Colombia Vaping Law Regulates Devices, Protects Minors

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In a significant move to safeguard public health, particularly that of minors, President Gustavo Petro has sanctioned new legislation regulating the use of vaping devices in Colombia. The law, known as the Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0, aims to adapt to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices while aligning with the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Key Provisions of the Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0

The Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0, which came into effect on May 9, introduces several key provisions to regulate the use and sale of vaping devices:

  1. Prohibition of Sales to Minors: The law strictly prohibits the direct or indirect sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to minors throughout the country.
  2. Alignment with Tobacco Regulations: Vaping devices are now subject to the same regulations as traditional tobacco products, ensuring a comprehensive approach to public health protection.
  3. Development of Health Strategies: The law opens up opportunities for the development of strategies to study the potential health effects of these devices and educate the public about the associated risks.
  4. Educational Campaigns: The Ministry of Health and Social Protection will design and implement educational campaigns aimed at children and young people, focusing on the potential health risks of using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.
  5. Consumer Rights: The legislation recognizes the rights of consumers by ensuring their access to information and prevention and cessation programs for the consumption of tobacco products and their derivatives.

Significance of the Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0

Senator Jos茅 David Name, the author of the initiative, emphasized the importance of this new law in protecting public health in Colombia. With over 15 years of work invested in ensuring adequate regulation of tobacco products, the Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0 represents a significant milestone in adapting to new realities and aligning with WHO standards.

The law not only regulates the sale and use of vaping devices but also paves the way for the development of strategies to study their potential health effects. By establishing health and education programs targeted at children and young people, the government aims to raise awareness about the risks associated with the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

Implementation and Transition Period

To facilitate the implementation of the new regulations, the law includes a transition period for certain articles, allowing the industry to adapt and ensure compliance. The law takes effect immediately after its promulgation and supersedes any previous legislation that conflicts with its provisions.

The enactment of the Anti-Tobacco Law 2.0 marks a significant step forward in Colombia’s efforts to protect public health and regulate the growing use of vaping devices. By aligning with WHO standards and recognizing the rights of consumers, the law seeks to create a safer environment for all Colombians while promoting awareness about the potential risks associated with these devices.


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News source: Law regulating the use of vaping devices is sanctioned in Colombia

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