Mr Fog SW15000 Disposable Vape Review

Mr Fog SW15000 Disposable Vape Review

The team over at Mr Fog have somehow taken an already amazing disposable and made it even better with the release of the new Switch SW15000. This powerful device builds upon everything that made the original Switch so fantastic, while adding a number of key upgrades to deliver even stronger performance.

Features and Specs
  • 12ml e-juice capacity
  • 15,000 puff rating
  • Rechargeable battery
  • LED screen displays battery % and e-juice level
  • Airflow adjustable from tight MTL to loose RDTL
  • 10W eco mode and 20W boost mode
  • Draw-activated firing
  • Type-C USB charging (no pass-through)
  • Child safety lock
Mr Fog SW15000 Disposable Vape

Design and Appearance

Straight out of the box, the Switch SW15000 makes it obvious that it’s part of the same fantastic disposable line that the original Switch hailed from. That sleek and stylish box-mod-esque design is back, with the two-tone color scheme that really makes these disposables stand out.

They’ve made some subtle but meaningful tweaks too – adding a compact LED display that shows your remaining battery life and ejuice level at a glance. There’s also a dedicated boost mode button to crank things up to 20W when you want that extra kick.

And impressively, they’ve packed all that and a giant 15,000 puff capacity into a frame that feels just as good in the hand as the compact original Switch. It might just be the perfect disposable size – not too big and unwieldy but with some nice weight and ergonomics.

Mr Fog SW15000 Disposable Vape

All The Best Parts of The OG Switch

All of the features that made the original Switch so good make a return here. The signature colored mouthpiece is back, adding some nice grip and a stylish flair. The adjustable airflow returns too, controlled by a well positioned wheel on the front that makes dialing in anything from a tight MTL draw up to a loose RDTL breeze.

And joining the classic features are some great new additions, like that dedicated boost mode button. Hitting that ramps wattage from 10W up to 20W for massively improved vapor and flavor production. It really takes the experience to another level.

The other big improvement is the addition of that compact OLED screen. It gives you at-a-glance feedback on Remaining ejuice level, current wattage/boost mode, battery life, and when charging – progress until full battery.

Its a feature packed disposable that leaves all the guesswork behind!

MrFog Switch SW15000 Vape

Vaping Performance

With so many features and such a gorgeous, compact chassis, high performance expectations come part and parcel. Luckily, the Switch SW15000 delivers the goods!

Flavour and vapour production are both frankly incredible for a disposable device. Each puff packs a dense and powerful blast of flavor that could rival some mid range rebuildable atomizers. Vapour production is right up there too, pumping out surprisingly thick and dense plumes.

And that’s just in the standard 10W “Eco” mode! Popping it into the 20W “Boost” mode sees both flavour and vapour get taken to another level.

The adjustable airflow is perfectly tuned, with the full spectrum from a tight MTL right up to a loose, airy RDTL on offer. And the nicotine hit and throat hit are spot on too, although be warned – in boost mode that 50mg (5%) nicotine level packs a very solid punch!

MrFog Switch SW15000 Vape Gold

Smart Features

Disposables live and die on their battery life and ejuice capacity. Even the best performing device quickly becomes useless bricks when those reservoirs run dry.

That’s why that integrated LED screen on the Switch SW15000 is so invaluable. It clearly displays Remaining ejuice % on one side and current battery % on the other. No more guessing when it’s about to die!

And the figures seems fairly accurate in testing too. I got just shy of the claimed 15,000 puff rating, but a solid 12-14 days of steady use before the ejuice ran out. Battery life of 2-3 days per charge was fantastic too.

Quick charging via USB-C in just 60 minutes helps keep things topped up and reducing any potential downtime as well. It’s a very well balanced device all around.

