SKE Crystal Bar Review

The SKE Crystal Bar disposable e-cigarette has rapidly grown in popularity for its unique crystalline aesthetic and robust vaping performance. With an extensive 40 flavor variety and generous 600 puff capacity, it aims to deliver a satisfying hassle-free vaping experience.

This detailed review will provide a complete breakdown of the SKE Crystal Bar’s features, specs, flavor options, battery life, build construction, ease of use, vapor quality, pros and cons, pricing, and overall vaping performance for a comprehensive analysis.

Features and Specifications

Here is a full rundown of the key features and specs of the SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape:

  • 600 puff rating for extended usage
  • Large 40 flavor variety – fruits, mint, tobacco, desserts, and more
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism
  • 20mg (2%) and 0mg nicotine options
  • 2mL e-juice capacity per pod
  • Integrated 500mAh battery (non-rechargeable)
  • Mesh coil with 1.2ohm resistance
  • Rated for 11W max power output
  • Lightweight at just 35g
  • Sleek prism-like exterior design
  • Duckbill mouthpiece for secure grip
  • LED battery life indicator
  • Tight MTL draw style

With such a large flavor selection spanning icy mints to sweet fruits and more, the Crystal Bar aims to deliver something for all palates and preferences in a conveniently portable package.

Extensive 40 Flavor Options

One of the Crystal Bar’s biggest assets that sets it apart is undoubtedly the huge variety of flavors – 40 total. Having so many flavor choices allows vapers to easily switch between completely different taste profiles at whim.

The lineup encompasses a wide spectrum covering:

  • Fruits – Peach Ice, Pineapple Peach Mango, Sour Blueberries, Strawberry Kiwi, Green Grape, Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum
  • Minty Flavors – Menthol, Fresh Mint Mojito, Berry Ice
  • Soda and Beverages – Cola Ice, Pink Lemonade, Red Bull Energy Drink, Fizzy Cherry
  • Desserts and Candy – Gummy Bear, Cotton Candy Ice, Banana Ice Cream
  • Tobacco – Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco
  • And More – Apple Peach, Tiger Blood, Bubblegum, Mixed Berries, plus many more unique fruit and drink combinations.

Here are more details on a few specific flavors that stood out during testing:

  • Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum:
    This flavor is an absolute treat, with juicy watermelon hitting the tastebuds hard along with subtle hints of strawberry and bubblegum. The watermelon pops like biting into the real fruit on a hot summer day.
  • Fizzy Cherry:
    While the cherry note is subtle, the main star here is the sweet and satisfying fizziness, almost like drinking a carbonated soda. Upon exhale, the cherry perfectly complements the sugary fizz sensation.
  • Lemon Peach Passionfruit:
    A refreshing medley of fruits, this flavor combines sweet peach and passionfruit with a light lemon twist. It emulates a tropical cocktail with lip-smacking fruit flavors.

Having such an extensive flavor selection makes it easy to find multiple all day vape options tailored to your personal taste preferences. The flavors stay true-to-life and accurately emulate the fruits, candies, sodas, and other profiles they represent.

Battery and Charging

The SKE Crystal Bar has an integrated 500mAh lithium battery that delivers a generous 600 puffs per full charge. During our hands-on testing, we found the battery life aligned closely with the advertised capacity, lasting 1-2 days generally with moderate intermittent use before needing disposal.

As a non-rechargeable device, the Crystal Bar is designed to be vaped until the battery or e-juice is fully depleted, then properly disposed of. But its ample lifespan makes it more economical than disposables with only 200-400 puff ratings that run out faster. Heavier vapers may drain the battery quicker, but for average use it holds up well.

The battery cannot be recharged since it is built-in. This contributes to the lightweight, streamlined design but does mean more waste versus a rechargeable device. However, the Crystal Bar’s 600 puff capacity helps offset this drawback relative to lower capacity options.

Design and Quality

The SKE Crystal Bar features a sleek, fashionable outer casing constructed from zinc alloy with a crystalline appearance. Its unique flattened prism shape stands out from the typical pen or box-shaped aesthetic of most vapes.

