Costa Rica Implements Ban on Nicotine and Cannabis Vaporizers

Costa Rica Bans Nicotine Cannabis Vaporizers

The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica has issued Resolution MS-DM-RC-2381-2024, which prohibits the import, commercialization, and sale of vaporizers and their supplies, particularly those containing artificial nicotine or liquids with cannabinoids. This preventive measure, which took immediate effect upon its publication, has sparked a wave of reactions and debate among the affected sectors.

The ban will remain in place until the Ministry issues a technical regulation governing the use and commercialization of these products. This move comes despite the approval of Law 10.113 in 2022, which allowed the import and use of cannabis products for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, as well as hemp for food and industrial use.

Implications for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry in Costa Rica, particularly the vaporizer market, is still in its developmental stages. This ban has the potential to significantly alter the landscape for merchants and entrepreneurs in the sector, who may face losses and require clear new guidelines from the Ministry to navigate the changing regulatory environment.

According to Carlos Camacho and Aron Mekler, experts in trade and regulatory law, the resolution necessitates additional technical regulation beyond what is already established under Law 10.113. While the import of cannabis products is permitted, the devices for their consumption will not be allowed until new standards are set.

This development has left many in the cannabis industry seeking clarity and guidance on how to proceed in light of the ban. As the Ministry works to develop a comprehensive regulatory framework, businesses and consumers alike will need to adapt to the evolving legal landscape.

Looking Ahead

As Costa Rica continues to grapple with the complex issues surrounding the regulation of nicotine and cannabis vaporizers, it is clear that open dialogue and collaboration between policymakers, industry stakeholders, and public health experts will be essential to finding a balanced approach that prioritizes public health while also fostering innovation and economic growth.

In the coming months, all eyes will be on the Ministry of Health as it works to develop a technical regulation that addresses the concerns raised by the vaporizer ban while also providing a clear path forward for the cannabis industry. Until then, businesses and consumers will need to navigate this period of uncertainty with caution and flexibility.

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Costa Rica Bans Nicotine And Cannabis Vapes

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