New York Bill Bans Child-Appealing Vape Products

New York bill bans child-appealing e-cigarettes

In an effort to address the growing concern of underage vaping, New York state Sen. Monica Martinez, a Democrat from Long Island, has introduced a new bill that seeks to ban the sale of e-cigarette products designed to appeal to minors. The legislation targets products that resemble school supplies or toys or are packaged in a way that attracts children.

Alarming Vaping Rates Among Youth

Sen. Martinez cited recent data from the state Department of Health, which revealed that 18.7% of high school students in New York vaped in 2022. Additionally, the senator noted that vaping is becoming increasingly prevalent among middle school students aged 11 to 14.

“In a school setting, these products may inadvertently normalize vaping and tell our kids it’s ok to do this when it is not ok,” Martinez said during a press conference in Albany on Monday. She emphasized that not only do these products pose serious health risks to minors, but they also create challenges in maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment.

Penalties for Violators

Under the proposed legislation, retailers found selling e-cigarette products that appeal to children would face penalties. A first violation would carry a fine of up to $1,500, while subsequent violations would result in a $2,500 penalty.

State Assemblymember Charles Fall is sponsoring the bill in the Assembly, demonstrating bipartisan support for the measure.

As the bill progresses through the legislative process, it aims to curb the alarming rise in underage vaping and protect the health and well-being of New York’s youth.

Matthew Ma