The stylish and portable Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape has quickly become a favorite for vapers thanks to its excellent flavor options. With a huge selection to choose from, there’s a delicious MO5000 flavor for every palate. We’ll explore the top 17 mouthwatering Lost Mary MO5000 flavors that you need to experience.

top lost mary bo5000 flavors

The Lost Mary MO5000 offers an ultra convenient and satisfying vaping experience in a slim, pocket-friendly design perfect for vaping on the go. It provides a wide array of flavors to appeal to diverse tastes. Each flavor option is expertly balanced, delivering exceptionally smooth, flavorful vapor with every puff. Overall, the MO5000 is a fantastic choice for vapers seeking variety, convenience and portability all in one device.

The Top 17 Can’t-Miss MO5000 Flavor Options

With so many tantalizing options to pick from, it was tough to narrow down the very best Lost Mary MO5000 flavors. But after extensive personal testing and research, these are my top 17 picks that all vapers need to try:

1. Black Mint – A Berry Twist on Minty Menthol

Black Mint infuses icy minty menthol with sweet yet tart blackcurrant, delivering a cooling menthol inhale followed by jammy blackcurrant flavors on the exhale. The blackcurrant has a grape-like flavor with hints of blackberry and raspberry. This adds a delightful fruity twist to classic menthol. I loved the way the sweet berry notes balanced out the strong mint.

lost mary bo5000 black mint

2. Blue Trio – A Medley of Sweet Berries

This blue razz flavored trio blends sweet blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate flavors into a candy-like berry explosion. It avoids mint for those seeking straight up fruity sweetness. The blue razz base carries sugary sweet berry goodness through each hit. The three fruity layers made this a nice change from basic blue razz.

3. Blueberry Raspberry Lemon – Berries Meet Zesty Citrus

Juicy blueberry and raspberry combine with tart lemon undertones in this balanced berry citrus mix. The inhale pops with mixed sweet and tart berries while the exhale introduces the zesty lemon that elevates the berry profile. An icy chill ties it all together into a perfect summery blend. The lemon gave this an extra kick – one of my favorites.

4. Cherry Lemon – When Opposites Attract

This spot-on sweet cherry flavor is balanced by zesty lemon. While small puffs can taste odd, taking a full robust puff allows the accurate cherry taste to shine through, complemented by the tart lemon on the exhale that brings out the cherry flavor. The lemon perfectly complements the cherry to create an authentic candy-like flavor profile. This ended up being an surprisingly enjoyable unique flavor.

5. Citrus Sunrise – Fresh Orange Juice Chilled

Imagine vaping fresh, sweet orange juice, chilled down with icy menthol. That’s exactly what you get with Citrus Sunrise. It captures that bright, natural orange juice flavor and refreshing chill into one nostalgic vape that’s like breakfast in a bottle. If you love orange juice, this flavor is a must-try.

6. Energize – An Energy Drink Rush Minus The Harshness

Get your energy fix without the crash! Energize embodies the familiar flavor of fruity energy drinks but avoids the overwhelming harshness. Lighter zesty citrus meets berry sweetness in a vape that tastes just like your favorite beverage without any chemical aftertaste. It delivered that energy drink flavor I crave without being overpowering.

lost mary bo5000 Energize

7. Ginger Beer – Remarkably True-to-Life

This shockingly accurate ginger beer flavor will make you do a double take. The inhale brings light lemon and ginger. The exhale carries the exotic fermented essence of real beer. It’s all tied together by a chill of icy menthol. This flavor is mind-blowingly spot-on, like drinking ginger beer in vapor form. I still can’t believe how accurately this captured the real flavor.

8. Grape Jelly – Fruity Candy Jelly Grapes

Fans of grape candy will love this sweet, slightly spicy and icy grape blend. It balances the natural concord grape flavor with a jelly candy undertone. This nostalgic flavor will bring you back to your favorite childhood grape jellies and sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, this sugary grape goodness really delivers.

