Can you vape while Ramadan fasting?

Can you vape while Ramadan fasting?

As Muslims worldwide begin observing the holy month of Ramadan this week, they will fast from dawn until sunset. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, which also include the belief in one God, prayer, performing the pilgrimage, and giving alms. While many associate Ramadan primarily with abstaining from food and water, Muslims must also refrain from several lifestyle habits during fasting hours to properly observe the month.

One question that may arise during Ramadan is whether it is permissible to vape while fasting.

Similar to eating and drinking, smoking or vaping is not allowed while fasting. Smoking breaks the fast as the smoke contains particles that can reach the stomach. Additionally, Islamic scholars generally consider smoking to be haram or forbidden in Islam because of its harmful effects on the body. The same applies to vaping with e-cigarettes because of the inhalation of harmful chemicals.

The Al-Magrib Institute states that e-cigarettes cannot be used during fasting hours due to their harmful nature, and they also break the fast due to the ingestion of nicotine and the manner of its ingestion, similar to the rulings applied to normal cigarettes. According to, vapes that do not contain harmful substances and are made up of natural flavoring only are not considered haram. However, they still cannot be used during fasting hours as it counts as consumption.

In conclusion, smoking and vaping are not allowed while fasting during Ramadan. It is important to respect and observe the religious practices during this holy month.

Matthew Ma