Top 10 SKE Crystal Bar Flavours

With the massive selection of vape flavours available today, it can be challenging to identify your ideal match. SKE’s Crystal Bar disposable vape line offers a diverse menu of fruit, drink, dessert, menthol, tobacco, and other flavour options to appeal to any palate.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an overview of SKE’s Crystal Bar and explore the 10 most popular flavours in detail to help you discover your perfect vaping soulmate.

Introduction to the SKE Crystal Bar Disposables

While not yet a household name, SKE has made waves with their thoughtfully engineered disposable vapes that deliver robust performance at an affordable price point.

The Crystal Bar series stands out in SKE’s lineup for its sheer variety of flavors and uncompromising focus on convenience. These compact yet powerful devices utilize smooth nicotine salt e-liquids in a simplified draw-activated format requiring zero maintenance.

Priced at just £4.95, the Crystal Bar provides up to 600 satisfying puffs from each 2mL pre-filled, nicotine salt-based pod. With over 40 flavors available spanning fruits, candies, tobaccos, desserts, and more, it allows guilt-free flavor exploration on a budget.

For vapers desiring fuss-free variety in a discreet and portable form, the Crystal Bar hits the mark. Now let’s look at the 10 best flavors for a flavour journey unlike any other.

The Top 10 Crystal Bar Flavours

After extensive first-hand testing and research, these 10 flavours emerged as the most popular and highest rated among Crystal Bar users. Let’s explore what makes each one irresistible:

1. Watermelon Ice

This refreshingly chilled watermelon profile evokes memories of taking a bite from an ice-cold slice of melon on a hot summer day. Each smooth puff provides a burst of juicy, sugar-sweet watermelon flavor capped with a frosty chill that lingers pleasantly on the palate. The balance of ripe fruit and brisk menthol makes it ideal for all day vaping.

Crystal bar watermelon ice

2. Berry Ice

An exhilarating mix of sweet blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors perfectly complemented by a subtle cooling effect. It’s like taking a stroll through a berry patch on a winter morning. This vibrant berry medley with its kiss of chill awakens the taste buds with waves of fruity refreshment.

Crystal bar berry ice

3. Cherry Ice

A straightforward cherry flavor made extraordinary by the addition of icy cool menthol. This flavor pairing satisfies with luscious, sweet cherry goodness on the inhale matched by a blast of chill on the exhale. The contrast between sugary ripe cherry and mint delivers pure vaping bliss.

Crystal bar cherry ice

4. Cola Ice

Fizzy cola flavor rounded out by light cooling recreates the sensation of cracking open an ice-cold can of soda. This uncomplicated yet delicious option delivers a refreshing and nostalgic blast of fizziness with every puff. The ideal recreation of a classic drink flavor.

Crystal bar Cola Ice

5. Strawberry Kiwi

The sweet taste of fresh, ripe strawberries blended with tangy kiwi flavor makes for a candy-like fruit duo. Notes of sweet strawberry goodness hit the taste buds on the inhale before giving way to kiwi’s tart zing on the exhale. This profiles marries two fruits into a sweet yet complex pairing.

Crystal bar Strawberry Kiwi

6. Gummy Bear

This spot-on flavor precisely captures the nostalgic essence of chewy candy in vape form. Each puff delivers a mélange of cherry, pineapple, lemon and other fruity notes reminiscent of your favorite classic gummy candies. All the flavor you loved as a kid without the dreaded sugar crash. A perfectly executed candy-inspired profile.

Crystal bar Gummy Bear

7. Pink Lemonade

A sweet, tangy and undeniably refreshing replication of beloved summer pink lemonade. Superb for vapers craving an authentic drink-inspired profile with vibrant flavor. Its balance of sweetness and tartness takes you back to cherished memories of sipping lemonade on a back porch patio. The refreshment you crave on a hot day.

Crystal bar Pink Lemonade

8. Vimtbull Ice

An intriguing blend of mixed berry flavors including currant, blackberry, and raspberry intermingle with the sweeter yet tart notes of the classic energy drink, all tied together by icy menthol. Unique and ripe berry flavors fuse with the fizzy vibrancy of citrus soda. An unexpected yet gratifying flavor fusion.

