Double Drip 600 Puffs Disposable Vape Review

Double Drip Disposable Vape Review

UK vape juice maker Double Drip has entered the disposable vape market with an extensive lineup of flavored disposables. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the key specs, flavor profiles, vapor production, battery life, pricing and overall performance of the new Double Drip disposables.

Overview of Double Drip Disposable Vape

The key features of the Double Drip disposable vape range include:

  • 20 different flavor options like Pineapple Ice, Cherry Cola, Grape Ice, etc.
  • 2ml prefilled e-liquid capacity
  • 20mg nicotine strength using nicotine salts
  • Estimated 600 puff lifespan
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism
  • 350mAh internal battery
  • Compact and lightweight pen-shaped design
  • Mouth-to-lung style draw

Double Drip built its reputation on bottled e-juice flavors before entering disposables. This new disposable line lets vapers enjoy nicotine salt versions of Double Drip’s most popular blends in a convenient, mess-free, and easy-to-use format.

Double Drip Disposable Vape

Unboxing and Design Impressions

The Double Drip disposables arrived individually packaged, with each box clearly displaying the flavor name, nicotine strength, batch details, and product warnings.

Inside, the disposable itself comes wrapped in plastic film overlayed with usage instructions and recycling information.

The disposable vape has a slender, pen-shaped design with a clear plastic body and colored panel on the side showcasing the Double Drip logo. It measures 12.5cm in length and 1.4cm in diameter. Despite the petite size, the disposable feels sturdy and durable with no rattles or quality issues.

The fixed mouthpiece provides a tight cigarette-like mouth-to-lung draw. There are no buttons or settings – just remove the silicone plug and peel off the base sticker to start vaping. The draw-activation and lack of controls make it incredibly easy to use even for beginners.

One minor downside is the colored accent strip attracts fingerprints. But otherwise, the streamlined aesthetics and ultra-portable form factor make these disposables ideal for discreet, on-the-go nicotine delivery.

Double Drip Disposable Vape

Testing the Flavors and Vapor Performance

I tested a total of 10 flavors from the Double Drip disposables lineup. Right away, the authenticity and intensity of the flavors stood out, aligning with Double Drip’s reputation for premium e-liquids.

The nicotine salt formula provides satisfying throat hit and efficient nicotine absorption. Vapor production is moderate, but provides enough visual satisfaction coupled with the full flavors.

Here’s an overview of the flavors I tested:

Pineapple Ice – This perfectly captured the juicy, tropical essence of fresh pineapple. On the inhale, I could taste the vibrant sweetness of ripe pineapple flesh, with hints of tangy acidity teasing the tip of my tongue. Mid-vape, the flavor transitions to a more authentic mildly tart pineapple, avoiding candy-like profiles. A blast of frosty menthol on the exhale accurately mimics the chilled sensation of drinking icy cold pineapple juice on a hot summer day.

Cola Ice – The initial sugary sweetness of cola envelops the taste buds, with effervescent fizziness tickling the back of the throat. Undertones of caramel and vanilla add richness and body to the soda flavor. About mid-vape, the profile shifts to more authentic cola with subtle spice notes. A frosty burst of menthol arrives on the exhale, reminiscent of sipping the last icy sip of cola from the bottom of a fountain drink cup.

Cherry Ice – Initially, juicy and ripe cherry flavor combines sweetness and tartness, avoiding an artificial medicinal taste. The cherry has depth and jammy richness, not merely syrupy candy flavor. On the exhale, a cooling chill of menthol balances the inherent sweetness of the cherry. The menthol melds with rather than overrides the base flavor.

Cherry Cola – Fizzy cola with vanilla and caramel take center stage, with just bare hints of cherry detectable underneath. The cherry is fleeting, as creamy cola dominates the palate throughout the vape. A touch of ice on the exhale provides light coolness but the cherry note remains reticent. Tasty but needs more prominence of cherry.

Spearmint Menthol – A garden fresh spearmint flavor greets the taste buds with characteristic minty coolness, followed by sweeter, rounded notes of peppermint. The inherent minty chill couples with the added menthol to provide an icy blast of refreshment. Each puff leaves the mouth feeling cleansed.

