Crystal Bar taken down due to nicotine regulation violations

UK’s popular disposable e-cigarette SKE Crystal taken down due to nicotine regulation violations

The popular disposable e-cigarette brand in the UK, SKE Crystal, has been removed from sale in One Stop and Booker stores due to concerns that the device contained nicotine levels exceeding regulatory limits.

Crystal bar non-compliance

According to The Grocer, multiple independent laboratory tests found that the e-liquid in the SKE Crystal device significantly exceeded the allowed 2ml limit.

Tobacco giant BAT commissioned tests on 15 SKE Crystal Blue Razz lemonade-flavored devices purchased from two One Stop stores in Hereford and Walksop, as well as a Sainsbury’s store in Leeds, and found that all devices contained more than 2ml of liquid. In one case, a device had a total filling volume of 3.26ml, which exceeded the maximum allowed value by 60%.

Separate tests on 14 SKE Crystal disposable variants, including watermelon strawberry bubblegum, fresh mint mojito, and ice cow, were conducted by industry experts, and it was found that they all contained more than 3ml of nicotine juice.

Adact Medical, commissioned by e-cigarette wholesaler Phoenix 2 Retail and shared with The Grocer, conducted laboratory tests on all SKE Crystal SKUs and found that only one flavor variant, sour apple, had non-compliant tank capacity.

As a precautionary measure, One Stop and Booker (both owned by Tesco) have temporarily stopped selling three SKE Crystal variants, while their suppliers will conduct further tests. The flavors taken down include sour apple, pink lemonade, and ice cow.

If One Stop and Booker are satisfied that they comply with regulations, these products will be put back on the shelves.

At the time of writing, SKE Crystal devices are still being sold at Sainsbury’s and Asda.

The brand’s devices are manufactured by Shenzhen SKE Technology Company in Shenzhen, China, with a UK company address of Ermenegildo Smart Limited located in an industrial estate in Daventry.

According to company records, Ermenegildo Smart is a dormant company with total assets of £10,000 in cash. Its director is a 33-year-old Chinese citizen named Xie Runxing.

The company has been contacted for comment.

SKE Crystal is the third disposable brand to be taken down. Last month, ElfBar – the fastest-growing grocery brand in all categories last year – was found to contain 50% more nicotine liquid than the maximum allowed limit and was removed from shelves at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, and Morrisons. Several retailers have also begun to stop selling the Lost Mary devices owned by ElfBar.

Matthew Ma