Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit Review: A Satisfying Prefilled Pod System

Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit Review

Elf Bar recently released an upgraded pod kit incarnation of their smash hit disposable vape – introducing the Elf Bar Elfa. This hands-on Elfa pod kit review will examine the specs, performance, flavor options and overall vaping experience of this promising new pod device.


The Elf Bar Elfa pod system represents the evolution of the iconic Elf Bar 600 disposable into pod format. It utilizes prefilled nic salt pods for true vaping convenience. Maintaining the exact slim silhouette of the legendary disposable, the intuitive draw activation provides a familiar experience.

With 13 mouthwatering Elf Bar flavors now available in pod form plus upgraded battery life, does the Elfa earn a spot among the pod vape elite? This in-depth review breaks down everything you need to know.

Features and Specifications

  • Sleek and slim disposable-style design
  • Uses proprietary prefilled 2ml pods
  • 20mg nicotine salt pod flavors
  • Enhanced 500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Draw-activated auto firing
  • 13 pod flavor varieties
  • Hassle-free pod swapping
  • LED halo battery life indicator
  • USB-C charging (cable not included)
  • Approximately 600 puffs per pod

Design and Build Quality

Maintaining the exact slim dimensions of the smash hit Elf Bar 600 disposable, the Elfa feels immediately familiar in hand to millions of Elf Bar fans. It shares the disposable’s featherweight portability at just 33g. The matte coating provides a non-slip grip while the colorful gradient finish options give it an attractive look.

The proprietary magnetic pod connection allows pods to be cleanly clicked into place and swapped out with no fuss. My only complaint is the mouthpiece awkwardly covering the front logo when inserted. But otherwise, the simplicity of the design belies the quality of the internal components which deliver robust performance.

Battery and Performance

The upgraded 500mAh battery is a significant improvement, reliably delivering at least a full day of moderate use before requiring a recharge. For heavier use, battery life still exceeds that of average pods. It recharges quickly in 30-40 minutes via handy USB-C.

The direct output voltage provides satisfying flavor and instant nicotine gratification. Being draw-activated, it couldn’t be easier to use – just take a puff to activate the battery and enjoy dense hits of flavor. The performance remains consistent and flawless throughout the entire 600 puff pod lifespan.

Prefilled Pod Performance

The proprietary 2ml Elf Bar nic salt pods make on-the-go vaping blissfully uncomplicated. Just swap in a fresh pod when the last one is emptied and keep vaping – no filling or maintenance required. The 20mg nicotine salt concentration delivers robust yet smooth satisfaction equivalent to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes.

The tight cigarette-like draw gives a satisfying mouth-to-lung inhale. And the special sponge wicking prevents any leaking or spitback while ensuring flavor consistency from first puff to last. My only critique is lacking e-liquid visibility through the opaque shell. But you can taste when it’s time to change pods. Overall, the prefilled pod performance shines.

Standout Prefilled Flavors

With 13 mouthwatering flavor options to choose from, the Elf Bar Elfa caters to all palates. Prefilled pod flavors include:

Blue Razz Lemonade – Sweet candied berries meet zesty lemonade for a nostalgic vape soda flavor. The classic Elf Bar flavor now in pod form.

Strawberry Ice Cream – Indulgent frozen vanilla custard swirled with juicy ripe strawberry. A creamy and accurate dessert flavor.

Watermelon – Sweet watermelon candy flavor bursting with memories of juicy melon slices on a hot summer day. Perfectly hydrating.

Banana – Spot-on ripe banana captures the sweetness of banana laffy taffy or runts candy. Yummy and nostalgic.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava – An exotic and mouthwatering tropical medley brimming with tangy fruit flavors. Unique and tantalizing.

Cola – Fizzy old-fashioned cola flavor reminiscent of soda shop floats. Fun, fizzy and flavorful.

Advantages and Drawbacks


    • Easy intuitive draw activation
    • Lightweight pocketable size
    • Prefilled pods maximize convenience
    • Flavors taste authentic and bold
    • Good battery life from a petite device


    • E-liquid level hard to visualize
    • Replacement pods have ongoing cost
    • Charging cable not included

My Final Verdict on the Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit

In my opinion, Elf Bar nailed it once again with the deeply satisfying Elfa pod kit. From its slim disposable-inspired design to the prefilled pod convenience and flavor options galore, it makes vaping a breeze. The smooth performance rivals pods twice the price.

Both vaping newcomers and veterans will appreciate the cigarette-like satisfaction from the cleverly engineered pods and flawless draw activation. For an affordable ticket to hassle-free flavor chasing, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the well-constructed Elf Bar Elfa a shot.

Matthew Ma