Crystal bar Vimbull Ice

9. Fizzy Cherry

Bursting cherry flavor with evident carbonation effect makes every puff feel like a sip of beloved cherry soda. Those with fond memories of enjoying a fizzy Cherry Coke or cherryade will adore this flavor. An old-fashioned soda shop taste with modern vapor satisfaction.

Crystal bar FIZZY CHERRY

10. Bull Ice

Crisp, chilled Red Bull character comes through in this uplifting energy drink-inspired flavor. Frothy citrus notes smack the taste buds alongside herbs and icy freshness for an instant energy boost. This flavor offers the sugar-free flavor of your favorite energy drink now in vapor form.

Crystal bar Bull ice

Finding Your Flavour Soulmate

With so many flavours available spanning fruits, candies, drinks, menthols, desserts and more, the Crystal Bar lineup has something to satisfy every preference. The key is experimentation.  We covered all the mouthwatering Crystal flavor varieties to help you discover your new favorite below.

Icy Cool Delight: Crystal Ice Flavours

If you love frosty freshness, Crystal ice flavors deliver. These blends combine juicy fruit essence with icy menthol to provide the best of both worlds. Options include:

Watermelon Ice – Juicy watermelon sweetness smacked with a blast of chill. A summer classic.

Peach Ice – Sweet peach flavor given a refreshing frozen twist. Satisfying stone fruit.

Mango Ice – Tropical mango with a touch of wintry coolness. Fruity refreshment.

No matter your fruit preference, the Crystal ice lineup offers a deliciously chilled option. The icy undertones provide a pleasant numbing sensation between fruity puffs.

Cocktail-Inspired Flavours

For a flavor journey, try the cocktail-inspired options like:

Mojito – Crisp mint and lime capture this classic highball’s essence. Uplifting and mouthwatering.

Blue Razz Lemonade – Sweet and tart collide in this berry lemonade flavor. An instant summertime favorite.

These unique blends provide a tantalizing fruit and mint fusion. It’s like sipping a flavorful adult beverage without the alcohol or calories.

A Fruit Flavour Explosion

Fruity flavors dominate the Crystal lineup. You’ll find every fruit profile from apple to watermelon covered. Some juicy options include:

Strawberry Banana – This tropical duo provides the perfect balance of sweet and creamy. An instant classic.

Green Grape – Sweet, sour and utterly addictive – just like biting into fresh grapes off the vine.

Pineapple Coconut – Pina colada in vape form! Sweet coconut meshes with zesty pineapple.

With so many choices, you can satisfy any fruit craving. The authentic profiles replicate ripe, juicy perfection.

Pucker Up: Crystal Sour Flavours

If you love ultra-tart tastes that make your mouth water, the Crystal sour range is for you. These flavors include:

Sour Blueberries – An explosion of tangy blueberry flavor with lip-smacking tartness.

Sour Apple – Like biting into a granny smith apple. Mouth-puckering in the best way.

Sour Watermelon – Sweet watermelon with a candy-like sour sugar coating.

The intense tartness keeps your tastebuds guessing with each pull. When you crave an exhilarating sour punch, these flavors satisfy.

Classic Tobacco and Menthol Offerings

For those who prefer the traditional profiles, Crystal offers satisfying options like:

Tobacco – Robust tobacco flavor reminiscent of the real thing. Familiar and comforting.

Menthol – Crisp, cooling menthol provides a blast of frosty freshness. An invigorating rush.

These classic flavors deliver familiarity along with the modern convenience of a disposable vape. Perfect for longtime vapers seeking a reliable taste.

Try out a wide range of appealing flavour profiles while avoiding ones that don’t align with your tastes. Keep an open mind and puff through different options until you find that special flavor that you connect with.

Let the Crystal Bar flavours surprise your taste buds and unlock the most enjoyable vaping experience. Browse SKE’s full menu today and begin your flavor chasing journey. Your perfect match awaits.

Matthew Ma