The Ultimate Vaping Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Unravel the mysteries of vaping. With this little guide to vaping, you’ll soon become an expert vaper!

Here’s everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes: how to use them, how to vape properly, and how to choose the right one. Leave no question unanswered.

Happy vaping!

Ultimate Vaping Guide

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette, also called an electronic cigarette, is a device that produces hot vapor. Thanks to its ingenious internal system, you inhale a soft and flavored cloud.

E-liquids are what allow you to flavor and personalize your vape. In other words, treat yourself to a feast by tasting all your favorite flavors!

You’ll find the electronic cigarette under several names: vaporette, vaporizer, vape, ecig, e-cigarette, or personal vaporizer.

In essence, it’s simply a device that generates an aerosol for you to inhale.

The electronic cigarette consists of a battery powered by accumulators or directly integrated into your box or stick, and a clearomizer.

This essential component has a resistance that produces vapor, as well as a tank for holding your e-liquid. The drip tip is the final touch: the mouthpiece of your ecig through which you inhale your delicious clouds.

Electronic cigarette glossary

  • Airflow: air openings located on the clearomizer of your e-cigarette. They allow you to adjust your air flow for a tight or airy draw.
  • Atomizer/Resistance: small metal piece located at the heart of the clearomizer that allows the vaporization of your e-liquid.
  • Rebuildable Atomizer: clearomizer that allows you to build your own resistance on a build deck.
  • Battery: device that powers the electronic cigarette with electrical energy.
  • Box: an electronic cigarette with a square or rectangular shape.
  • Clearomizer: upper part of the vape, consisting of a resistance, a tank, and a drip tip.
  • E-liquid: the liquid that flavors your vapor and is poured into the pyrex tank of your clearomizer or atomizer.
  • Throat hit: the tingling sensation you feel when inhaling the vapor.
  • Pyrex tank: central part of the clearomizer. Small borosilicate glass in the form of a bulb or straight, in which you pour your e-liquid.
  • Stick: electronic cigarette in a tubular format.
  • Top cap: the upper part of the clearomizer above which the drip tip is installed.
  • Vaping: action of drawing on your electronic cigarette to inhale vapor. The verb vaping is to e-cigarettes what the verb smoking is to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • Vaper: the person who uses an electronic cigarette.

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5 reasons to choose the electronic cigarette

1. It is more economical than tobacco.

Do the math. An electronic cigarette requires less investment. Inexpensive, it pays for itself in the long run.

You keep your kit longer, and e-liquids are much cheaper than packs of cigarettes. By opting for an e-cigarette kit, you’re doing good for your wallet, and that’s priceless.

2. It is less harmful to your health.

The harmfulness of tobacco cigarettes is well established. Carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, cyanide… And the list goes on! So many poisons that disappear with vapor.

Although the electronic cigarette is not entirely without flaws, its vapor is 95% less harmful than that of tobacco cigarettes (according to a study by Public Health England).

3. It gives you more pleasure.

That’s right, straight from a vaper’s mouth! Thanks to e-liquids, you can choose the flavor and taste that you prefer to accompany all your vaping sessions.

Can’t live without chocolate? Vape it guilt-free! Love the taste of mint? Enjoy it without limits with mint e-liquids.

Plus, your friends and family will be delighted to smell some delicious fragrances instead of the terrible and lingering odor of cold tobacco.

4. It’s a potential first step towards quitting tobacco.

Caution! The e-cigarette is not a medication. However, it can certainly be an excellent ally to help you increase your chances of finally quitting smoking for good.

With your e-cigarette in hand, you take the first step towards a mental process of quitting tobacco. It’s the best method for stopping smoking. The nicotine found in cigarettes can also be found in e-cigarettes.

As you want to reduce your nicotine consumption, you can choose e-liquids with lower doses. This way, you gradually get your body used to lower levels of nicotine and a decreasing need to smoke.

If you want to quit smoking, it’s recommended to always consult a healthcare professional. This decision is not trivial and requires expert advice.

5. It’s better for the planet.

Try this: look down at the pavement. See how many cigarette butts there are. Many have been there so long that they’re embedded in the concrete.

Despite the ban on throwing cigarette butts on the ground, they persist and spread their harmful substances into the environment.

With e-cigarettes, things change. Indeed, you don’t throw them away as soon as you finish vaping (although, at first, this bad habit may persist… Watch out for reflexes!).

More environmentally friendly, the e-cigarette lasts longer and is much less polluting than its harmful counterpart.

How to use your e-cigarette?

How does an e-cigarette work? You’re new to the world of vaping. Don’t worry. An e-cigarette is straightforward to use. No need to have a Ph.D. in electronic engineering.

All you need to do is follow these steps to vape correctly and, most importantly, to use your e-cigarette properly.

