Australia Proposes Jail Time for Illegal Vape Sellers

Australia proposes jail illegal vape sellers

In a bid to curb the growing trend of vaping among children, the Australian government has proposed new legislation that could see illegal vape sellers and manufacturers face up to seven years in prison. The move comes as authorities seek to tighten regulations surrounding the sale and use of e-cigarettes.

Therapeutic Vapes to Remain Available in Pharmacies

Under the proposed rules, therapeutic vapes sold in pharmacies, particularly those aimed at helping people quit smoking, would remain accessible. However, vapes for other purposes would be banned. Health Minister Mark Butler emphasized the need to prevent children from becoming addicted to e-cigarettes, noting that vapes are often sold alongside candy and gum in convenience stores, sometimes near schools.

Vaping Prevalence Among Australian Youth

Recent data from a 2022-2023 government study reveals that one in six high school students in Australia vape. While vapes were initially marketed as a tool to quit smoking cigarettes, their sweet flavors have made them increasingly popular among young users. The Australian Medical Association has long advocated for government action to address this growing concern.

Environmental Impact of Vaping

In addition to the health risks associated with vaping, there is growing concern about the environmental impact of the habit. According to No More Butts, a group fighting cigarette and vape waste, an estimated one million single-use vapes are discarded each week in Australia alone.

As Australia moves to implement stricter regulations on vaping, it joins a growing list of countries taking action against the practice. The World Health Organization reports that vapes are currently banned in approximately 35 countries worldwide.

Matthew Ma