Mr Fog Switch SW15000 Vape

Mr Fog SW15000 Flavors

One area you expect great things from Mr Fog is with flavors. After all they built their name on some truly spectacular ejuice blends before moving into disposables. According to the Mr Fog website at the time of writing, the Switch SW15000 is available in 16 different flavors:

Flavor List
  • Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade
  • Pina Colada
  • Banana Pancake
  • Gold Edition
  • Strawberry Dragon Fruit
  • Grape Pomegranate Ice
  • Strawberry Apricot Ice
  • Peach Blue Razz Mango Ice
  • Nasty Tropic
  • Strawberry Berry
  • Blue Raspberry Magic Cotton Ice
  • Classic Mint Ice
  • Guava Mango Peach
  • Peach Lychee Ice
  • White Peach Slushy
  • Cola Gummy Ice

It’s a diverse selection spanning fruits, menthol, desserts and more unique flavor blends. I’ll briefly describe the 7 flavors I tested:

Mr Fog Switch SW15000 Flavors

Strawberry Dragon Fruit

A sweet and tropical blend, this flavor pairs the ripe juiciness of strawberries with the mild earthiness of dragonfruit. Each puff begins with a burst of sugary strawberry before fading into an almost herbal aftertaste reminiscent of lychees. The contrast creates intrigue.

Guava Mango Peach

An explosion of lush summer fruits. Sweet peach and tropical mango lead the charge, countered by the subtle tang of guava lingering long after you exhale. Fruity cocktail enthusiasts will fall hard for this dynamic and moreish concoction.

Strawberry Apricot Ice

This icy menthol flavor adds zing to the sweetness of strawberries and unexpected bite of apricot. Tart and tangy rather than cloyingly sweet, it proves remarkably refreshing. The icy exhale cools the palate after the initial sugary strawberry hit.

Strawberry Berry

Unapologetically strawberry. Those craving a straight-up sweet berry rush need look no further. The standalone strawberry flavor provides maximum authentic sweetness without complexity. Simplicity at its best.

Blue Raspberry Magic Cotton Ice

Willy Wonka’s wallpaper, vaporized. Inhale sweet clouds of raspberry cotton candy floss with subtle cooling menthol to balance the sugar overload. A magical nostalgia trip for the child in you, best enjoyed in moderation.

Grape Pomegranate Ice

An unlikely pairing that somehow works. Sweet concord grape tempers tart pomegranate in this surprisingly palatable blend. Hints of bitterness blended with sugary grape soon give way to a smooth, cooling menthol exhale. Unique and intriguing.

Gold Edition

The mystery flavor, balancing fruitiness with an almost powdery lemon sherbet note. Without definitive ingredient listings, users can let their imaginations fill in the gaps. Sweet yet slightly sour and undeniably fruity.

It’s an extremely solid range from top to bottom, with something for all palettes. The 50mg (5%) nicotine strength may be too high for some, but the flavors themselves are hard to fault!

Value and Price

Priced at a very reasonable $14.99, the exceptional performance and features of the Switch SW15000 make that seem like an absolute steal.

Most disposables at this level you’re looking $20+, so finding something with this level of quality under $15 is almost unheard of. For the price, nothing comes close to matching what’s on offer here.

Of course, long term an rebuildable atomizer and mixing your own juice works out cheaper. But compared to smoking, the SW15000 provides stellar value and killer performance all wrapped up in one tiny package.

When it offers 3ml capacity pods struggle to match flavour and battery life, the SW15000 stands head and shoulders above the rest of the market. If you need a fuss free, feature packed disposable that can keep up with near constant use, this is it!

Amazing flavor production
Smooth and satisfying vapor
Helpful LED screen
Handy boost mode
Long lasting battery life
Quick recharge time
50mg nic may be too strong
Not as cost effective as an RTA


The SW15000 takes everything that made the original Switch so good, and meaningfully builds upon it. More flavors, smarter features like that LED display, and massively improved performance. All while keeping convenience, ease of use and affordability front and center.

It’s an extremely well balanced and polished disposable that sets a new high bar for the category. Flavor chasers will be blown away by what’s on offer from such a tiny device. Heavy smokers can rejoice too – the 50mg nicotine level and sheer consistency make this a perfect gateway from cigarettes.

Simply put – Mr Fog have outdone themselves here. This is the new disposable vape to beat!

Matthew Ma