Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit Review

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit Review

The Lost Vape Ursa Baby is the latest small vape pod system to hit the market, featuring a standout transparent shell design that gives users a peek into the inner workings of this compact device. As a new addition to Lost Vape’s popular pod vape lineup, the Ursa Baby packs impressive performance into its petite frame, making it an ideal option for vapers looking for a portable yet powerful pod vape.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look under the hood – literally – at everything the Ursa Baby has to offer, from its visual appeal to its vapor quality and battery life. We’ll also compare it to other Lost Vape pod systems like the Ursa Nano to help you determine if the Ursa Baby is worth adding to your vape arsenal.

Ursa Baby Overview and Features

Taking the tech from URSA predecessors to a 68.5mm frame, Lost Vape fits comfortable functionality into the palm of your hand with the Ursa Baby. The zinc alloy chassis still feels solid while a lightweight 85 grams combined with prominent curves gently grasp your fingertips.

Similar to older URSA pods but smaller, the Baby keeps the adjustable airflow slider alongside automatic draw activation without buttons. Choose between two settings for a tighter or loser MTL inhale as desired. An 800mAh battery, the Q2 chipset, and cross-compatible pods further enhance the versatile experience from this mini pod device.

Key Features:
  • Super compact zinc alloy chassis
  • Transparent shell to view internals
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • 800mAh battery capacity
  • Accepts URSA Nano coils
  • Draw activated firing
  • 2.5mL pod juice capacity (2.0 for TPD version)
1706198003 Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit

Lost Vape brings their popular luxury vape style to palm-sized proportions without sacrificing flexibility or customization with the new Ursa Baby pod system.

Design Impressions and Build Quality

Right out of the box, the Ursa Baby makes an impression with its transparent shell casing. Available in six different tinted colorways, each Ursa Baby shell permits a fascinating glimpse at the inner workings encased within.

1706198616 Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod Kit Vape

The peek-a-boo clear shell isn’t the only eye-catching design element, however. Lost Vape decks out each colorway with a unique battery wrap, featuring cool graphics like tribal skulls or alien symbols. It’s a tiny touch that gives the Ursa Baby a major visual edge over its competitors.

1706199405 Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pod

Inspecting the Ursa Baby up close, the clear shell offers some really neat insights for vape enthusiasts. You can plainly view the wires connecting the pod to the battery, as well as the airflow control slider mechanism.

Watching the clever airflow slider in action is one of the most intriguing parts of the Ursa Baby’s transparent casing. Made from silicone, the slider glides to expose or block off the airflow holes located directly underneath the pod. Vapers can customize their draw simply by moving the slider, without having to remove pod or battery.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby airflow

While undeniably cool from a visual standpoint, the clear shell does have one drawback – it scuffs and scratches super easily. Despite handling the device gently, micro abrasions quickly accumulated on the Ursa Baby’s shell during testing. These scratches are especially noticeable given the transparent surface.

Durability concerns aside, the Ursa Baby remains compact and comfortable in-hand, measuring just 68.5mm tall by 47mm wide and a mere 16mm deep. The smooth rounded edges give it an approachable, friendly shape that’s easy to grip and operate.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby lanyard

For added portability, Lost Vape includes a branded lanyard that vapers can attach to the anchor point integrated into the battery’s casing. Weighing next to nothing, the Ursa Baby won’t weigh you down while out and about.

Pod Performance: Flavor and Draw

While flashy aesthetics are nice, a pod device’s most important feature is consistent, flavorful performance – and that’s just what the Ursa Baby delivers.

This pod system comes equipped with Lost Vape’s familiar Ursa Nano pods, which come in 0.8ohm and 1.0ohm resistance options. The 0.8ohm pod included with the kit provides impressive vapor quality, though the draw varies significantly depending on the airflow slider setting.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby compatible-pods

With the slider at its loosest setting, the draw is mildly tight – perfect for a satisfying MTL vape. But at maximum tightness, the draw becomes extremely restricting, requiring some forceful inhaling. The tight setting also seems to restrict flavor intensity.

