To Vape Or Not To Vape? A Modern Question

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Social situations each have their own unique set of rules. If you’re not familiar with the expectations and etiquette that come with each given situation, you may find yourself getting the cold shoulder from the rest of the group. So it’s important to familiarize yourself with the demands and norms each situation expects from you. Of course, some are more clear cut than others. There’s always a few situations which we dread the prospect of entering into. Perhaps by learning how to behave in some of these stickier situations, we can navigate them with greater grace and efficiency. If nothing else, we can get quickly through them, and out of them, and back to more familiar territory.

Does vaping change the way in which you handle yourself in certain social situations? For example, some restaurants prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes, because they are still operating under the social rules and constraints which govern the use of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. If you vape in these places, you’ll be quickly asked to stop. Some places won’t even show you the courtesy of asking you to cease and desist. They will simply escort you out of the door. So before you get out your V2 Cigs e-cig for a quick, refreshing, vapor inhalation session, you might want to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding smoking and vaping at that particular place of business.

Fighting Prejudice Against Modern Vaping

The fact that vaping is a whole new way to enjoy the smoking sensation is lost on many observers. For example, there’s the hypocrisy regarding smoking that is prevalent among those who have never smoked or vaped, and never intend to. This sort of prejudice will always be with us. Whether it comes from social or religious reasons, or simply the “holier than thou” attitude some abstainers seem to have, there isn’t much you can do about it. It’s better to simply ignore it. Of course, some of these people are owners of businesses or public places such as night clubs. You will have to abide by the rules they make concerning the use of their establishment, whether or not you agree.

Is there anything you can do to fight prejudice against modern vaping? You can certainly point out to scoffers, hypocrites, and hypochondriacs that using a modern 21st century electronic cigarette is light years away from smoking a traditional “cancer stick”. For example, with electronic cigarettes, the old danger of “second hand smoke” is simply neutralized. No one ever got cancer from inhaling super heated water vapor, whether at first or second hand! And the mess making associated with traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes is a thing of the past. When you finish vaping, you simply put the e-cig away in your pocket, and that’s that. No ash, no butts, no muss, no fuss!

When To Vape, And When To Abstain

In the end, each new day brings a new set of choices. If you’re on a crowded subway train or a public bus, you should know that it’s not okay to pull out an electronic cigarette smoking device and begin vaping. There’s simply too much government wariness, as well as public prejudice, about e-cigs to make vaping on public transportation a good idea. If you’re in a casino in Las Vegas, it’s a different story. You’ll find plenty of fellow e-cig lovers, and a much more relaxed attitude about vaping in casinos and other public places in Nevada.

The point is, you can help to bring about a change in public attitudes about vaping, simply by being responsible about when and where you decide to enjoy a quick refreshing e-cig smoke. Behave responsibly, and you’ll set a good example for other e-cig lovers. And you’ll show scoffers and non-smokers that you are conscious of their safety and comfort. Changing attitudes about vaping in public is a long, slow process. Do your part to speed it along, and you’ll be a champion for vaping rights!

Matthew Ma