Elf Bar 600 V2 Review

The original Elf Bar 600 cemented itself as a disposable vaping icon. Now with the launch of the 600 V2, Elf Bar looks to improve on its winning formula. After thorough hands-on testing, it’s clear this ambitious upgrade takes the experience to the next level.

Revamping a Blockbuster Disposable Vape

Launched in 2020, the Elf Bar 600 quickly dominated the nascent disposable vape space. Its straightforward design and satisfying nicotine salt flavors sparked a phenomenon.

Rather than churn out more of the same, Elf Bar went back to the drawing board for the 600 V2. The company committed to enhancing aspects like battery life, flavor depth, and sustainability.

Key upgrades in the V2 include:

  • New modular battery system for consistent, fade-free power
  • Additional flavors expanding the already massive selection
  • Sleek metallic casing with premium style and textures
  • Advanced QUAQ mesh coils boosting flavor and cloud density
  • Improved recyclability and eco-conscious construction

These changes maintain the core simplicity that made the original a hit while modernizing the experience.

Testing Out the Reliable New Battery System

One of the most noticeable improvements in the V2 is the revamped battery system. It uses modular construction to promote steady power delivery from first vape to last.

During a week of testing, I was impressed by how consistent the battery performance felt. Even as the e-liquid level dropped, the V2 maintained full flavor and thick clouds with no fading.

Battery life understandably varies based on individual vaping habits. But I found it comparable to the original 600 with both lasting multiple days for the average user. The key difference is the unwavering output thanks to the new battery tech.

An Explosion of Complex New Flavor Options

A massive selection of flavors helped drive the popularity of the original Elf Bar 600. The V2 takes it a step further by adding exciting new blends into the mix.

Elf Bar 600 V2 flavours

Rich profiles like Grape Raspberry and Watermelon Bubblegum stood out to me. The flavors come across multilayered and authentic. The mesh heating coils seem to extract even more nuance from the e-liquids.

Vaping different flavors back-to-back kept my palate intrigued and guessing. The sheer variety caters to every preference imaginable. For flavor-chasers, the V2 is a whole new world to explore and collect.

Sleek New Design that Screams Premium

Beyond internal changes, the 600 V2 sports a revamped exterior design that feels significantly more upscale. The original plastic casing gets swapped for a metallic construction in the V2.

The mixed metal materials feature a cool smooth feel and modern two-tone aesthetic. In the hand, the V2 gives off an almost jewelry-like vibe both visually and tactilely.

It retains the same ultra-compact size as the original at just 105mm by 15mm. But the makeover helps it stand out aesthetically among the sea of disposables.

QUAQ Mesh Coils Unlock Next-Level Performance

Inside the redesigned shell, upgraded QUAQ mesh coil technology helps explain the performance leap.

By efficiently transferring heat to the surrounding e-liquid, these coils enable tremendous flavor intensity and dense vapor production. Even as a frequent vaper, the richness impressed me from the first puff.

The improved wicking also maintains perfect saturation to prevent dry or burnt hits. For a disposable device, the V2 delivers astonishingly close to a premium vape pen experience.

An Eco-Friendly Disposable Option

With landfill waste piling up globally, the V2 makes efforts to reduce its environmental impact through considered construction.

The modular design optimizes each component for recyclability. While small, this shows Elf Bar keeps sustainability in mind with the products it puts out into the world.

As climate change accelerates, every brand should consider the full lifecycle impact of devices from manufacturing to disposal. So these efforts, however modest, are a step in the right direction.

Our Final Impressions

After extensive hands-on testing, the Elf Bar 600 V2 proves itself a triumphant upgrade in nearly every metric. Thoughtful touches to battery tech, flavors, sustainability, and aesthetics add up to a superior vaping experience.

For anyone seeking satisfying convenience in a pocket-friendly form, the V2 hits the mark. When performance matters over price, the modest premium feels easily justified.

In the increasingly crowded disposable space, the Elf Bar 600 V2 sets a new standard. It maintains everything vapers loved while modernizing the experience. Once again, Elf Bar shows why they are the undisputed leader in disposables.

Matthew Ma