Despite the lightweight materials, the chassis feels very solid and durable in hand. The beveled edges sit comfortably in the palm, and the duckbill mouthpiece provides a secure grip.

The starter kit comes neatly packaged in colorful matching boxes featuring basic product information and company branding. While disposable vapes generate more waste than rechargeable options, the Crystal Bar’s excellent construction seems built to last through extended use.

Overall, the design reflects attention to detail with durability, comfort, and aesthetics in mind.

Simple Usage

A major advantage of disposable vape devices that the Crystal Bar delivers on wonderfully is sheer ease of use. There’s no initial charging, coil priming, or e-juice filling required whatsoever.

Users simply remove from the stylish packaging, peel off the plug covering the mouthpiece, and begin vaping. That’s it – no power buttons or settings to adjust. By just inhaling, the automatic draw mechanism activates airflow and heats the coil.

Once the integrated battery finally dies or the pod runs fully dry after the estimated 600 puffs, the all-in-one device can be properly disposed of and replaced. For vapers wanting maximum simplicity without sacrificing performance, the intuitively designed Crystal Bar hits the mark.

Overall Performance

In the performance department, the SKE Crystal Bar punches far above its weight given its ultra-compact size. The integrated 1.2ohm mesh coil and max 11W output work together to produce impressively thick, abundant vapor clouds.

Despite the diminutive proportions, vapor density and volume compete with much larger setups. And unlike some disposables that trail off, the Crystal Bar provides consistent vapor quality until the very last puff as the e-juice level declines.

Flavor intensity also remains packed with authentic taste from first puff onwards. And the tight draw provided by the duckbill mouthpiece prevents thin, weak hits for satisfying mouth-to-lung inhales.

During testing, there were no issues with leaking, spitback, or battery rundown prior to the expected lifespan. Overall performance stands up well against disposables in higher price brackets.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Choosing the Crystal Bar Disposable Vape

  • Very extensive flavor selection with 40+ options
  • 600 puff capacity lasts longer than most disposables
  • Surprisingly excellent vapor production
  • Draw-activated functionality requires no buttons
  • Lightweight and slim for ultimate portability
  • Solid, quality construction and materials
  • Accurately emulates fruity, minty, and other flavors
  • Provides satisfying tight mouth-to-lung draws
  • LED indicates remaining battery life

Potential Shortcomings to Consider

  • Non-rechargeable battery creates more plastic waste
  • Not the most cost-effective for very heavy usage
  • Limited to fixed nicotine level per device
  • Lacks airflow or power adjustments
  • Can’t customize flavors or refill e-juice
  • Appeal primarily for newer vapers over hobbyists

For the tradeoff of disposability and beginner-friendly operation, the Crystal Bar delivers ample vapor density you’d expect from a much larger vape.


The SKE Crystal Bar retails for under $10 per unit from most online vendors – very competitively priced given its ample 600 puff rating and robust performance. Compared to cigarettes, it provides substantial savings for less harmful nicotine delivery.

While not the cheapest disposable vape possible, the Crystal Bar’s excellent construction and flavor authenticity justify the small price premium over ultra-budget options with half the longevity.

And the 40 flavor varieties give tons of choices that would get very expensive purchasing individually with a bottled e-juice setup. Overall, the Crystal Bar delivers solid value at low cost.

Final Verdict

In closing, the SKE Crystal Bar earns its reputation as a premier disposable vaping device. It pairs visual uniqueness with performance that competes with much more expensive setups, all in an intuitively designed one-time-use format requiring zero experience or maintenance.

The expansive 40 flavor range gives vapers an unmatched selection of smooth, authentic profiles from icy mints to sweet fruits and beyond. Battery life netting 600 puffs also far outlasts lower end disposables.

For seekers of maximum convenience, flavor variety, and an economical but powerful vaping experience from a pocket-friendly device, the SKE Crystal Bar stands tall among its competitors.

Matthew Ma