Elf bar BC18000 Disposable Vape Review

Elf Bar BC18000 Disposable Vape Review

Elf Bar, a renowned name in the vaping industry, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the launch of their latest disposable vape, the Elf Bar BC18000. This cutting-edge device promises an unparalleled vaping experience, boasting an impressive 18,000 puffs and a wide array of tantalizing flavors. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the features, design, and flavor profiles that make the Elf Bar BC18000 a standout choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Elf Bar BC18000, it’s impossible not to notice the striking similarity to the Lost Mary BM16000 line. The packaging features the device itself, along with essential information such as key features, nicotine warnings, and authenticity stickers. The back of the box provides a wealth of information, including characteristics, usage recommendations, and precautions, all presented in a user-friendly “Danger Alert” format.

Inside the box, you’ll find a branded bag that serves as a first-opening control. Once torn open, the device is revealed, and the sense of déjà vu intensifies. The Elf Bar BC18000 is an exact replica of the “Mary” for 16,000 puffs, with the only difference being the design. The glossy plastic surface is adorned with eye-catching sparkles and distinctive diagonal stripes, creating a unique corporate identity. The mouthpiece sits at the top, protected by a silicone plug, while the bottom back features a large sticker describing the backlight functionality, a mode switch, and a USB Type-C port for charging.

  • Dimensions: 44 * 23 * 96 mm
  • Liquid volume inside: 18.0 ml
  • Evaporator Type: Double Mesh Coil
  • Strength: 2% (or 20 mg/ml salt nicotine)
  • Built-in battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Number of puffs (approximately): 18000

Dual Vaping Modes and LED Indicators

One of the standout features of the Elf Bar BC18000 is the mode switch, which allows users to choose between using one or two evaporators. The switch positions are clearly marked with arrows on the device body, making it intuitive and user-friendly.

The LED strip on the device serves multiple purposes. It provides a pleasant (and sometimes captivating) backlight during operation and also indicates the charge status and remaining liquid level. The LED indicators are straightforward and easy to understand, ensuring that users are always aware of their device’s status.

Elf Bar BC18000 Disposable Vape

Elf bar BC18000 Flavors Review

The Elf Bar BC18000 line offers an impressive selection of 10 distinct flavors, each crafted to tantalize the taste buds and provide a unique vaping experience. Let’s explore each flavor in detail:

Blue Razz Ice: The Blue Razz Ice flavor is a delightful berry concoction with a pronounced candy-like sweetness. While the promised “ice” effect may be absent, the blend of blueberries (or blueberries) and raspberries creates a harmonious and enjoyable vaping experience. The berries are well-balanced, offering a range of sweet to slightly sour notes that keep you coming back for more.

Peach Mango Watermelon: The Peach Mango Watermelon flavor is a tropical delight, with mango taking center stage. The mango is juicy, sweet, and perfectly ripe, capturing the essence of this beloved fruit. The watermelon adds a refreshing twist, providing a hint of freshness that complements the overall mix. Peach serves as a subtle background note, softening the intense flavors of its counterparts. This well-executed recipe has a distinct character that sets it apart.

Sour Apple: The Sour Apple flavor is a bit of a conundrum. Initially, it may come across as artificial and lacking in depth. However, after a few puffs, it becomes clear that the issue lies in the concentration of the apple flavor rather than its quality. The apple has a pleasant sourness, juicy pulp, and a hint of peel and pit, but it could benefit from a richer and more intense presence. With a slight adjustment in concentration, this flavor has the potential to shine.

Strawberry Kiwi: The Strawberry Kiwi combination is a classic pairing that rarely disappoints, and the Elf Bar BC18000 executes it flawlessly. The kiwi is sweet, powerful, and bursting with ripe, sun-kissed flavor. The strawberries provide a subtle sourness and a refreshing exhale, accurately capturing the essence of natural berries. This well-balanced duet serves as a benchmark for quality and taste.

Grape Cranberry Peach: The Grape Cranberry Peach flavor is an unusual trio that may seem incompatible at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, there’s a certain charm to this combination. The grapes take the lead, offering a pleasant, moderately sweet, and authentic fruit flavor. The cranberries follow closely, introducing a slight sourness and a herbaceous note that complements the grapes. Peach plays a supporting role, adding a touch of softness and juiciness to the overall recipe. While unconventional, this flavor manages to work well together.

Strawberry Banana: The Strawberry Banana flavor is reminiscent of a classic chewing gum, with its distinctive sugary taste present throughout the vaping experience. The banana is sweet, almost as if it’s been sprinkled with sugar, and provides a satisfying inhale. The strawberries are more subtle, offering a delicate and pleasant flavor that balances the banana’s sweetness. This well-proportioned “pop” flavor is sure to delight those with a sweet tooth.

Cherry Lemon: The Cherry Lemon flavor is a bit of a mixed bag. The cherries are surprisingly well-executed, delivering a juicy, ripe, and natural berry flavor with a pleasing sourness. However, the lemon falls short of expectations. The acidity present in the mix doesn’t quite capture the essence of citrus, and it has a slightly unnatural, hot quality that interrupts the enjoyable cherry notes. This flavor combination has potential but would benefit from some refinement to truly shine.

Blackberry Cranberry: Berry duos are often a safe bet, and the Blackberry Cranberry flavor is no exception. The interplay between the sweetness of ripe blackberries and the sourness of equally ripe cranberries creates a clear and almost tangible taste experience. Both berries are well-represented, showcasing their natural characteristics and strengths. While the blackberries’ sweetness may slightly overpower the cranberries, this is a subjective preference. Overall, this flavor is well-executed and enjoyable.

Watermelon Bubble Gum: The Watermelon Bubble Gum flavor greets you with a pleasant and subtle peppermint note, which, combined with a touch of sweetness, creates the illusion of chewing gum. This sensation lingers throughout the vaping experience. The watermelon is not overshadowed, however, and delivers a juicy, ripe, and velvety taste that complements the bubble gum theme. While not a groundbreaking flavor combination, it remains a timeless and satisfying choice.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavor is a sweet and tropical delight that immediately evokes memories of multi-fruit juice. The blend of these three fruits creates a harmonious and indulgent vaping experience, with each component contributing its own unique sweetness. While it may be a bit on the sweeter side for some, there’s no denying the deliciousness of this well-crafted flavor.

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The Elf Bar BC18000 disposable vape is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. While it may share similarities with the Lost Mary BM16000 line, the Elf Bar BC18000 stands on its own merits, offering a convenient, practical, and enjoyable vaping experience. The flavors are well-crafted, with each recipe showcasing the perfect balance of ingredients and proportions. Although there may be minor subjective preferences, the overall quality and execution of the flavors are impressive.

In conclusion, the Elf Bar BC18000 is a disposable vape that delivers on its promise of providing a symphony of flavor and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of disposable devices, the Elf Bar BC18000 is definitely worth considering. With its extensive flavor range, user-friendly design, and impressive 18,000 puff capacity, this device is poised to become a favorite among vaping enthusiasts.

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