vape ads on tiktok

In a bid to regulate the advertising practices of the vaping industry, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has recently issued an Enforcement Notice instructing vaping companies to adhere to the advertising rules and promptly remove any advertisements for vaping products that are appearing on social media platforms. This action comes as a response to the growing concern about the inappropriate targeting of young people through these ads.

Strict Regulations on Vaping Advertising

The advertising of vapes and e-cigarettes is subject to significant restrictions imposed by legislation and reflected in the Advertising Codes. According to these regulations, ads for nicotine-containing vapes that are not licensed as medicines are prohibited from being displayed on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and, most importantly, on social media platforms. To ensure responsible advertising practices, these ads must not target or appeal to individuals under the age of 18.

Addressing Concerns and Taking Action

Recognizing the worries surrounding the increasing prevalence of young people engaging in vaping and the inappropriate appearance of vaping ads on social media, CAP is committed to tackling this issue head-on. The Enforcement Notice serves as a clear message to advertisers and brands, outlining the existing rules and demanding an immediate halt to the use of TikTok as a platform for advertising vaping products. CAP has also pledged to take further enforcement action if ongoing problems persist.

Collaboration for Effective Regulation

To achieve the desired impact, CAP is actively collaborating with various stakeholders, including platforms, regulators, and enforcement bodies. By joining forces, these entities are working diligently to ensure that young people are not exposed to vaping ads on TikTok or any other social media platforms where such ads should not be appearing. CEO Guy Parker has expressed his commitment to this cause and emphasized the importance of maintaining a united front to protect the younger demographic from the potentially harmful effects of targeted vaping advertisements.

Upholding Responsibility and Legitimacy

CAP’s primary role is to ensure that vaping ads are only displayed where it is legal and responsible to do so, specifically targeting a legitimate adult audience. Unfortunately, there have been instances where these ads are mistakenly placed on social media platforms, inadvertently reaching a younger audience. CAP is determined to eradicate this issue entirely, as even a single vaping ad inappropriately targeting young people is one too many.


The recent Enforcement Notice issued by CAP regarding vaping ads on social media platforms highlights the commitment to regulate the industry and protect young people from harmful influences. By enforcing strict regulations and collaborating with various stakeholders, CAP aims to eliminate the appearance of vaping ads in spaces where they should not be. Through these efforts, CAP strives to create a safer environment and ensure responsible advertising practices within the vaping industry.

Matthew Ma