Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review

The Lost Mary Tappo pod kit offers vapers a unique and affordable vaping experience. This innovative device combines the sleek metallic design of the iconic Lost Mary bottle flask with the convenience of a reusable pod vape kit. Our review covers the key features, performance, pod flavors, and value of the Lost Mary Tappo.

An Introduction to the Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit

The Lost Mary Tappo pod kit includes a slim, flask-shaped vape device and a prefilled nicotine salt pod. The device itself is rechargeable via USB-C and works through auto-draw technology.

To get started, simply charge up the device, pop in a pod, and take a draw. There are no buttons or complicated menus. The pod attaches magnetically for a secure connection.

The kit is available in four metallic color options, each coming with a different flavored pod:

  • Dark Bronze with Blue Sour Razz
  • Blue Green with Lemon Lime
  • Silver Stainless Steel with Strawberry Ice
  • Green Pink with Watermelon

Replacement pods can be purchased in over 20 flavors with 20mg nicotine salts.

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Colors

Sleek, Compact Design of the Lost Mary Tappo

The Lost Mary Tappo features an eye-catching slim, metallic design reminiscent of the Lost Mary BM600 bottle flask. It’s much smaller than a typical pod mod device, similar in size to a disposable vape.

The modern, minimalistic look comes in dark bronze, blue/green, silver, and pink/green gradients. The silver stainless steel is a personal favorite for its sleek, neutral tone.

In the box, you’ll find the device sealed in plastic with a starter pod. Setup takes just a few minutes to charge up the battery before your first satisfying puff.

While a USB-C cable is not included, the intuitive auto-draw function and magnetic pod connection make starting up this device a breeze. The lack of included charging cable is the only drawback to an otherwise straightforward, user-friendly setup.

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit

Top Lost Mary Tappo Pod Flavors Reviewed

With over 20 nic salt flavors available, the Lost Mary Tappo offers plenty of options to suit any taste. Here are 5 of the most popular prefilled pod flavors reviewed:

Blue Razz Lemonade

This refreshing blend envelops your senses with the sweet and tart flavors of summertime. Breathe in the aroma of freshly-picked blueberries and raspberries ripening under the summer sun. Sweet, juicy blue raspberry dances across your tastebuds on the inhale. As you exhale, the profile shifts to mimick the puckering tartness of hand-squeezed lemons and limes, cooled and diluted into the perfect thirst-quenching lemonade. This nostalgic flavor fusion brings together the best of sweet and sour for a perfectly balanced, familiar vape.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Take in the scent of a blueberry bush in spring, laden with plump berries soon to reach their peak ripeness. As you inhale, the sweet essence of blueberries floods the palate, with layers of jammy flavor reminiscent of a freshly baked pie. Upon exhaling, the profile transitions into the mouth-watering tartness of sour raspberries just picked at the peak of summer. This masterfully balanced combination will delight fruit flavor aficionados.

Mixed Berries

Inhale summer’s bounty in this blend of three iconic berries. The aroma transports you straight to the farmers market, with crates overflowing with vibrant red strawberries, plump blueberries, and raspberries so ripe they stain your fingers purple. Sweet strawberry deliciousness kicks off the flavor journey across the tongue, before layers of jammy blueberry and tart raspberry join in, culminating in a symphony of everyone’s favorite summer fruits. This balanced medley avoids saccharine sweetness, instead allowing the natural flavors of sun-kissed berries to shine.

Peach Ice

Escape to the orchard and inhale the perfumed fragrance of fuzzy peach skin warmed from within by sweet summer nectar. As you inhale, juicy peach flavor with undertones of apricot washes over your tastebuds. Upon exhaling, the profile transitions into the crisp chill of an alpine breeze blowing straight from the peaks of icy glaciers. This cooling sensation perfectly complements the sweet stonefruit, resulting in a flavor fusion that’s incredibly refreshing. It’s an ideal choice for menthol and fruit fans alike.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Inhale this tropical blend and instantly get whisked away on vacation somewhere warm and sunny. The sweet tropical aroma of ripe guava and zingy passionfruit mingle with refreshing kiwi top notes. As you inhale, the flavor profile explodes with tangy and slightly tart guava, balanced by the delicate perfumed flavor of ripe passion fruit. On the exhale, the tropical tones shift toward bright kiwi, lending a hint of green tarterness to offset the prior sweetness. This dynamic fusion blends the perfect harmony of sweet and sour for a getaway in every puff. Adventure-seeking fruit flavor aficionados will fall in love with this exotic combination.

Strong Battery Life and Consistent Performance

The Lost Mary Tappo provides excellent battery life, lasting through 1-1.5 pods on a single charge. That translates to 600-800 satisfying puffs per charge.

The battery remains strong even during back-to-back use. Flavor and vapor production stay consistent right down to the last puffs.

The efficiency of the pods means that every inhalation delivers bold, accurate flavor for an exceptional vaping experience over the life of each pod.

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Vape

Cost Savings and Convenience with Refillable Pods

While the upfront cost is higher than a disposable vape, the Lost Mary Tappo saves money in the long run. At around £5.99 for the device kit and £2.50 per pod, it comes out cheaper than disposables with regular use.

Bulk pod deals offer further savings. Having pods on hand eliminates urgency and avoids potential waste from tossing unfinished disposables with expired batteries.

The only recurring cost is replacement pods. With the reusable battery and auto-draw function, the Lost Mary Tappo provides a disposable-like experience with more convenience and less expense.

Final Verdict: A Unique, Budget-Friendly Pod Kit

With its slim metallic flask design and easy auto-draw system, the Lost Mary Tappo pod kit provides a user-friendly vaping experience. Its long battery life and flavorful prefilled pods deliver bold, consistent flavor.

While the pods are not recyclable, the reusable device produces less waste compared to disposables. At under £6 for the starter kit, it’s a budget-friendly option that saves money long-term.

For vapers seeking a convenient, quality pod vape with signature Lost Mary style, the Tappo is an excellent choice. It earns high marks for its performance, pod variety, and value.

Lost Mary Tappo Kit Alternative

Try the Sticky Open Pod Kit from Ecigator. The Sticky Open Pod Kit is a contemporary vaping device that combines functionality with fashion. This kit is designed with a box-style form factor, offering a compact and stylish appearance that’s ideal for vaping enthusiasts on the move.

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