1.4 Tons of Illegal E-cigarettes Seized in the UK to Be Destroyed

by North East Trading Standards teams

UK trade standard officials have seized illegal e-cigarettes, including those sold to children, and found that they lack mandatory health warnings, and contain nicotine far above the official limit. In response, 1.4 tons of these illegal products were sent for destruction. The Trade Standards Association is concerned about the increasing number of non-compliant e-cigarettes being sold and the issue of selling them to children, as this has attracted widespread public attention. While e-cigarettes could be useful to smokers looking to quit, consumers are reminded to be cautious and choose reputable e-cigarette stores.

1.4 Tons of Illegal E-cigarettes Seized in the UK

Media reports say that officials from trade standards in the northeast of the UK have seized a large number of illegal e-cigarettes, including those sold to children. These e-cigarettes lack mandatory health warnings and contain nicotine levels far above the official limit. Currently, a total of 1.4 tons of illegal e-cigarette products have been sent for destruction.

Most of the work carried out by the Trade Standards Association is due to concerns about the sale of e-cigarettes to children. In March of this year, the organization conducted purchase tests on 32 retailers in the UK, and found that 44% of retailers sold e-cigarettes to minors.

Ian Harrison, a spokesman for the Trade Standards Association, said, “The risks posed by e-cigarettes only account for a small fraction of those posed by cigarettes, but the number of non-compliant e-cigarette devices we have seized shows the scale of non-compliant products on the market.”

“Consumers should be more cautious when purchasing e-cigarette products and choose reputable e-cigarette stores, which are the best choice for those who want to quit smoking with e-cigarettes. The Trade Standards Association will continue to play a role in ensuring that the e-cigarette market is regulated and providing protection for consumers.”

According to UK law, all tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and other vaping products must comply with strict tobacco control laws, including nicotine content limitations and cigarette pack sizes. The largest capacity for disposable e-cigarettes that meets regulations is 2 milliliters, with a nicotine content of no more than 2%.

Some of the products seized in 2022 were seven times the legal limit in size. In addition, many products also have incorrect labeling, lack of health warnings, batch details, and details of potential hazards.

John Herriman, CEO of the Trade Standards Association said, “While we recognize that e-cigarettes may be a useful aid for smokers looking to quit, we are concerned that the increasing number of illegal actions seems to be increasing, and many non-compliant e-cigarettes are being sold.”

“The problem of selling e-cigarette products to children is also increasing, and has attracted widespread public attention. E-cigarettes offer a much less harmful option for smokers looking to quit, but we need to ensure that the products being sold comply with UK regulations.”

Matthew Ma