Elf Bar 600 V1 vs V2

In the fast-moving vape tech landscape, few devices have made an impact like the Elf Bar 600. The original V1 model became a global sensation, prized for its sheer convenience and satisfaction. Now with the release of the upgraded Elf Bar 600 V2, many vapers wonder how it compares to its legendary predecessor.

Our in-depth comparison explores the key differences between the V1 and V2 models. Read on to see what’s changed and discover which version suits your needs.

The Rise of Elf Bar

Before delving into the comparison, it helps to understand Elf Bar’s meteoric rise. When the original 600 disposable vape launched in 2020, it changed the game.

Its portability and draw-activated design enabled easy on-the-go usage. At just 104mm by 16mm, it slipped discretely into pockets and bags. The 2ml nic salt pods provided around 600 satisfying puffs per charge.

With nic strength options from 0mg to 20mg and a massive flavor selection, the V1 offered something for everyone. It distilled the experience down to sheer no-fuss enjoyment. Within months, Elf Bar became a global household name.

What’s New in the Elf Bar 600 V2?

Rather than minor tweaks, Elf Bar completely reimagined its blockbuster device for the 600 V2. It keeps the simplicity intact but elevates the experience:

  • New modular battery aims for unwavering power delivery from first to last puff.
  • Additional flavors expand the already vast e-liquid selection.
  • Sleek metallic exterior and tapered mouthpiece enhance aesthetics and comfort.
  • Advanced mesh coils unlock remarkably rich flavor and dense vapor production.
  • Eco-friendly construction improves recyclability.

It’s clear why vapers wonder how the V2 compares to the beloved original. Let’s break it down.

Elf Bar 600 V1 vs V2: Key Differences Explained

Here we analyze how the two models directly stack up across the most important metrics:

Battery life – The V1’s 550mAh battery lasted around 600 puffs. The V2’s modular battery aims for consistent, fade-free power delivery.

Flavor variety – Both offer a huge selection, but the V2 expands it even further with exciting new options.

E-liquid capacity – Each contains 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid per pod.

Nicotine strengths – V1 offers 0mg, 10mg, 20mg options. V2 currently only comes in 20mg.

Design – V1 has a simple plastic exterior while the V2 has an upscale metal casing.

Size – Nearly identical at 104mm (V1) vs 105mm (V2) tall and 16mm diameter.

Heating tech – V1 uses standard coils. V2 uses advanced QUAQ mesh coils.

Ease of use – Both utilize convenient draw-activation.

Puff count – Around 600 puffs advertised per pod on both models.

Eco-friendliness – V2’s modular design improves recyclability over the V1.

Elf Bar 600 V1 vs V2

Feature V1 V2
Battery Life 550mAh battery lasts ~600 puffs Modular battery for consistent power delivery
Flavor Variety Wide selection of flavors Additional flavor options added
E-Liquid Capacity 2ml per pod 2ml per pod
Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 10mg, 20mg options Currently only 20mg strength
Design Plastic exterior in solid colors Premium metallic exterior
Size 104mm tall, 16mm diameter 105mm tall, 16mm diameter
Heating Tech Standard coils New QUAQ mesh coils
Ease of Use Draw-activated firing Draw-activated firing
Puff Count ~600 puffs ~600 puffs
Eco-Friendliness Standard disposable construction Modular design improves recyclability

Which Version Should You Choose?

Choose the V1 if you:

  • Prefer the classic original device
  • Want 0mg or 10mg nic strength options
  • Like the simple, understated look

Choose the V2 if you:

  • Crave the latest performance innovations
  • Want maximized flavor and vapor quality
  • Appreciate the sleek, luxe aesthetics
  • Value improved battery efficiency


The Elf Bar 600 V2 upgrades an already phenomenal disposable vaping experience. But the V1 remains a solid choice especially if you value simplicity or lower nicotine strengths.

There’s no universally “better” option. Focus on your personal priorities. Seek the original for time-tested reliability or the V2 for enhanced satisfaction. With either disposable titan, you can simply relax and enjoy smooth, flavorful vaping on the go.

Matthew Ma