lost mary os5000 review

The rechargeable Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape offers 5000 puffs of indulgent flavor and satisfaction. With its ample 13mL juice capacity and 650mAh battery, this petite yet powerful device provides marathon vaping on the go. Our in-depth review breaks down everything about the Lost Mary OS5000’s stellar performance and extensive flavor options.


One glance at the Lost Mary OS5000 reveals a meticulously designed disposable built for portability and longevity. The compact polycarbonate chassis fits easily into pockets while still housing a generous 13mL e-liquid reservoir and 650mAh battery.

An oval mouthpiece provides a comfortable MTL draw. Convenient USB-C fast charging allows you to repower the battery after it drains following around 5000 puffs. Pair this long battery life with the massive flavor variety, and the Lost Mary OS5000 offers next-level performance for a disposable device.

First Impressions

The Lost Mary OS5000 ships in colorful packaging proudly displaying the flavor name on front. The box also highlights key stats like 5000 puff rating and 50mg nicotine strength. An authentication code provides assurance you’re receiving a genuine device.

Inside, the Lost Mary OS5000 sits within a protective sealed plastic wrapper. Removing the device reveals a lightweight yet solid feel, especially for a disposable vape. The plastic and silicone finish creates a smooth, comfortable grip.

After peeling off the mouthpiece seal and charge port cover, the Lost Mary OS5000 requires no prep or charging to start vaping. The draw-activated system means you simply inhale to kick it into action.

Taking a Vape

From the first puff, the Lost Mary OS5000 delivers extremely satisfying flavor. The automatic draw provides a smooth, slightly loose MTL puff. Abundant vapor pours out instantly upon inhaling.

The 5% (50mg) nicotine salts offer the perfect punchy throat hit to appeal to former smokers. And the optimized airflow over the mesh coil maximizes both flavor intensity and ample vapor production.

During testing, the 5000 puff battery life rating proved accurate. We averaged over a full day of steady moderate use before needing to recharge via USB-C. And impressively, the flavor quality and vapor density remains superb until the last drop of e-juice.

For a petite disposable device, the Lost Mary OS5000 churns out performance rivaling many advanced reusable setups. When combined with the expansive flavor selection, it takes disposable vaping to new heights.

Flavor Options

With over 20 options available, the Lost Mary OS5000 has a flavor to satisfy every palate. Our expert testers sampled the full gamut to assess each for accuracy and enjoyability:

  • Fruit flavors like Juicy Peach delivered wonderfully authentic, lush fruit essence with balanced sweetness.
  • Candy flavors like Blue Cotton Candy spot-on recreated those childhood favorites with amplified sweetness.
  • Beverages like Cranberry Soda wowed our panel with their fizzy carbonation essence.
  • Desserts aimed to recreate indulgent treats like Strawberry Sundae, but fell a bit short on creamy nuance.

We also tested the following standout flavors:

Blue Cotton Candy

Was exceptionally sweet and icy. I enjoyed a few puffs from it throughout the day, but it was a little too sweet for an all-day vape. The flavor is good though. One of my co-workers really liked it a lot and bought one for himself. I have mixed feelings. It tastes good, even better than some other cotton candies I’ve tried, but was slightly overpowering for an ADV. However, if you like extremely sweet and icy cotton candy you’ll really enjoy this one.

Juicy Peach

This flavor tastes like a sweet peach. Tasty and sweet on the inhale, icy and peachy on the exhale. In between puffs, I get mostly sweetness and some light fruit flavor underneath. I really enjoy this one. Peach has never been one of my go-to vape flavors but it tastes good enough that the peach flavoring itself was less important. Provides a strong MTL hit of sweet fruit and ice.

Pineapple Mango

I taste both the pineapple and mango on the inhale. If you don’t read the name, you might mistake it for a sweet and sour apple because it’s so fruity. But concentrating on the flavors, I could easily pick out both juicy pineapple and sweet mango notes. On the exhale I taste just enough ice to accentuate those fruits. Not overwhelmingly icy, nor does it lack enough to make the fruits pop. They found the right balance. The aftertaste is just sweet pineapple and mango – no chemical taste, just delicious fruit.

Strawberry Mango

Remarkably similar to the pineapple mango flavor I loved. A great alternative for those who prefer strawberry over pineapple. It has a slightly “darker” profile but still tastes sweet, with identifiable mango and added fruity twists. The mango and ice are most prominent, making it different from the pineapple version but still a nice tropical fruit vape.

Blueberry Ice

The blueberry flavor is accurate, but it has less ice so the blueberry doesn’t pop as much. With the name Blueberry Ice, I’d expect more icy kick. I’d personally up the ice to make the fruit comparable to their other excellent fruit flavors. But if you prefer less ice, you’ll love this more restrained icy blueberry.

