Romania Bans E-Cigarette Vape Advertising

Romania Bans E-Cigarette Vape Advertising

In a landmark decision on Tuesday, June 18, Romania’s Chamber of Deputies voted to ban advertising for electronic cigarettes, vapes, heated tobacco devices, and nicotine pouches. The bill, which aims to protect public health and curb the promotion of these products, passed with an overwhelming majority of 269 votes in favor, 2 against, and 3 abstentions.

The new legislation expands upon the existing law, which previously only prohibited explicit advertising for tobacco products. As cited by Agerpres, the bill states, “It is prohibited to explicitly advertise tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, including vape types, products intended for inhalation without burning from tobacco substitutes, electronic devices for heating tobacco, and products intended for inhalation without burning from tobacco substitutes, as well as nicotine pouches for oral use (pouches) broadcast within radio and television programs, and on public transport tickets.”

Scope of the Ban

According to the bill, explicit advertising is now prohibited for:

  • Electronic cigarettes and vapes
  • Heated tobacco devices
  • Products for inhalation without burning from tobacco substitutes
  • Nicotine pouches for oral use

The ban extends to various media and locations, including:

  • Radio and television programs
  • Public transport tickets
  • Within 200 meters of educational institutions and healthcare facilities
  • Publications primarily aimed at minors
  • Theaters before, during, and after performances for minors

A Significant Step in Protecting Public Health

The passage of this bill represents a significant step forward in Romania’s efforts to safeguard public health by reducing the appeal and accessibility of electronic cigarettes and related products. By restricting advertising across various settings and media, the government aims to minimize the potential for these products to be marketed to vulnerable populations, especially minors.

As the bill moves forward, it is expected to have a substantial impact on the way e-cigarettes, vapes, and nicotine pouches are promoted and perceived in Romania. The overwhelming support for the legislation in the Chamber of Deputies highlights the growing concern about the potential health risks associated with these products and the need for comprehensive measures to protect public health.

The Romanian government’s decision to ban advertising for e-cigarettes and related products aligns with similar moves by other countries seeking to regulate the vaping industry and curb the rising popularity of these products among youth. As more nations grapple with the public health implications of e-cigarettes and vapes, Romania’s landmark vote serves as a powerful example of decisive action to prioritize the well-being of its citizens.

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Romanian legislative bans advertising for electronic cigarettes and vapes

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