Vape on a Cruise Ship

Picture this, you’re planning a grand family vacation on a luxurious cruise. You envision days of relaxation and evenings of fun-filled activities. But if you’re a vaper, one question might be looming in your mind: Can you vape on a cruise ship?

Cruises: An Oasis for Vapers?

We’re all well aware of the allure of cruise vacations. They are not just about the exotic destinations or the onboard amenities, it’s the experience that draws us in. But for vapers and smokers, the question of whether they can enjoy their favorite habit onboard often presents a bit of a dilemma.

So, let’s set the record straight. Can you light up your vape pen or cigarette while sailing on popular cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian? The short answer is – yes. However, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of vaping and smoking on cruise ships.

The Smoking Areas

Just as on land, cruise ships have designated areas for those who wish to enjoy a cigarette, electronic cigarette, cigar, or pipe. These zones, strategically located on different decks throughout the ship, are designed to cater to the needs of smoking passengers without interfering with the enjoyment of others.

Some cruise lines even extend their smoking privileges to select restaurants, bars, and casinos, providing a range of locations for vapers and smokers. However, it’s important to note that these areas are the exception, not the rule. Vaping and Smoking is generally not permitted in staterooms, with hefty fines of up to $250 for those who violate the policies.

Therefore, we always recommend checking with your specific cruise line before sailing to ensure you’re familiar with their particular smoking zones.

Vaping Policies, by Cruise Line

Before you book your next cruise, take a look at the following list of major cruise lines and their vaping policies (policies are interchangeable with e-cigarettes, due to both devices resulting in an atomized vapor during use) along with their current official policies, as attributed via their widely accessible websites:

Vaping Policy on AmaWaterways

    • Vaping is not permitted anywhere inside all AmaWaterways vessels.
    • Vaping is only permitted at the rear of the Sun Deck of each ship.

Vaping Policy on Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival’s vaping policies can differ from ship to ship, although the following policy holds true on all vessels: “On embarkation and debarkation day, smoking (including vaping) is not allowed outdoors while the ship is refueling.”

    • On most ships, vaping is permitted within the following areas:
      • Casinos: Vaping is only permitted in the casino while seated and playing; it is not allowed at the casino bar or in the entire area when closed.
      • Outdoors: Vaping is permitted in designated areas on specific decks (varies by ship).
    • Exceptions include Carnival Splendor, which does not allow vaping indoors under any circumstances.

Vaping Policy on Celebrity Cruises

    • Vaping is only permitted within the designated smoking areas.
    • However, Celebrity Cruises decided recently to conduct an eight-week “test drive” of vape use in the casinos aboard of its two of its ships, Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Eclipse. The response to the trial did not go over well on the Cruise Critic forums, where many cruisers said they would have chosen a different cruise if they would have known vaping in the casino was allowed. Stay tuned for a final decision.

Vaping Policy on Cunard

    • Vaping is not permitted in staterooms, on stateroom balconies, in public rooms, and Churchill’s Cigar Lounge (solely for cigar & pipe smoking).
    • Vaping is permitted in designated areas on open decks.

Vaping Policy on Disney Cruise Line

    • Vaping is only permitted in dedicated outdoor areas.

Vaping Policy on Holland America Line

    • There are available areas both inside and on outside decks for vaping.
    • Additionally, while you can vape in your stateroom, you are not permitted to vape while on your stateroom verandah.

Vaping Policy on MSC Cruises

    • Vaping is not permitted in cabins or on cabin balconies on MSC, as well as anywhere not expressly designated by the combination of signage and ashtrays.

Vaping Policy on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian’s ships are largely smoke-free with the following exceptions:

    • Indoor Areas:
      • Cigar Lounge: Only cigar smoking is permitted in the designated cigar lounge. Vaping is not permitted.
      • Casino: Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Encore have a designated smoking room within the Casino where vaping is permitted. On all other ships, active Casino players may vape in the Casino during gaming hours.
      • Staterooms: Guests are not permitted to vape in their staterooms or on their balconies. However, guests staying in Garden Villas may vape in their private garden and on their private sun decks.
    • Outdoor Areas:
      • Vaping is only permitted in designated areas on specified decks. It is not permitted in or near areas where food is being served, the jogging track, outdoor sporting venues, children’s pool areas, etc.

Vaping Policy on Oceania

    • Vaping is permitted onboard all vessels except for dining areas, which include indoor and outdoor seating.

Vaping Policy on Princess Cruises

    • Princess Cruises prohibits vaping throughout each of their ships, including guest staterooms and balconies. The only exception is designated slot machines in their on-board casinos.

Vaping Policy on Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    • The use of electronic cigarettes is allowed within designated smoking areas only.

Vaping Policy on Royal Caribbean

    • Vaping is only permitted in designated outdoor areas – with the following exceptions:
      • Casinos, which have designated areas for both smoking and non-smoking guests.
      • Ships sailing from China and Hong Kong do not have a non-smoking area in the casino.
      • Smoking is not permitted in the casino for any ships sailing from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Vaping Policy on Seabourn

    • Vaping is permitted in guest suites.

Vaping Policy on Silversea

    • Vaping is permitted as designated in the Connoisseur’s Corner (both indoors and outdoors – where applicable), as well as designated outdoor areas and tables aboard each ship.

Vaping Policy on Viking

    • Vaping is only allowed in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Vaping Policy on Virgin Voyages

    • Vaping is only permitted in a designated smoking room and on the top deck outdoor area.
    • Vaping is not allowed in any cabin or cabin terrace.

Vaping Policy on Windstar

    • Vaping is not permitted anywhere indoors.
    • Vaping is permitted on the outside decks in designated smoking areas only.


Cruises can indeed be a smoker’s oasis, as long as they stick to the guidelines. Whether you’re a fan of traditional cigarettes or you’ve shifted to vaping, cruise lines have made provisions to accommodate you. Just remember, each cruise line has its unique smoking policies, so it’s essential to be in the know before you set sail. Happy cruising, and light up responsibly!


  1. Can you smoke anywhere on a cruise ship?
    No, smoking is typically restricted to designated smoking areas.
  2. Can you vape anywhere on a cruise ship?
    No, vaping is subject to the same restrictions as smoking and is only allowed in designated areas.
  3. Are there fines for smoking outside of designated areas on a cruise ship?
    Yes, passengers who violate smoking policies can face fines of up to $250.
  4. Can you bring your own cigarettes or vapes onto a cruise ship?
    Yes, passengers are allowed to bring their own cigarettes or vapes, but usage is restricted to designated smoking areas.
  5. Do all cruise ships have the same smoking policies?
    No, smoking policies can vary by cruise line. It’s always best to check with your specific cruise line for their regulations.

Matthew Ma