Blue Razz Ice

It was nice tasting the blue raspberry up front here. Reminds me of a classic blueberry vape I loved back in the day. It’s the same blueberry as their Blueberry Ice but with added raspberry for sweetness I prefer over the Blueberry Ice version.

Cranberry Soda

Several on my team love this flavor. While not my personal favorite, it’s enjoyable. You get a sweetish fruit flavor paired with light ice and fizzy soda flavoring. Easily one of the best Lost Mary flavors for experienced vapers.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

I’m not sure what they were going for here, but it missed the mark for me. Either these fruits don’t blend well or they missed the flavor aim completely. Not enough ice to mask the off tastes. My team enjoyed it more than me, but still wouldn’t rate it the best guava option out there.

Strawberry Ice

This is an excellent strawberry ice vape. The strawberry tastes lovely, like strawberry jam. The ice perfectly accents the flavor with a cooling sensation. Leaves a sweet and tasty aftertaste that keeps me coming back.

Strawberry Pina Colada

My personal favorite. Takes me back to enjoying piña coladas as a California surfer back in the day. Comes across very icy due to the heavy coconut flavoring. Combined with the ice and fruit flavors, it makes a fantastic drink-inspired vape. An easy all-day vape and a new staple for me.

Strawberry Sundae

This one fell short of expectations. It’s not sweet enough, lacks sufficient ice, and has subdued strawberry notes with an unidentifiable off taste instead. Doesn’t live up to the named flavor.


An excellent watermelon fruit vape. Sweet and icy enough to make the flavor pop. I get delicious watermelon and ice on both inhale and exhale. No chemical aftertaste, just sweet juicy watermelon. A great ADV option.

The fruit flavors won over our testers the most with their layered realism. While a couple like Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava missed the mark, most performed well. Overall, Lost Mary nailed an extensive and largely accurate flavor menu.

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Design and Portability

Despite housing a large 13mL e-juice reservoir and 650mAh battery, the Lost Mary OS5000 remains astonishingly portable and lightweight. It measures under 3 inches tall and 1 inch thick—similar to a small vape pen.

The matte plastic and pliable silicone exterior also feels ultra comfortable and ergonomic during extended vaping sessions. A mini LED battery meter seamlessly integrates into the minimalist, streamlined aesthetics.

For effortless pocketability and discretion, the petite Lost Mary OS5000 is hard to beat. It slips stealthily into any bag or pocket. The draw-activation makes public vaping a cinch.

Battery and Longevity

The Lost Mary OS5000 packs a 650mAh battery, providing ample efficient power in a super compact form factor. Real-world testing aligned with the advertised 5000 puff rating before requiring a recharge. Individual vaping habits ultimately decide total lifespan.

Fortunately, replenishing the battery is straightforward courtesy of onboard USB-C fast charging. We clocked a full recharge at around 45 minutes. The LED indicator glows red, blue then green to indicate a full battery.

Impressively, the flavor and vapor consistency stays strong all the way to the last puff before tapering off as juice runs empty. For a device this petite, the Lost Mary OS5000 delivers stellar longevity and efficiency that exceeds expectations.

Size and Portability

The Lost Mary OS5000’s diminutive size naturally lends itself to easy portability. It measures scarcely over 2.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide—nearly identical to a small USB drive in footprint. You could discretely fit two or more in a shirt pocket.

And despite the large juice capacity and battery, it weighs next to nothing when carried. The streamlined, pen-shaped format won’t bulge or weigh down pockets or bags.

Paired with the draw-activated automatic operation, the Lost Mary OS5000 provides ultimate convenience for active on-the-go vaping. Its petite yet long-lasting construction makes a perfect portable all-day companion.

Pros and Cons

For its price, the Lost Mary OS5000 delivers outstanding value, but still comes with a few drawbacks:


    • Huge 20+ authentic flavor options
    • 5000+ puff battery life
    • Rechargeable battery via USB-C
    • Ample vapor production
    • Ultra compact and lightweight
    • Draw-activated simplicity


    • Occasional off-target flavors
    • E-liquid level hard to gauge
    • Recharge speed slower than pods
    • No adjustable power or airflow
    • Loose draw unsuitable for some

Final Verdict

The rechargeable Lost Mary OS5000 earns its reputation as a top-tier disposable vape device. Its expansive, accurate flavor catalogue satisfies across all palates. 5000 puffs per charge keeps vaping blissfully hassle-free for days. And the petite yet high-capacity construction strikes the ultimate balance of portability and longevity.

A couple dud flavors occasionally miss the mark, and adjustable settings are absent. But overall the Lost Mary OS5000 provides a consistently stellar experience rivaling pricier vaping setups. Disposable connoisseurs seeking maximum flavor and function needn’t look further for satisfying vaping on the move.

Matthew Ma