Lemon Lime – Immediate sour and tart lemon flavor transitions to sweet, candied lemon. Mid-vape, the lime emerges to provide zesty, citrus complexity. The lime adds green and floral nuances complementing the lemon. Together they recreate the punchy citrus flavor of lemon-lime soda. Cooling on the exhale makes a crisp, satisfying finish.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Sweet blueberry jam introduces the profile before transitioning to juicy and ripe raspberry, with inherent tartness and cranberry-like acidity. The berry flavors combine for an overall sweet yet tangy effect. However, the sweetness overpowers the sour berry elements for my preferences.

NRG – The inhale brings an instant mix of sweet, tangy citrus coupled with a hint of bubblegum-like sweetness, evoking a classic energy drink. As the vape continues, more layered tropical fruit notes emerge, with a slight fizzy or chemical undertone familiar from energy beverages. Each puff coats the mouth and throat in an unnaturally sweet yet satisfying way. There is a touch of cooling menthol on the exhale to round it out.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry – Initially juicy, ripe strawberry flavor pops on the tongue, followed by the bright, candy-like taste of raspberry mid-vape. The strawberry fades as tart cherry arrives on the finish, but the cherry is more artificial than fresh. The trio of fruits deliver sweetness but lack nuance. While the flavors are identifiable, they lean more towards candy than natural.

Grape Ice – Sweet, juicy concord grape flavor immediately washes over the palate with characteristic musty richness. Hints of berry and jammy notes add depth beyond one-dimensional candy grape taste. Mid-vape the ripened grape becomes mildly tart like freshly picked table grapes. A hint of chill arrives on the exhale, allowing the grape’s natural sweetness to linger without becoming cloying. An authentic and enjoyable grape vape.

The fruit flavors specifically stood out to me as tasting natural rather than artificial or candy-like. Menthol variants lend an icy coolness to the inherent flavors. The nicotine satisfaction and throat hit feel consistent with the 20mg nic salt strength.

While not massive, vapor output is sufficient for the purpose and intended use case. The draw and airflow are calibrated for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Double Drip 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

Battery Life and Lifespan

Double Drip rates the disposables as providing up to 600 puffs. To test this, I logged each puff during use of the NRG flavor. It lasted 316 puffs before I encountered slight burning.

However, the Strawberry Raspberry Cherry flavor I tested delivered a more representative 596 puffs prior to the LED indicator flashing to signal the end of life.

So while duration may vary, 600 puffs appears a reasonable average expectation from my testing. This translates to about 2-4 days for an average vaper.

The 350mAh battery also powers the disposable for impressively long between charges. I easily got a full day of periodic use before needing to recharge via the USB-C port.

Cost and Value Assessment

Double Drip disposables retail for £4.99 individually direct from the company. So not the cheapest on the market, but reasonable given the quality.

The wider selection of 20 flavors gives vapers plenty of options to suit their tastes. And the robust performance makes them a great value proposition compared to less consistent budget brands.

For vapers prioritizing flavor and performance in a fuss-free device, I feel the Double Drip disposables earn their modestly higher price tag.

Double Drip 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

Pros and Cons

Diverse selection of 20 authentic flavor options
Accurately replicates bottled e-liquid profiles
Good value relative to proprietary flavors
Quality build and performance
Great mouth-to-lung draw
Side strip attracts fingerprints
Vapor production slightly limited
Can’t see juice level


With their initial lineup of disposable vapes, Double Drip successfully brings their popular nicotine salt e-liquid flavors to a convenient, mess-free, on-the-go format.

The wide variety of flavors ensures most vapers will find a profile matching their tastes and preferences. Combined with the solid construction and performance, I can easily recommend the Double Drip disposables as a flavorful option for new and experienced vapers alike.

The company has succeeded in translating their reputation for premium e-liquids into highly satisfying disposables that deliver on portability, flavor intensity, and ease of use.

Matthew Ma