Latvia to ban flavored electronic cigarettes

Latvia to ban flavored electronic cigarettes

According to Latvian television, the Latvian parliament has supported amendments to a bill in its second reading to ban flavored electronic cigarettes, as well as e-cigarettes that resemble candy, snacks, toys, and other nicotine products.

The amendments include “5 provisions”:

  1. It is not recommended to completely ban electronic cigarettes;
  2. Ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and other nicotine products;
  3. Ban the sale of e-cigarettes that resemble candy, snacks, and toys and other nicotine products;
  4. Raise the age limit for purchasing nicotine products from 18 to 20;
  5. Smoking will be banned in casinos.

According to reports, 79 members of parliament supported the bill, while 6 opposed it. To make the amendments effective, the bill must still be approved in the third reading by the parliament.

It is reported that Latvia is one of the countries with the highest smoking rates in Europe, with more than one-third of adults in the country smoking, which ranks among the top in Europe.

Flavored electronic cigarettes have caused concern in some European regions, and some countries have regulated or even banned them. Some European countries have also banned flavors, such as Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and other countries. This trend is worth noting.

According to data, Latvia has a population of 1.883 million people and people in the country tend to prefer living alone, contemplative, and quiet environments. The country also has a large number of Russians and is located in northeastern Europe, with its capital in Riga. It is located on the Baltic coast, bordering Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania, and Poland and Germany to the southwest. Currently, Latvia is very concerned about the phenomenon of “nicotine liquid content in e-cigarettes exceeding EU tobacco product directives.”

Matthew Ma