Can You Smoke or Vape at The Big E 2023 Fair?

smoke and vape at big-e fair

The Big E fair in Massachusetts attracts over 1 million annual attendees, and there are more than 86,000 people attended opening day of The Big E 2023. But with large crowds comes questions around smoking and vaping policies. Where are tobacco products prohibited on the fairgrounds? This guide covers the rules on smoking and vaping at The Big E.

While tobacco products are permitted on the premises, fair officials prohibit smoking inside all buildings and concert venues. This includes the Avenue of the States buildings and surrounding grounds.

Smoking is restricted primarily to outdoor areas away from crowds and lines. Vaping falls under the same limitations, so vape devices can only be used outdoors.

These policies help prevent secondhand smoke exposure and enable a more comfortable experience for all fairgoers, including families with children who frequent high traffic areas.

Tobacco products like cigarettes are available for purchase at two dedicated tobacconist shops located on New England Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. But all other vendors are prohibited from selling tobacco.

Marijuana products remain banned from both sale and use at The Big E, as cannabis usage in public spaces is still prohibited in Massachusetts. Security personnel help enforce this and all other substance policies.

In summary, while tobacco can be used at The Big E in permitted areas, indoor venues, rides, and high density zones are smoke-free. Visitors should read posted signage indicating where smoking is prohibited before lighting up, and always refrain from public cannabis consumption which remains illegal.

With large crowds, keeping tobacco use away from main areas simply promotes an environment where everyone can comfortably enjoy the fair. By understanding and following the tobacco policies, all attendees can have an excellent experience at The Big E.

Matthew Ma