How to Recharge the Breeze Pro

The Breeze Pro vape from Breeze Smoke is a popular disposable e-cigarette. While designed for single use, with some technical skill, it is possible to recharge the battery to extend its lifespan. This guide will provide a full tutorial on how to safely revive and repower a depleted Breeze Pro device.

To begin, it is important to understand that tampering with any vaping product’s internals voids its warranty and does carry inherent risks. Additionally, the small wires inside are delicate and easily damaged if handled roughly. Therefore, this process requires careful precision. With suitable preparations and by following proper precautions, the average vaper can learn to safely recharge their Breeze Pro battery step-by-step.

What You’ll Need

Before getting started, you will need to acquire certain materials to recharge the battery:

  • Breeze Pro vape
  • Android phone charger with exposed wires
  • Knife or scissors to open the casing
  • Tape to secure wires during charging

It is recommended to use an Android charger, as iPhones often have more fragile, thinner wires that can easily detach when manipulated. Any standard Android charger with accessible wiring will be suitable.

Once you have gathered these supplies, you can move forward with carefully opening up the device to access the internal battery and wiring.

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Carefully Accessing the Battery and Wiring

The process of accessing the Breeze Pro’s battery pack involves precision:

First, locate the seal running along the bottom edge of the device. Very carefully insert a knife under this seal and pop it open to expose the interior. Inside you will see red, black and blue wires – do not touch the blue one to avoid issues.

Gently pull the battery out halfway without fully detaching it. Then, use a knife to delicately remove the rubber wire casing, taking care not to detach the fragile wires. Snip any tape present, then slide out the circular connector to reveal the three inner wires.

With the battery pack now accessible, we can move on to the recharging steps. Again, handle everything gently to avoid disconnecting essential wiring.

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Step-by-Step Battery Reconnection Instructions

Follow these steps closely when reconnect the charger:

First, attach the red charger wire to the metal ball connector on the red inner wire. Next, connect the black charger wire only to the metal battery housing, not the black wire itself. Affix these in place with tape to secure them.

Hold the wires connected for 30 seconds. Some minor warmth is normal, but no extreme heat or sparks should occur, indicating an issue.

Once recharging is complete, gently detach the wires and retract them back into the rubber casing. Reseal the device before use. Avoid leaving it charging unattended or for prolonged periods.

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And that’s it! With the wires connected, plug in the Android charger to recharge the Breeze Pro battery. Avoid leaving it charging for longer than necessary. Handle the delicate wires carefully and DO NOT attach the black wire to the black ball connector to avoid dangerous shorts.

With this method, you can safely repower a depleted Breeze Pro vape.

How to Charge Breeze Pro Video

Responsible Recharging and Usage Practices

While useful for reviving a depleted device, battery recharging requires precautions:

  • Carefully monitor charging to avoid overheating or leaving unattended
  • Strictly follow wiring order to avoid dangerous malfunctions
  • Stop use immediately if odd smells, sparks or smoke occur
  • Handle tiny internal wires gently to avoid detachment
  • Expect some warmth but no extreme heat during charging
  • Discontinue use of devices exhibiting any issues
  • Understand risks involved when modifying electronic devices

Exercising great care allows extending Breeze Pro battery life, but internally altering vaping products is an advanced process with hazards to consider. Weigh risks and act responsibly.

Matthew Ma