Altria Sues 34 Vape Companies for Alleged Illegal Practices


Marlboro cigarette maker Altria recently dropped a bombshell, suing nearly three dozen vape competitors. Why? Altria claims these brands brazenly ignore laws its products follow. An explosive move aiming to snuff out rule-breaking rivals.

Altria Plays by the Rules, Competitors Don’t

Altria asserts the vape market is now bifurcated – companies playing fair, and those flagrantly fouling. As a lawful firm, Altria is fed up with unlawful competitors.

Through its subsidiary NJOY, Altria filed suit in California federal court against around 34 brands including industry giants Puff Bar, Breeze and Ezzy Bar.

The lawsuit alleges these companies consistently violate regulations, selling banned flavors, importing illegal vapes, and more. Some even received warnings from the FDA about their shady practices.

Murray Garnick, Altria’s general counsel, argues:

“Today there are two markets – one for those who play by the rules and one for those who flagrantly ignore them. We are taking this action because the current state of the illicit e-vapor market is intolerable.”

Altria contends it’s time for regulators and corporations like itself to clean house.

Seeking Annhilation of Unlawful Rivals

So what solution does Altria propose through its litigation? Nothing short of total annihilation.

The lawsuit seeks a nationwide injunction banning all sales from defendant companies. Altria wants their inventories destroyed and products erased from shelves.

Additionally, Altria hopes to extract punitive damages from these rivals to recoup lost profits and legal fees.

By alleging violations of federal laws, Altria aims to legally obliterate competitors who eschew regulations. A scorched earth strategy certain to incite uproar.

Altria Sues 34 Vape Companies for Alleged Illegal Practices

Potential Fallout Across the Vape Sector

If successful, expect Altria’s legal action to reverberate across vaping.

Many popular brands relied on by adult smokers could disappear in a cloud of smoke. Industry consolidation would accelerate rapidly.

Critics condemn the lawsuit as an abuse of litigation to pad profits and protect market share.

But Altria argues it’s defending public health by removing unvetted products from circulation. Other compliant companies may follow suit with similar legal action.

Ultimately, this may pressure the FDA into increased enforcement against vape regulation violators. Companies still standing would likely invest more in compliance and oversight.

The resulting landscape would offer fewer, but more thoroughly regulated vape products. Prices could increase as well. A controversial outcome, but potentially improving quality and safety.

Key Implications of the Vape Lawsuit

Altria’s aggressive legal maneuver carries several important implications:

  • Seeks to ban vast swath of major vape brands
  • Could consolidate market but reduce consumer choice
  • Tests FDA’s appetite for vape regulation enforcement
  • Remaining products may become more compliant but costly
  • Significant market turmoil likely from bans if successful

Regardless of the verdict, Altria’s lawsuit cements escalating tensions between vape corporations. Expect sweeping changes as companies lock horns over alleged violations. Ironically, public health may improve – but at the expense of consumer freedom. This fight is just getting started.

Matthew Ma