Russian Lawmakers Propose Ban on Online Cigarette Ads

Russia draft law online cigarette ads

A group of State Duma deputies has put forward a draft law that would require website owners to remove advertisements for the remote sale of nicotine-containing products, including regular and electronic cigarettes, tobacco, and similar items. The proposed legislation, obtained by REN TV, also allows for the blocking of non-compliant websites without a court order.

Combating Counterfeit and Contraband Products

In the explanatory note accompanying the draft law, the deputies emphasized that internet sites, social networks, and instant messaging services have become major channels for distributing counterfeit and contraband tobacco and nicotine-containing products at low prices. They reminded that the remote sale of such products is prohibited by law, but the existing tools for blocking websites that violate this law are ineffective due to the lengthy court decision process, which can take up to three months.

Proposed Amendments to the Law

To address this issue, the parliamentarians proposed amending the law “On Information, Information Technologies, and Information Protection” to include provisions that would oblige internet resource owners to independently search for and remove posts about the online sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. They noted that a similar approach had previously succeeded in curbing the remote sale of alcohol.

The draft law was signed by a group of deputies, including Aidar Metshin, Alexey Veller, Anatoly Voronovsky, Ruslan Gadzhiev, Anton Getta, Oleg Dimov, Artem Kiryanov, Andrey Lugovoy, Leonid Ogul, Alexander Spiridonov, Airat Farrakhov, and Tamara Frolova.

Protecting Public Health and Combating Illegal Sales

The proposed legislation aims to protect public health by reducing access to potentially harmful nicotine-containing products, particularly those sold illegally online. By requiring website owners to proactively remove advertisements for the remote sale of these products, the deputies hope to curb the distribution of counterfeit and contraband items and ensure compliance with existing laws.

If passed, the draft law would empower authorities to block access to non-compliant websites without the need for a court order, streamlining the process of enforcing the ban on remote sales of nicotine-containing products.

As Russia grapples with the challenges posed by the online sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes, this proposed legislation represents a significant step towards addressing the issue and protecting the health of its citizens.

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