and up can also reach the Quit Line 24/7 by calling 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or by visiting WiQuitLine.org. Teens aged 13-17 who specifically want to quit vaping can text VAPEFREE to 873373 for free help via text. The American Indian Quit Line at 888-7AI-QUIT (888-724-7848) offers free culturally tailored support for indigenous people who want to quit commercial tobacco.

Matthew Ma