vaping cost 2023

Vaping has exploded in popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. But what is the true cost of vaping in 2023? This extensive guide dives into vape device prices, e-liquid costs, accessories, total ownership costs and proven ways to save for an affordable vaping experience.

Vape Device Type Pricing Overview

The type of vaping device is the primary determinant of costs. Here is an overview of popular vape product pricing:

Vape Device Price Range
Disposable Vapes $5 – $40
Vape Pens $15 – $100
Vape Pods $15 – $200
Prefilled Pod Packs ~$10 per 2 pods
Refillable Vape Kits $30 – $150
Mechanical Mods $30 – $350
Regulated Box Mods $50 – $200
MTL Vape Tanks $35 – $100
  • Disposable Vapes

    – These convenient, portable single-use vapes range from $5 to $40 depending on brand, flavor and puff count. They allow new vapers to sample flavors risk-free. However, frequent use creates waste and higher costs over time.

  • Vape Pens

    – One of the most popular starter choices, vape pens range from $15 to $100 depending on size, battery life, build materials and components. Many require an additional ~$50 to $150 per month for e-liquid and replacement coils for ongoing use.

  • Vape Pods

    – These compact, efficient devices range from $15 for basic options to $200 for high-end designs. Lower prices often indicate poor construction. Pods suit mobility but have lower e-liquid capacity that high consumption vapers may dislike.

  • Prefilled Pod Packs

    – Sold in packs of 2 or 3 pods that slot into reusable pod system devices. Prefilled with e-liquid to provide around 200 puffs each at an average cost of ~$10 total per pack. Offer convenience but recurrent costs.

  • Refillable Vape Kits

    – Complete starter kits containing batteries, tanks and mods that allow vapers to refill with any e-liquid. Range from $30 for bare basics to $150 for advanced setups. Require $30 to $60 monthly for e-juice and coil replacements.

  • Mechanical Mods

    – Unregulated, powerful devices built for sub-ohm vaping. Used mostly by hobbyist vapers. Their pricing ranges widely from $30 to $350 depending on materials, battery and performance. Require electrical and battery knowledge to use safely.

  • Regulated Box Mods

    – Advanced customizable devices with circuitry to adjust power output. Range from $50 to $200. Must factor in continual coil replacement every 1-2 weeks at around $5 per coil.

  • MTL Vape Tanks

    – Designed for tight, cigarette-like draws. Require higher nicotine juices. Quality options range from $35 to $100.

Overall, disposables offer single-use convenience, while reusable setups become more economical long-term but have higher upfront investment.

different types of vaping cost 2023

Estimated Vaping Costs Over Time

Here are approximate averages for ongoing vaping costs:

Time Period Average Cost
Daily ~$1.40 per day (based on disposable)
Weekly $15 – $100 for device; ~$20 – $30 for e-liquid and coils
Monthly $50 – $120 for device, e-liquid, coils
Annually $400 – $5,100+ depending on usage
  • Daily

    – Assuming disposable usage, around $1.40 per day based on 3000 puff devices averaging $30 each. For reusable setups, spreading device costs over lifespan lowers daily costs.

  • Weekly

    – Factoring in consumables like juice and coils, first week costs for a new device range $15 to $100 for the initial kit, plus around $20 to $30 for enough e-liquid and 1 or 2 spare coils. Reusable setup costs amortize over time.

  • Monthly

    – With consumables, basic device maintenance and replacements, average monthly costs range $50 to $120 depending on usage frequency. Advanced high-wattage kits land at the higher end, lower output devices can reduce monthly costs.

  • Annually

    – Total cost of ownership including gear, consumables and replacements can range $400 to over $5,100 per year. Comparable to smoking depending on an individual’s personal consumption.

While not cheap, vaping is comparable to smoking depending on an individual’s consumption.

Factors Affecting Vaping Costs

Several important factors impact vaping affordability:

  • E-liquid Costs

    E-liquids represent a major recurring cost. Prices are based on:

    Factor Impact
    Brand Premium brands cost 2-4x more than budget juices
    Bottle Size Larger volumes have lower per mL price
    Nicotine Content Extra for additives like nicotine salts or shots
    Flavors Complex flavors cost more to manufacture

    Buying larger bottles of budget juices saves significantly.

  • Coil Costs

    Coils wear out and need replacement every 1-2 weeks, costing $1 to $5 each time. Rewicking/rebuilding saves vs buying coils.

  • Battery Costs

    -Higher-quality batteries cost more but provide better safety and longevity. Cheap low-drain batteries risk issues.

  • Advanced Features

    – More complex functions and trendy aesthetics increase costs. Avoid unnecessary features.

  • Country/Region

    – Pricing varies globally based on local sales taxes, imports and regulations. Vaping is most affordable in the UK.

Ways to Reduce Vaping Expenses

If budget is limited, consider these money-saving tips:

  • Buy discounted secondhand or clearance vape gear from classifieds and retailers.
  • Avoid disposables in favor of reusable setups for much lower long-term costs.
  • Make your own DIY e-juice from PG, VG, nicotine concentrates and flavorings bought in bulk batches.
  • Use lower wattages and gentler inhale styles to make coils and wicks last many weeks longer.
  • Build your own replaceable atomizer coils instead of constantly buying factory-made ones.
  • Select mods with external batteries that can be replaced individually to reduce costs.
  • Stick to basic, no-frills devices sufficient for your needs rather than expensive high-end gear with features you may not use.
  • Take advantage of any warranty coverage periods on box mods and tanks to obtain free repairs or replacement parts.
  • Watch for sales, promos and discount codes when purchasing gear and e-liquids.

Vaping Affordably Within Your Budget

While not the most budget-friendly habit, vaping can be very cost-effective with an informed approach. Prioritize spending on essential gear like batteries and consumables like e-liquids, then economize on coils and accessories via DIY options. With research and proper maintenance, vaping can become an affordable passion, even on a tight budget.