we vape we vote

Every American should have the right to use vaping to quit cigarettes. Critical health decisions should be up to the individual. Not the FDA. Not the CDC. And certainly not nanny-state politicians in Congress.

This fundamental belief underlies our entire effort. That’s why we need leaders who recognize vaping as a powerful harm reduction tool and the single most effective smoking cessation device ever created.

Millions of American adults vape to quit smoking, and our coalition continues to grow despite every hurdle thrown at us by overzealous bureaucrats in Washington. The only way we can stop the outright prohibition of vaping is to mobilize and vote.

Join us today, and together we will tell our elected officials: We Vape, We Vote.

Download and Print Your Poster

Click on the image to download a PDF of the fillable sign.

Print out the sign and fill in the blanks with a marker or pen.

Take a picture of yourself with the sign and post it to social media with the hashtag #WeVapeWeVote.

we vape we vote sign download

Matthew Ma