Moving the slider back to the looser position strikes the ideal balance for flavor and airflow. Even after prolonged use, the draw stays consistent and the vapor production remains excellent. The pods handle 50/50 to 70VG juices with ease, wicking quickly so dry hits are never an issue.

The dark tinting on the pods can make it tricky to gauge ejuice levels, especially when refilling on the go. But the rubber plug makes it simple to pop the pod open for quick top-offs. No leaks or messes occurred during testing thanks to the secure seal.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pods 0.8

In terms of pod life, the 0.8ohm coil impressively lasted over two weeks with regular use. Only towards the very end did the flavor seem slightly muted. For such an affordable pod, this exceptional coil longevity helps offset the cost over time.

The kit includes one 0.8Ω pod optimized for nicotine salts from 20mg to 50mg strength. But you can also pick up a 1.0Ω pod for flexibility choosing juices. Despite the shadowy film obscuring vision inside, a rectangular viewing window provides some visibility inspecting fluid levels.

Refilling requires popping off the silicone gasket to expose a generous slot. Take care not to overfill as the tinted plastic and side-mounted opening risks spill over. Output holds consistent with both pod types using the preset airflow settings to tailor the draw intensity to your liking anywhere from loose to very tight MTL.

Battery Performance and Life

Though compact, the Ursa Baby’s 800mAh battery packs enough capacity to get most vapers through a full day of use before needing a recharge. Heavier users may need to top up more frequently, but the battery should still easily last a full morning to evening of steady vaping.

The Ursa Baby utilizes USB-C charging, enabling complete recharges in around an hour flat. Pass-through vaping is also supported, so you can puff away while simultaneously powering up the battery if needed.

While the fast charge speeds are great, the real highlight is the novel LED indicator concealed under the transparent shell. When you take a hit, this LED illuminates in a different color based on the exact charge level:

  • Red = Low battery (<3.7V)
  • Blue = Mid-range (3.7-3.9V)
  • Green = Full battery (3.9V+)

Watching the LED shift hues through the clear casing adds some extra flair to an already stylish device. And it gives you an accurate visualization of when you need to start considering a recharge.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Vape Pod Charging

How Does the Ursa Baby Compare to Other Lost Vape Pod Kits?

Lost Vape has several pod systems on the market currently, which begs the question – how does the new Ursa Baby stack up against previous releases like the Ursa Nano or Orion Q?

In terms of performance, the Ursa Baby is exceedingly similar to the Ursa Nano. They utilize the same pod cartridges and deliver comparable vapor quality. The main difference lies in the draw customization afforded by the Ursa Baby’s airflow slider.

Compared to Lost Vape’s older Orion pod devices, the Ursa Baby offers improvements like quicker charging, longer pod life, and a more compact size. However, the Orion’s adjustable wattage and unusual vertical design give it a slight edge in terms of innovation.

Overall, the Ursa Baby isn’t necessarily a huge leap forward given the similarities with the Ursa Nano. But the novel transparent casing and airflow options help this newcomer stand apart.

Visually distinctive transparent design
Sturdy pocketable build
Good battery life from 800mAh
Automatically activates for quick vaping
Shared pod compatibility with URSA linew
Clear shell scratches easily from use
Dark tint makes checking juice level difficult

Final Verdict

The Lost Vape Ursa Baby delivers satisfying flavor and vapor production, making it a solid choice for MTL vaping on the go. While the extremely tight draw setting is a bit too restrictive, the looser MTL setting hits that sweet spot for an enjoyable pod vape experience.

Despite some small scratches accumulated on the plastic shell, the transparent casing remains the Ursa Baby’s most defining characteristic, offering vapers an intriguing look under the hood. Lost Vape also loads the Ursa Baby with nice extras, like the battery level LED and lanyard for portability.

Pod life and battery length are both admirable, especially for such an affordably priced pod system. The fast USB-C charging speeds make it easy to power up quickly when needed.

If you already own the Ursa Nano, the Ursa Baby may feel a bit redundant. But for vapers seeking a new portable pod vape capable of outstanding flavor and vapor in a petite package, the innovative Ursa Baby is definitely worth considering.

Matthew Ma