ELUX Cyberover 18000 Disposable Vape Review

ELUX Cyberover 18K Disposable Vape Review

Dual mode disposable vapes like the ELUX Cyberover 18000 offer adjustable performance settings similar to refillable devices, while maintaining the convenience of a rechargeable, disposable format. With its stainless steel body, smart display, and innovative technology, the Cyberover provides hard-hitting vape output along with unique features not found on many competing models.

Overview of the ELUX Cyberover 18K

At first glance, the Cyberover’s design looks slightly unconventional compared to similar disposable vapes. But its capabilities and specifications make it stand out:

  • Stainless steel, tapered body construction
  • Built-in LED display tracks battery life and e-liquid level
  • 18mL e-liquid capacity
  • Dual coil design enables two vaping modes
  • Up to 18,000 puffs in standard mode, 9,000 puffs in burst mode
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • USB-C charging
  • Vibration notifications for battery and e-liquid status
  • Compact size – 101mm x 45mm x 20mm

With its hefty battery, large e-liquid capacity, and innovative dual coil system, the Cyberover 18K aims to provide next-level performance and technology in a user-friendly format.

ELUX Cyberover 18K Disposable Vape

Dual Mode Technology Sets the ELUX Cyberover Apart

One of the Cyberover’s defining features is its use of dual coil technology to enable two distinct vaping modes:

Standard Mode Delivers Reliable All-Day Vaping

In standard mode, the Cyberover operates at a lower power output via one of its two internal coils. This results in an estimated 18,000 puffs from a full charge and tank. The standard mode provides familiar, steady vape performance akin to a typical disposable device.

Boost Mode Unlocks the Cyberover’s Full Power

Activating the red power button puts the Cyberover into boost mode, engaging both internal coils simultaneously. This unleashes the full output potential of the dual coil system for dramatically denser, more flavorful vapor production. Boost mode noticeably intensifies the vaping experience, albeit at the cost of reduced battery life, with puffs maxing out around 9,000.

ELUX Cyberover 18K boost mode

The ability to switch between standard and boost modes gives users flexibility akin to adjustable power settings on refillable vapes. And the transition between modes feels seamless.

Smart Screen and Haptic Feedback Enhance Functionality

Tracking remaining battery life and e-liquid is easy thanks to the Cyberover’s built-in LED display panel. While ideally this would be positioned for visibility during use, the base-mounted screen still provides at-a-glance status checks.

But the Cyberover goes beyond visual indicators with haptic vibration alerts:

  • 1 buzz – Battery below 50%
  • 2 buzzes – Battery below 30%
  • 3 buzzes – E-liquid below 5%

Vibrations also confirm mode switching. These notifications minimize the need to actively monitor the display, offering a handy alternative.

ELUX Cyberover 18K LED screen

Reviewing the ELUX Cyberover’s Vape Flavor Options

While not as adventurous as some competitors, the Cyberover’s 10 flavor varieties offer solid versions of classic vape tastes:

Blue Razz Ice
A sweet and tart frozen twist on classic blue raspberry candy flavoring. Hints of mixed berry fruits cut through the sugary confection-like overtones for a refreshing and authentic effect.

Red Bomb
An exploding bomb of ripe cherry with a blend of red berries and fruits. Impressively captures depth and complexity without excessive sweetness. Showcases cherry flavors at their absolute best.

Peach Mango Watermelon
A luscious tropical medley starring sweet peach, dank mango and refreshing watermelon in perfect harmony. Allows each fruity flavor to sing without overpowering the rest in this skillfully balanced blend.

Razzberry Coconut
Unique blend introducing creamy, tropical coconut undertones into tangy razzberry foundations. The raspberry tartness contrasts beautifully with gently assertive coconut.

Strawberry Watermelon
A tried-and-true vape classic combining juicy strawberry and sweet watermelon. Showcases properly ripened berry flavors to prevent cloying watermelon from overwhelming. Executed to perfection.

Juicy Mango
Simply glorious mango e-liquid capturing the lush essence of the fruit and the confection. Deeply and authentically satisfying with familiar mango nic salt flavor in full force.

Lost Cherry
Cherry cola-inspired notes of fizzy sweet cherry soda. Refreshingly sweet cherry mingles with effervescent soda pop fizz for a perfectly nostalgic vape.

Miami Mint
Cool and ever-so-slightly sweet spearmint flavor. Subtly herbaceous without excessive saccharine. A tastefully restrained mint well-suited to all palates.

The famous strawberry banana pairing that just works. Sweet strawberry brilliance buries any artificial banana touches while allowing luscious fruit creaminess through. A legendary vape duo executed to perfection.

Watermelon Ice
Refreshingly cool menthol enhances lush sweet watermelon. Significantly icy without masking the melon’s sweet full flavors for the ultimate hot weather vape.

ELUX Cyberover 18K Flavors

Performance and Experience Reviews

In real-world use, the Cyberover delivers on its promise of high-power output, especially in burst mode. The tapered metal body feels sturdy, while the mouthpiece provides ample airflow for voluminous vapor production that remains consistent over the device’s long lifespan.

Flavors come through clearly across both modes, aided by the excellent airflow. And switching between standard and burst results in an immediately noticeable spike in vapor density for a more intense vaping experience when desired.

Battery life varies based on usage habits but generally lasts at least a day of regular vaping, aided by fast USB-C charging. And e-liquid lasts equally as long, if not longer. For a disposable device, the Cyberover provides exceptional battery and tank duration.

The Verdict

With its unique technology like haptic feedback and an LED display, the ELUX Cyberover 18K feels futuristic compared to many competitors. This pairs with adjustable power modes that truly enhance performance.

The flavors play it relatively safe, but deliver solid interpretations of popular vape tastes. Between the stellar Cherry and Mint options, most vapers will find a flavor they enjoy.

In the crowded boosted disposable vape space, the Cyberover 18K stands out through its innovative feature set. For an introduction to the dual coil experience in a user-friendly format, the Cyberover warrants consideration.

Matthew Ma