Jersey to Ban Disposable Vapes by April 2025

Jersey ban disposable vapes

In a move to address growing concerns over the environmental impact and the health risks associated with disposable vapes, particularly among children, Jersey’s government has announced plans to ban the sale of these products by April 2025. The announcement comes following reports of children as young as eight and nine being found vaping during their school lunch break.

Environment Minister Steve Luce confirmed the timeline for the proposed ban in the States Assembly, stating that the measure would be introduced through an extension of the Island’s Single-Use Plastics Law. The proposition is expected to be lodged in early September and debated in late October. If passed, a six-month implementation period will follow, leading to the ban taking effect in April 2025.


During the debate, several deputies raised concerns about the accessibility of disposable vapes to children and the appeal of child-friendly flavors such as vanilla, popcorn, cherry, and bubblegum. Deputy Lucy Stephenson highlighted a recent case involving Year 4 and Year 5 students at a Jersey school, aged eight and nine, who were found vaping during break time.

In response to these concerns, Deputy Luce outlined plans for further moves to restrict vape advertising, packaging, and flavors that appeal to young people. The Health Minister is expected to bring proposals to regulate all vaping products, potentially including advertising restrictions in line with tobacco rules.

“Unfortunately, we know vaping use among young people in Jersey has increased with the availability, affordability, and marketing of single-use vapes,” said Deputy Luce. “I would strongly anticipate proposals in the future strategy would include regulatory options to reduce demand and supply for all vaping products – for example, through advertising and packaging restrictions.”

While acknowledging that vaping is preferable to smoking tobacco, Deputy Luce emphasized that it is not preferable to breathing fresh air, and potential health risks must be taken into account.

The proposed ban on disposable vapes in Jersey is a proactive step towards safeguarding the health and well-being of the Island’s children. The government, retailers, and the community are encouraged to work together to reduce the demand for and supply of these products, ensuring a healthier future for Jersey’s youth.

As the implementation of the ban draws closer, all stakeholders are urged to remain informed and engaged in the process, supporting the government’s efforts to create a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

News source: Plans to ban sale of disposable vapes in Jersey

Matthew Ma