2023 Latest UK Vape Market Research Report

This report presents the latest market research on the electronic cigarette industry in the UK for the first quarter of 2023. Covering the top 10 supermarkets, top 10 liquor stores, top 10 gas stations, top 10 convenience stores, and the top 4 electronic cigarette brands based on sales for the past 2 months, this report offers valuable insights into the hottest electronic cigarette channels, products, and brands in the UK market. As a comprehensive strategic guide for companies looking to expand into the UK market, this report examines both online and offline channels and provides an in-depth analysis of the UK market for electronic cigarettes.

2023 Latest UK Vape Market Research Report

After more than 3 months of on-the-ground research by the “New Forces in Vaping” UK workstation, we’ve collected data from various channels to create this report for all businesses looking to expand overseas. The report covers the top 10 supermarkets, top 10 liquor stores, top 10 petrol stations, and top 10 convenience stores in the UK, as well as the top 4 e-cigarette brands in terms of sales in the past 2 months.

This research thoroughly investigates the current state of the UK e-cigarette industry’s online and offline channels in the first quarter of 2023. We’ve delved into which channels are the hottest, which products and brands sell the best, and explored the truth behind the UK market to provide comprehensive strategic services for businesses wanting to enter the UK market.

Here are the research findings:

UK Supermarket Chains Research Analysis

top 10 UK Supermarket Chains selling vapes

Notable findings: Popular brands in the top 10 UK supermarkets include 88Vape, Aqua Vape, Blu Bar, Vuse Go, Elf Bar, Ok Vape, Evo, and Smok.

UK Liquor Store Channel Research Analysis

top 10 UK liquor stores selling vapes

Notable findings: Top 10 UK liquor stores mainly stock ELF BAR, BLU BAR, BLACK NOTE e-liquids, various e-cigarette accessories, CIGAR cigars, and traditional tobacco products.

SMOKE-KING, GERRY’S WINES AND SPIRITS, and JEFFREY ST WHISKY AND TOBACCO are the top 3 liquor stores in the UK with multiple outlets. Young people are an important consumer group for liquor stores, and e-cigarettes are also popular among them. To better tap into the e-cigarette market, brands need to take advantage of the growing liquor store market.

UK Gas Station Channel Research Analysis

top 10 UK gas stations selling vapes

Notable findings: The top 10 UK petrol stations mainly sell e-cigarette brands such as Vape Dinner Lady, Elf Bar, Smok, BAT. Vuse, and Chic.

Many UK petrol stations sell e-cigarette products, so mastering this sales channel is crucial for e-cigarette brands operating in the UK. According to data analysis from the website Statistics, the largest petrol station brand in the UK is ESSO, followed by BP.

UK Convenience Store Channel Research Analysis

top 10 Convenience Stores selling vapes

Notable findings: Top 10 UK convenience stores mainly stock e-cigarette brands like Vaping, Elf Bar, Voopoo, Innokin, Uwell, Vuse, and Smok.

ALDI, ASDA, and BOOTHS are the top 3 convenience store brands in the UK with numerous outlets. For fast-moving consumer goods, convenience stores are a crucial sales channel. Being able to place products on the shelves of well-known convenience stores is very helpful for e-cigarette brand sales. In 2022, e-cigarettes topped the list of sales in UK convenience stores (grocery stores) with a total sales increase of over £434 million year-on-year.

UK Sales Rankings in the Past 2 Months Research Analysis

uk vape sells ranking

Notable findings: Compliant e-cigarette brands have dominated the mainstream fast-moving consumer goods market in the UK in the past 2 months.

Through the survey data, we found that the pattern of the UK electronic cigarette market has undergone huge changes in the past two months. Currently, the mainstream fast-moving consumer goods market mainly consists of British-American VUSE, Imperial Blubar, and American Juul. In addition, the Chinese brand Voopoo has recently also had considerable sales in the UK. ELF BAR 600 Puffs, Elf Bar Cigalike, Lost Mary BM600, Elux Bar 600, SKE Crystal Bar, etc. are some popular products in the UK over the past year, but these products are not the mainstream in the UK fast-moving consumer goods market now. They mainly exist in independent electronic cigarette stores and electronic cigarette chain stores in the UK.

In summary, mainstream, popular, and diverse electronic cigarette brands have become the popular cooperation partners of the top 10 channels in the UK, which is of great significance to the rapid expansion of the local market.

Matthew Ma