Singapore Cracking Down on Tourists Bringing Vapes

Singapore airport vape crackdown

Seeking to curb illegal vaping, Singapore authorities will soon begin stop and search enforcement against arriving tourists found traveling with e-cigarettes or vape gear.

Operations launch at Changi Airport, subjecting deplaning visitors to checks for vapes or components. Anyone caught possessing electronic cigarettes faces heavy fines under existing law.

Why The Crackdown?

Importing, purchasing or using vape products already triggers financial and legal penalties in Singapore. But officials worries tourists unaware of bans continue feeding demand.

The tighter enforcement intends to:

  • Discourage visitors from carrying vapes
  • Shrink the local consumer market
  • Set expectations that existing prohibitions will be strictly upheld

As the public increasingly questions vaping’s safety, Singapore joins the UK, Australia and other countries working to reduce e-cig adoption, especially among youth.

Steep Fines Await Offenders

Under existing statutes, anyone caught with vapes or accessories in Singapore can be fined a maximum of S$2,000 (nearly US$1,500).

Selling or importing for resale draws much steeper S$10,000 fines and up to 6 months imprisonment – even for first offenders.

The coming weeks will see officers stationed at all border entry points to catch rule-breaking arrivals red-handed with prohibited gear.

Why The Hardline Stance?

Singapore long ago prohibited vape commerce and usage due to the many unknown health impacts of e-cigarettes.

Potential risks include chest pain, nausea, irregular heart rate and lung irritation. Officials particularly worry about uptake amongst adolescents.

Banning vape trafficking also aims to prevent legal products from being doctored into dangerous illicit mixtures.

So by further deterring tourists from inadvertently expanding the uncontrolled gray market, Singapore hopes to mitigate harm industry-wide.

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Matthew Ma