9. Kiwi Fuse – A Tropical Fruit Explosion

An intensely sweet and flavor packed blend of kiwi, guava and passionfruit. Bursts of sugary sweet kiwi, tropical guava and floral passionfruit create a fruit salad in your mouth. Medium ice rounds it out for the ultimate sweet and cool fruit explosion. The flavor combination was unique and made my mouth water.

10. Lemon Sparkling Wine – Fizzy Lemon Soda Bliss

Imagine your favorite fizzy lemon soda transformed into vape form. Lemon Sparkling Wine combines zesty lemon, an energy drink vibe and icy menthol to emulate those lemony fizzy movie theater soda candies we all know and love. This instantly transported me back to childhood.

While the top 10 flavors are my absolute favorites, the remaining 7 options are also well worth trying out. The expansive flavor selection is one of the MO5000’s biggest assets. So don’t stop at the top 10 – continue exploring numbers 11 through 17 too. The Citrus Sunrise, Energize, Grape Jelly, and other flavors still deliver deliciously accurate and satisfying taste profiles. Part of the joy is sampling the full range to appreciate the diversity of flavors Lost Mary packed into the MO5000 lineup. There’s something for everyone, so keep tasting your way through the entire robust flavor roster.

11. Mango Peach – Juicy Tropical Fruit Duo

Authentic ripe mango and peach flavors intertwine to create a cascading tropical fruit profile that lingers on the palate between puffs. Mango Peach delivers a mouthwatering fruit vape for mango and peach candy fans. The flavors tasted so fresh and real – a new favorite tropical blend.

12. Mango Peach Watermelon – Tropical Fruit Symphony

This flavor threesome blends sweet watermelon with layers of mango and peach flavor. The mango amplifies the peach while the watermelon adds an extra layer of candy-like sweetness to create a fruit medley in a class of its own. It was deliciousness overload in the best possible way.

13. Pineapple Apple Pear – A Crisp Fruit Fusion

Pineapple Apple Pear fuses sweet pineapple and pear with tart apple flavors. Hints of spice add intrigue. With barely any ice, you can distinguish each authentic fruit flavor in this crisp, sweet yet slightly sour fruit fusion. The spice added an unexpected kick that balanced the sweetness.

lost mary bo5000 Pineapple Apple Pear

14. Watermelon Cherry – A Fruity Cotton Candy Dream

Juicy watermelon meets maraschino cherry in this unique blend with a fruity cotton candy essence. Robust hits allow the rich watermelon and candy-like cherry to shine through in this unexpectedly enjoyable flavor mashup. It grew on me fast – like vaping candy.

15. Watermelon Ice – Simple Summer Refreshment

Sometimes simple is best. Watermelon Ice delivers juicy watermelon flavor chilled down with icy menthol. Each puff quenches your thirst with sweet watermelon cuts and cool minty exhales. A perfectly refreshing summer vape. When you just want something light and refreshing, this one hits the spot.

16. Yummy – Sweet Cotton Candy Clouds

True to its name, Yummy delivers deliciously sweet, creamy cotton candy clouds accentuated by icy coolness. This dessert-like flavor envelops your mouth in vanilla sweetness with each puff. Your sweet tooth will thank you! If you have a major sweet tooth, this exceedingly sweet flavor is sure to satisfy.

17. Blueberry Ice – Authentic Berry Bliss

For blueberry lovers, this flavor is bliss defined. Tangy blueberry flavor is intensified by the Lost Mary MO5000’s mesh coils then chilled by frosty menthol. It’s an authentic and enjoyable profile for true blueberry aficionados. The menthol balanced beautifully with the juicy blueberry flavors.

Final Verdict on the MO5000’s Flavors

The Lost Mary MO5000 delivers an awesome vaping experience thanks to its array of spot-on flavors, high-tech design and overall consistent quality. There’s a flavor option to satisfy any palate from fruity blends to icy menthol and everything in between. The MO5000 produces exceptionally smooth yet robust vapor with long-lasting flavor. After sampling the lineup, the MO5000 earns my stamp of approval for its flavor authenticity and vapor performance.

Matthew Ma