vape ban in ukrain

Violations of trade and smoking in public places can result in fines of up to 50,000 UAH.

In just a few days, starting from July 11, new restrictions on the sale of tobacco products and the prohibition of smoking electronic cigarettes in public places will come into effect in Ukraine. This is in accordance with the law on measures to prevent and reduce tobacco consumption, as reported by the State Consumer Service.

Restrictions on the sale of tobacco products

Under the new restrictions, certain additives in tobacco products will be prohibited. This includes vitamins and pseudo-useful additives, caffeine, taurine, and energy additives, as well as additives that produce colored emissions. Additives that facilitate nicotine absorption will also be banned. The purpose of these restrictions is to reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products and decrease their consumption.

Restrictions on the sale of electronic cigarettes

In addition to tobacco products, the new restrictions also apply to the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. The law imposes limitations on the sale of liquids for electronic cigarettes containing nicotine or without it, if they have the aforementioned prohibited additives.

Furthermore, the sale of liquids with refill containers larger than 10 ml, single-use e-cigarettes or cartridges larger than 2 ml, and liquids with a nicotine content exceeding 20 mg per 1 ml will be prohibited.

Prohibition of flavored cigarettes and rolling tobacco

The new restrictions also extend to flavored cigarettes and rolling tobacco. Cigarettes and rolling tobacco with a distinct flavor, aroma, and containing nicotine or flavor additives will be prohibited. These measures aim to reduce the appeal of these products and decrease their consumption.

Responsibility and fines

Violations of the law regarding the sale and smoking of cigarettes in public places may result in fines. In case of non-compliance, fines can be imposed up to 20,000 UAH. For repeated violations, fines increase up to 50,000 UAH. The State Consumer Service emphasizes the importance of adhering to these restrictions to maintain public health and prevent the negative consequences of smoking.



The new restrictions coming into effect from July 11 aim to reduce tobacco consumption and improve public health in Ukraine. The ban on certain additives in tobacco products, limitations on the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, as well as the prohibition of flavored cigarettes and rolling tobacco, will contribute to creating a healthier environment and protecting people from the harms associated with smoking. Compliance with these restrictions is an important step towards a better future for all citizens.

Matthew Ma