1. Check the battery

Yes, you’ll need electricity to power your vape. When you’ve just purchased one, it’s best to charge it.

Use your USB cable, usually included with your kit, and fill up on energy. Charge it to the maximum to enjoy your e-cig for a long time!

2. Fill the clearomizer tank

Your clearomizer consists of a coil and a pyrex tank. Also called a “tank,” it’s where you pour the contents of your e-liquid bottle through a specific opening.

After filling up on energy, it’s time for the flavors to take center stage (or rather, in the vape).

3. Activate your e-cig

The e-cigarette has a “switch” button, which, when pressed, sends electrical power to your coil. This heats and vaporizes the e-liquid in the tank.

The vapor rises through the chimney, a small hole in the clearomizer, and reaches the drip tip, which you inhale through.

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Precautions for use

To avoid damaging your vaping device, always vape with a full tank. If you activate your vape without any liquid moistening the cotton wick of your coil, you’ll burn it.

It will simply become unusable, and your vaping experience will be ruined. That would be a shame, right? So always take a look at your transparent Pyrex tank – that’s what it’s for!

Also, be careful with the coil. It’s a consumable part of your e-cigarette that needs to be replaced regularly, usually every two to four weeks, depending on your usage. When you start to taste a burnt flavor or notice a decrease in vapor production, it’s time to change your coil.

Here are a few other precautions for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience:

  1. Store your e-liquids safely: Keep them away from children and pets, as nicotine can be toxic if ingested. Store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent degradation.
  2. Maintain your device: Clean your e-cigarette regularly, especially the connections between the battery and the tank. A simple wipe with a clean cloth should do the trick. This will ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your device.
  3. Use the right e-liquids: Only use e-liquids specifically designed for vaping. Avoid using homemade or unregulated products that could pose a risk to your health.
  4. Charge safely: Use the charger provided with your device and don’t leave your e-cigarette unattended while charging. Additionally, avoid using a damaged or frayed cable.
  5. Travel wisely: When traveling with your e-cigarette, store it in a protective case to avoid damage. Make sure to empty your tank before flying, as changes in cabin pressure can cause leakage.
  6. Monitor your battery: Avoid using a damaged or swollen battery, as it can be dangerous. Always use batteries specifically designed for your device and replace them if you notice any issues.
  7. Practice battery safety: Don’t carry loose batteries in your pocket or bag, where they could come into contact with metal objects and short-circuit. Use a battery case to store and transport them safely.

By following these precautions and using your e-cigarette responsibly, you can enjoy the many benefits of vaping while reducing the potential risks to your health and safety.

Filling your electronic cigarette

Filling your e-cigarette with flavors can be done in different ways, depending on the type of e-cigarette you have. Most of them are filled via the top cap, while some require disassembly to access the tank.

Filling from the top is usually simpler and more comfortable. Just rotate the top cap to reveal a slot, then insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle to fill the tank with your delicious flavors. This method is leak-proof and easy to use.

Filling from the bottom isn’t much more complicated, but requires both hands. You’ll need to remove the clearomizer from your battery and unscrew the base to access the tank.

In any case, be careful not to pour e-liquid into the chimney of your clearomizer. This small hole is only intended for vapor passage. You wouldn’t want to swallow pure e-liquid drops, which is strongly discouraged.

Choosing the right e-cigarette

How to choose the right electronic cigarette?

This is the question that plagues all vapers. To be sure of making the right choice, it’s best to ask for advice from our experts. Contact them directly online or in-store.

To choose the right e-cigarette, learn to analyze your usual tobacco cigarette consumption. Also, ask yourself what your expectations are in terms of vapor production and flavor.

Many criteria must be taken into account: battery life, device size, maximum tank capacity, and coil choice.

Here are some essential criteria to help you choose the right e-cigarette.

Direct inhalation vs indirect inhalation

Direct inhalation, or DL vaping, is a one-shot vapor intake to the lungs. Generally, the airflow is wide open to allow airy draws.

The amount of vapor inhaled is greater, with a sometimes very striking throat hit. Flavors are softened.

Indirect inhalation, or MTL vaping, is a two-step process: 1. vapor spreads in the mouth 2. vapor goes down to the lungs.

The inhaled volume is thinner, similar to that of a classic tobacco cigarette. However, flavors explode under your palate, charming your taste buds.

Battery life

As you can imagine, the more you vape, the more you need a vapor machine capable of lasting.

If you take vape breaks faster than your shadow, opt for box-shaped e-cigarettes. These have an integrated battery or accumulators, designed to grant you longer battery life.

The higher the mAh (milliampere-hour) of your battery, the greater your battery life will be.

Pyrex tank capacity

Similarly, for the battery, the more you vape, the more e-liquid capacity you need. Tank capacity is measured in milliliters, and they come in various sizes and shapes.

A vaper with low consumption (who smoked less than ten cigarettes a day, for example) can choose a Pyrex tank with a capacity of 2ml to 4-5ml. This should last all day without a problem.

On the other hand, heavy vapers will need a large enough tank to hold their favorite elixir. Capacities ranging from 7ml to 9ml will be perfect.

The advantage of Pyrex tanks is that you can change them, allowing you to vary capacities and adapt them to your consumption as it evolves.

5 questions to ask yourself to find the perfect e-cigarette

  • What is your knowledge of vaping?

Are the words atomizer, airflow, or coil completely foreign to you? Go directly to a specialized store for tailored advice. If there isn’t a store near you, contact us via live chat or email.

If you can change your e-cigarette clearomizer with your eyes closed or the ohm chart has no secrets for you, the advice from our in-store experts will always add value to your vaping experience. Check out the latest hardware releases at your nearest store or on our website.

  • What type of vaping do you want to prioritize?

Are you into huge, hurricane-like clouds or discreet, flavorful draws? It’s up to you to decide.

  • Are you looking for simplicity or customization?

Depending on the e-cigarette kits, you can choose vapes that don’t require specific settings and are very intuitive to use.

Alternatively, you can go for a highly customizable e-cigarette that can be tailored to your preferences.

  • Do you need a lot of battery life?

A little tip: refer to your usual cigarette consumption. The more you smoke during the day, the more you’ll need a high-capacity e-cigarette.

  • What is your budget?

E-cigarettes are available at various prices. There’s something for every taste and every wallet. Choose your vape based on your budget and the features you desire.

Practical Tips: Taking Care of Your Electronic Cigarette

There are no secrets. The more you take care of your electronic cigarette, the better it will perform and the longer you’ll be able to use it.

Whether it’s the contact of your lips with the drip tip, overheating that dirties your vape device, or dust, your e-cigarette needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

To do this, it’s quite simple: just clean it!

Some parts of your e-cig are detachable, making it easier to wash them. This is the case for the pyrex glass and the drip tip. Often, soapy water is enough to remove any burnt propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin residues or dust.

Cleaner vape accessories ensure better vaping quality.

Change the Coil

Remember to change the coil in your clearomizer every two to three weeks on average. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in your e-liquids can clog it easily due to heating.

An unpleasant change in your vape alerts you to the condition of your atomizer.

To rejuvenate your electronic cigarette, simply replace the coil.

Clean the Battery

Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the battery of your e-cigarette. This will remove small dust particles and prevent residue from getting inside. Prolong its life with this simple gesture!

Protect Your Vape Equipment

That’s right, cleaning your electronic cigarette isn’t enough. To further extend the life of your e-cigarette, be sure to protect it from everyday bumps and clumsy hits.

Accidents can happen quickly, and sometimes you don’t even have time to say “oh no!” before your e-cig is already broken.

Ideally, choose silicone protection for the pyrex glass of your clearomizer and the drip tip.

You can even choose a case for your battery to prevent damage. It will be protected from scratches and cracks—what more could you ask for? The pleasure of vaping is even better this way.

Where to Buy Your E-cigarette?

  • In specialized stores – The best place to find all the advice you need. We have 24 Neovapo stores throughout France, staffed by vape professionals ready to help you.
  • Online on specialized websites – Our advisors are also e-tech and can advise you directly from our website. Have a question? Open the chat at the bottom right of your screen and talk to a vape expert.
  • At tobacco shops – More and more tobacco shops are offering electronic cigarettes. Due to the diversity of their activities, a tobacco shop may have a slightly smaller selection than a specialized store.

Did You Know?

The idea of the electronic cigarette was born in 1903 when Henry Ferré, a pharmacist, created a tubular inhaler that worked with chemicals to produce a white vapor.

However, it took another 60 years before the ancestor of the modern electronic cigarette appeared.

Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent in 1963 for an electronic device intended to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unfortunately, poor Gilbert didn’t achieve the success he hoped for, and his invention fell by the wayside.

But some geniuses are simply ahead of their time.

40 years later, Hon Lik, a former Chinese pharmacist, officially became the symbolic inventor of the e-cigarette.

This small vapor-producing device is now well-established in our culture. By 2009, it became a success.

As it turns out, a stroke of genius isn’t enough—you also need the right timing.

Top 3 Best E-cigarette Brands

According to our top sales, vapers’ favorite e-cigarette brands are:

  • Vaporesso
  • Eleaf
  • Smok

The electronic cigarette still holds many mysteries that you can discover during your vape break. To enjoy a pleasant experience that’s different from the ordinary and more intense than usual, opt for a high-quality vaporizer.

Choose an e-cigarette that’s suited to your consumption and preferences. Take care of it, and in return, it promises a sensory delight with every inhale!

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